All Akatsuki Members Strongest To Weakest Ranked

All Akatsuki Members Strongest To Weakest Ranked
All Akatsuki Members Strongest To Weakest Ranked

Here is a list of all Akatsuki members strongest to weakest ranked. A lot of people thought that Pain aka Nagato was the strongest Akatsuki because we could not see his entire body only his eyes at the time. However, he may not have been the strongest then but he was their leader in somewhat way, and it was his idea to create the Akatsuki group. Anyway, let us go through all the Akatsuki members strongest to weakest down below.

Number 1) Obito

Obito was the strongest Akatsuki member during the Naruto Shippuden series. He self explainable by now because he had a higher Kage level back then. Also, one of the main reasons why Obito Uchiha is at a greater level than any other Kage in Naruto Shippuden is because of his Kamui abilities and as one of Marada’s puppets.

All Akatsuki Members Strongest To Weakest Ranked
All Akatsuki Members Strongest To Weakest Ranked

Number 2) Pain

Pain is the second strongest member of the Akatsuki group because we saw him easily Defeat full power Sage Mood Jiraiya, and Pian also humiliated Hanzo in front of his ninja who is superior to all Sannin. Not only that Pain also easily crushed the leaf village while at the same time defeating Kakashi, Choza, Choji, Hinata, Sage Mood Naruto at half power. Pain as a character was worshiped as the strongest of the Akatsuki members without knowing the full extent of Obito’s powers. We can say that Pian was a high Kage level as well.

Number 3) Itachi

A lot of people know not to mess with Itachi because he took out his entire clan including his parents. However, other members such as Orochimaru were obsessed with Itachi. So Orochimaru decided to toy with Itachi but Itachi was not having it and show Orochimaru a little of his true power. The other member who Itachi was Kisame. Kisame negged tested Itachi in a battle. However, Itachi easily Kisme and he also defeated Yagura a Jinchurriki, and intentionally lost to little brother Sasuke despite his sickness and blindness. Itachi was at a mid to high Kage level Akatsuki member.

Number 4) Kisame

Kisame is kind of a beast in the Naruto Shippuden series he was able to fight on par with Killer Bee as a mid to high-level Kage and was taken out by Might Guy, however, not for long until he killed himself.

Number 5) Deidara

Deidara is no weakling in the Naruto Shippuden series he almost killed CM2 Sasuke with his final explosion and only lost due to the massive plot armor. At the time, Sasuke had most of his chakra run out. However, we saw Deidara singlehandedly defeat Gaara of the sand without the use of his most powerful nukes bombs. This makes Deidara also a mid-level Kage fighter.

Number 6) Kakuzu

Kakuzu in Naruto was no weakling either, he easily trashed Kakashi and team 10 like a paper bag in the bin. This character Kakuzu was way beyond Kage level in the series. He is not only old but he managed to fight the great Hashirama and lived to tell the tale and has many human hearts to live on if he dies.

Number 7) Sasori

Sasori ad many forms and was one not to mess with. He was able to kill the 3rd Kazekage who was noted as one of the strongest shinobis ever from the Sand village which is Gara. He also fought against his grandma who knew all of his skills and abilities and counters Sakura who prepared an antidote to his poison. If there was no antidote, Sasori would have defeated them all if he didn’t intentionally let himself die. This character is underrated but is still a strong Kage.

Number 8) Konan

Konan was somewhat the most overrated character for some reason because people believe she’s above Sasori, Deidara and Kakuzu. But that is not the cause he was one of Pian’s childhood friends for a long time. Her best fight was with Obito and when she beat some fodder chunis/jonins in the leaf. But then again she did in fact, put up a great fight with Obito almost killing him with her signature 10 billion paper bomb Jutsu.

Number 9) Hidan

Hidan in Naruto is underrated however, he is the second weakest amongst the Akatsuki members. At the point of his death by Shikamaru, he was at the same level as Kakashi but still higher than most Kages.

Number 10) Zetsu

Zetsu is at the lowest to weakest Akatsuki member because he was just at a chunin level at most. He was not that reliable when it comes down to combatant. However, he was a great spy and has intel on most shinobis. Zetsu also had 100 thousand clones in the great ninja war.

These are all Akatsuki members strongest to weakest ranked. Hope you like it and share it with your friends.

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