10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique

10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique
10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique

How many facts do you know about the Ultra Instinct technique out of Goku?

Regarding Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon ball super, saga’s success, many characters were born since 1984, all over the years and generations, and also a lot of transformations, and different kinds of powers.

From Kaioken to the Super Sayajin 1, 2, 3…, from the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, trunk and Goten…, we will deal here about the last Son Goku’s transformation during his fight against Jiren, during the main tournament, called « Tournament of power » in Dragon Ball Super, it’s obviously the Ultra Instinct.

Here we go for the 10 facts you must know about Ultra Instinct transformation.

10 – Ultra Instinct Aspect

The Ultra instinct, called also UI, is a completely different transformation from all the others since the publication of the first scans of Akira Toriyama in 1964.

Indeed all the transformations put the form on the power and the rage of the character. An oversized
Ki, bright red and yellow colors, craters in the ground that form during the
transformation, trees, and buildings that collapse.

10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique
10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique

The Ultra Instinct gives the character of Son Goku a more calm, tranquil, serene, and sure of himself aspect.

An assured look, which lets appear a mastered and disproportionate power but without any rage. Colors pulling on silver, gray, and light

Goku is at peace but his look with the silvery metal pupil is very surprising and oppressive for his opponent.

Even Jiren, whose facial expression still unchanged, shakes when he saw Goku turn into Ultra Instinct.

The wave of power released doesn’t uproot trees, doesn’t turn over any cars, but simply pierces the skies vertically with its light.

9 – How to reach Ultra instinct

Like all those moments when Goku reached a higher level of transformation, such as against Freezer, for example, he was simply on the verge of death, and in his last

That’s exactly what happened to him against Jiren, as the SSG transformation was not enough and Goku fell to the ground after Jiren returns him his Genkidama.


Unconscious, he thinks about the loss of his universe if he loses this power tournament against his last opponent Jiren.

Goku knows once again that destiny and thus the disappearance of his universe depends on the outcome of this fight against Jiren.

At this precise moment, he becomes as if possessed, a silver-grey glow emanates from his body and allows him to stand up with a look, hair, and power more than 100 times superior to that of his SSG transformation.

The Ultra Instinct then takes possession of Goku’s body and makes Jiren doubt from the first seconds. After his fight, Son Goku aka Kakaroto doesn’t have many memories of what happened against Jiren.

8 – Who Can Achieve The UI?

According to Whis, the guard Angel of the God of destruction Beerus, only two kinds of characters can achieve the Ultra Instinct: Gods and Angels.

Human has not enough strength, the mentality to master it, and also their body cannot support this UI transformation. This is clearly impossible.

10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique
10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique

But when Whis start to train Goku and also Vegeta, he saw their potential, and Whis was only half surprised when Son Goku turned into Ultra Instinct transformation against Jiren.

However, Beerus was clearly amazed and also asked Whis what is happening in front of their eyes!

Later after that, Whis confirmed to Goku and Vegeta that the UI transformation can be reached if they don’t overthink and clear their mind, which is difficult for Goku and ever more difficult for Vegeta.

Whis mastering perfectly the UI can fight both Goku and Vegeta at the same time, only using his two hands and sometimes two fingers!

7 – UI Strenght and Weakness


The main Strenght of Ultra instinct is to fight without putting the guard up or even open the eyes.

When Goku used the UI against Jiren we saw that he did not need to put his guard up, he just avoids all Jiren punch without any difficulty, with an execution speed so fast, that Jiren starts to be nervous, and less confident in himself.

10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique
10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique

UI permit also Goku to avoid Jiren’s punches long before they came to his face or body.

It was like Goku saw the punch come before Jiren thought about it. Obviously, UI permit also Goku to move very fast and hit his opponent with much more power as his SSJ blue transformation.

But UI has a weakness and an important one. As Goku is a noob using the UI, (against Jiren I was the first time he uses it), he did not know that Ultra Instinct was very difficult to master perfectly the first time.

Indeed, it consumes a lot of stamina, and a lot of concentration, so Goku cannot use it permanently. So he had a couple of minutes to a bit Jiren thanks to the UI not many more, after that, he will collapse again to the floor, exhausted.

6 – Can Whis Use The UI?

Not all, and this for one reason. The Angel guardian cannot use the UI because he is always in the Ultra instinct mode.

He masters it so perfectly that this is natural to him, even when he is not fighting, Whis is calm, confident in himself and his strength.

Even when he is eating or joking, Whis is in UI mode. The proof is that he can train himself by
stealing food from a plate without anyone saw him.


Another fact, Whis is the only one who can stop Beerus in less than one minute when the Destruction God lost his mind and can destroy earth snapping his fingers. Again Whis used the UI for that, but very naturally.

5 – What About Vegeta and UI?

During the tournament of Power, Vegeta prince beat a lot of enemies. However, his best transformation he reached is Super Saiyanjin Blue (SSJ Blue).

The SSJ Blue is a very powerful transformation that Goku gets just before the Ultra Instinct one.


Since the first met between Goku and Vegeta, Goku had always on more steps than Vegeta
(except once during the Boo Saga when Vegeta got the « M » mark on his forehead).

Vegeta is always step up after Goku. Indeed Vegeta is jealous of Goku’s power and trains his
a body so hard to be more powerful than Goku.


Regarding a lot of Vegeta’s fan, this is just a question of time to see Vegeta in Ultra instinct
mode, he just has to train more his body but also his spirit and mind as requested by Whis!

4 – Can Goku Master UI perfectly?

As long as we know, Goku is a Genius of a fight, he loved it, fighting to represent his life, and as the character of Saitama in One Punch Man, Goku always looking for powerful enemies to step up and improve his own power and fighting style.


We never saw Son Goku giving up against an opponent, even against one of the most powerful DB characters.

The legendary Saiyajin Broly who appears once every thousand years (on the contrary of Vegeta who clearly refuse to fight him), means Goku never give up and still train to beat all his opponent.

Goku’s mindset is so strong that he can permit him very soon to master perfectly the UI.

But Whis confirmed that master 100% of the UI required time and a lot of training. Goku and Vegeta are now aware.

3 – Ultra Instinct and Then?

As Whis said, the UI mode is extremely difficult to master perfectly, and also very long. It will take a lot of time for Goku to improve it and for Vegeta to get it.

After that, Should Goku and Vegeta be ready to go to the next step? For example, would Son Goku be able to develop his Kaioken in Ultra instinct mode?

If yes how about the stamina of his body, indeed Son Goku is neither Angel as Whis, neither a God as Beerus. After Master, the UI perfectly should Goku develop it more than that?


2 – And What about Beerus?

Beerus the God of destruction is enough Strong to destroy a planet by snapping his finger.

There are only 3 types of characters who can beat him for now: Guardian Angels as Whis, another God of destruction, and also Zenô.

Regarding Whis confirmation during the tournament of power, the Ultra Instinct can be developed by Angels and Gods.

So obviously, Beerus can be able to master it perfectly by training a little bit more.

And this is the problem, in Dragon Ball Super, we never have seen Beerus train himself as he should develop his Ultra instinct, indeed he always sleeps and eats.

However, in the dragon ball big bang saga, we saw Beerus fighting against all the other Gods of destruction, at the same time, and he uses a very close technique of the UI to avoiding each punch.


1 – Will It Be The End of The World if Broly Master The UI?

Broly is the character of the Dragon balls saga (including DB, Db super, DB GT, DB big bang, and so on) who has the most rage and violence of all in him since he was born.

According to the first movie, Broly gets his insane power and his rage, when he was a newborn, because of the cry of another baby, Kakarotto ;).

In his normal state, Broly is very calm and kind, but when he turns into super Saiyajin nobody can stop him even Goku and Vegeta at the same time in their SSJ blue.

Even Freezer in his gold mode confirmed that Broly is not a classical SSJ but a beast who nobody can stop or master.

During the first movie, Vegeta says that Broly is the legendary SSJ who appears one time every 1000 years.

10 Facts You Must Know About The Ultra Instinct Technique


Regarding those facts, we can say that Broly don’t overthink when he turn into SSJ mode,
he only destroys and kills.

As Whis said the UI can be rich with a mind clean and no overthink at all. So Broly with some training can reach the UI, but if he masters it perfectly we think that even Jiren, Vegeto, or Beerus himself can not stop him!

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