Akatsuki Members At Kage Level In Naruto Shippuden

Akatsuki Members At Kage Level
Akatsuki Members At Kage Level

These are some of the top Akatsuki Members at Kage level in Naruto Shippuden anime. Although the know many of the good Kage in Naruto were strong, the Akatsuki had members as strong or even stronger than all the good Kages we knew in Naruto anime such as Gara and Raikage. This is why we have created a list of all the Akatsuki members who are equal to or above Kage levels in naruto Shippuden. See our list below.

1) Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is the prodigy of the Uchiha clan, at a young age, Itachi was Konoha’s 3 top Jounin. What makes Itachi at Kage level or above is his Mangekeyo Sharingan eye abilities. All his abilities are impressive and to top it off, Itachi at the Susanoo form that wields the Totsuka Blade and Yata mirror.  Back in Naruto, Itachi was always skilled and refined Shinobi with a plethora of really effective Jutsu. His Mangekyo Sharingan abilities such as the Amaterasu and the ability to use Susanoo with Totsuka blade and his Yata mirror made Itachi practically invincible in the anime.

2) Nagato Uzumaki / Pain 

Nagato Uzumaki otherwise known as Pain was the strongest member of the Akatsuki and this was rivaled only by Itachi himself. Pain’s The six paths powers and the ability of Rinnegan power gave Pain a clear edge over any and all enemy in battle. This made Pain at the time stronger than most Kage.

3) Obito Uchiha

Akatsuki Members At Kage Level
Akatsuki Members At Kage Level

The reason why Obito Uchiha is at an equal pr greater level than any Kage in Naruto is his Kamui abilities. Obito was manipulated and was trained by Madara Uchiha at a secret location. Obito was untouchable to those who don’t know the secrets of Kamui’s ability. Obito was a good level Shinobi with enhanced skills. However, under Madara and the addition of the cells of Hashirama Senju, Obito got to another level in Naruto with the manifestation of his Mangekyo Sharingan along with his Kamui ability. He was a certified threat to anyone who didn’t know about his Kamui.

4) Kisame Hoshigaki 

Kisame in Naruto is way above Kage level. This charter has chakra reserves comparable similar to any tailed beasts. Even at 30% chakra, he is comparable to Naruto’s chakra reserves. Kisame was able to defeat 2 perfect Jinchuuriki separately back in Naruto, these characters are  Roshi and Killer Bee. At the time Kismae also managed to defeat Fuguki Suikazan who wields the Samehada. With huge Charaka reserves, Kisame’s chakra level is comparable to Tailed beasts. HE specialized in water type Justus with a focus upon Shark-centric attacks, it is a physical attack underwater. He was a big threat back in Naruto with enormously high power levels.

5) Kakuzu

Akatsuki Members At Kage Level
Akatsuki Members At Kage Level


Kakuzu in Naruto was way beyond Kage level. This guy is not only old but he managed to fight the great Hashirama and lived to tell the tale. After that fight, Kakuzu got stronger afterward with his 5 human hearts and the Earth Grudge Fear technique. While having 5 beating hearts and a wealth of experience Kakuzu and his fighting with the first Hokage gave him an edge in battle while using all his 5 chakra natures. Someone like Kakuzu was definitely a fan of bounties while taking down Shinobis of highly skilled ranks.

6) Sasori

Sasori in Naruto was somewhat at Kage level because he killed the 3rd Kazekage who was renowned to be the strongest Kazekage ever at the time in Naruto and made them his toys. Sasori being able to control 100 puppets at will is able to destroy villages with ease. However, he died at the hands of Chiyo and Sakura. With his puppet-centric abilities along with a huge variety of puppets, Sasori would give any Shinobi a tough time in battle. That is why he is at  Kage level because of his varied attacks and Jutsus he was definitely a high-class Shinobi.

7) Deidara

Deidara was definitely at Kage level because he defeated Gaara who was a Kage himself at the time. His bombs/arts are filled with nightmares, especially the smallest ones that can enter your bloodstream and rip you apart microscopically. Deidra’s giant bomb has a 10KM radius rake. His bomb art techniques would really give the Kage Level Shinobi a whole lot of trouble. Not only that, his various different attacks like the microscopic bombs and the Final suicidal attack with a large range would really take down high-ranking Shinobis and Kages for sure.

8) Orochimaru 

Orochimaru was able the defeat the 3rd Hokage although the 3rd Hokage was old and out of shape. However, Orochimaru managed to kill him and killed the 4th Kazekage. Orochimaru is a character who is hard to die because he had all his chakra transplanted to various places. He is a hard opponent to defeat unless you know Genjutsu.

9) Konan

Many people would say Konan is not at Kage level, however, we know she is probably a high A because we only saw her fight Obito. What makes Konan as powerful as a Kage is her prep time ability/10 billion paper bomb Jutsu which she was able to force Obito to use Izanagi to save himself. This makes Konan Over Powers a character because if Obito did not have Izanagi, he would have certainly died to Konan’s attack.

These are the top Akatsuki Members At Kage Level In Naruto Shippuden. Hope you enjoyed it.

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