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  • 10 Facts About Whis

    10 Facts About Whis In Dragon Ball Super You Should Know

    When Whis was first introduced to us in Dragon Ball Super Movie, we thought he was just Beerus’s servant. However, later on, after the Dragon Ball Super series aired we found out that Whis was not Beerus’s servant but his teacher/master. We as fans can agree that no one in the Dragon Ball super series […] More

  • Caulifla-and-Kale

    The Reason Why People Hate Caulifla and Kale So Much?

    Why people hate Caulifla and Kale in dragon ball super? was it because they are fillers? or is it because they are overpowered (OP)? Maybe it is something else about these two characters fans can’t stand. However, we are going to uncover the reasons why a lot of dragon ball fans dislike Caulifla and Kale. […] More

  • cabba or caulifla

    Cabba Or Caulifla: Who is the Strongest Dragon Ball Super Character?

    Cabba or Caulifla who would you say is the strongest character in Dragon Ball Super? in the past, many Cabba and Caulifla fans would debate on which character has the most potential in the series and which character is the strongest. However, to answer that question, in this post, we are going to find out […] More

  • Vegeta-Vs-Beerus-Dragon-Ball-Super-Manga-69-Spoilers

    Vegeta Vs Beerus: New Dragon Balls: DBS Chapter 69 Spoilers

    A Vegeta vs Beerus fight that a lot of fans want to see is happing. Lots of spoilers are out for chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta is going to learn a new technique from Beerus during their little battle. A lot of people are saying it is Hakai and will not give Vegeta […] More

  • Why Goku is the Greatest Dragon Ball fighter

    The Reason Why Goku is the Greatest Dragon Ball fighter

    Goku the greatest Dragon Ball fighter? Well, one of the main reasons why Goku is greatest in Dragon Ball is because of his determination to get stronger. Another is because he the main character and also because of this pureness and techniques. However, we are going to uncover more info about the reasons why Goku […] More

  • Goku-vs-Saitama

    Goku Vs Saitama One-Punch Man Battle: Who Will Win?

    There has been a lot of debate around the topic of Goku vs Saitama aka the One Punch Man battle and who would win in that battle. A lot of Goku fans stated that Goku would win, and Saitama fans counters the discussion and said Saitama would be the victor. So, in this post, we […] More

  • Why Do People Think Yamcha is Weak

    Why Do People Think Yamcha is Weak: Dragon Ball?

    Yamaha has been around in Dragon Ball since Goku arrived on earth, these days most fans think Yamcha is weak. Why do people think Yamcha is Weak when it comes to Dragon ball. Most fans would say he died in every saga throughout dragon Ball but that is not the only case. Today in this […] More

  • What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?

    What if Elder Namek Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power? Frieza Saga

    What if Elder Namek Guru unlocked Goku’s hidden power During the Frieza Saga? A lot of fans brought up this question about Goku on Namek. So, we are going to look a what would happen to Goku if his potential were unlocked. So, before we get to the main topic it’s also impossible for Goku […] More

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