Beerus Teaches Vegeta Hakai – Granolah Comes Home

Beerus Teaches Vegeta Hakai

Beerus teaches Vegeta Hakai, plus the return of Granolah on his home planet in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 69Which is now taking over by the Shagarians people and other races of people include a Namekican.

Seeing Granolah turn home and talking to people there gets the impression of humility aspect when it comes down to Granolah’s character development.

Seeing this side of Granolah kind of humanizes him to a point of being an upstanding human being and not as a villain.

This also gives a lot of fans the impression that Granolah may not be the final boss or the main villain at the end of this arc.

It seems as if they are trying to convey a connection between the fans and Granolah by showing us his backstories and how he use to and currently lives.

So, by showcasing Granolah in this light, have seen a learn about a lot of things we never had any idea about.

Things we never knew about until this new arc about Granolah the survivor. Things such as the Namekican who lived on planet Cerelian and their Dragon Balls that can grand wishes with only two (2) balls.

However, we will get to that later.

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Beerus Teaches Vegeta Hakai 

Further on this manga chapter, we learn that Beerus is trying to teach Vegeta the Hakai technique.

Beerus also gave a statement that after so many years, he was the one who gave the order to Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta.

Back in those days, we all thought that it was Frieza’s own doing, however, that is not the case here.

The order was in a Frieza willing destroy the Saiyans home plant and race because of Beerus.

After Beerus come clean about what he did, many fans were wondering if Vgetea would try to take revenge on Beerus. However, that was not the case here.

Vegeta after hearing what Beerus did calmly accepted what Beerus and Frieza did back in the day to his home planet and continued his training to learn the Hakai technique.

There are a lot of fans out there who are dying to see Vetega catch up the level or beyond Goku at this point.

However, with the Hakai technique, that is not going to be enough to reach the level of Goku and his ultra instinct abilities.

Vegeta will have a powerful technique at his disposal no double, but he will not be as physically strong as UI Goku.

Nevertheless, Vegeta learning the Hakai technique is useful to fight against foes but that the same prerequisites as mastered ultra instinct.

Also, we learn that back in the manga chapters during the Goku Black arc, Goku tried to pull off the Hakai technique but could not do it.

However, it seems to look more and more as if Vgetea will be the one to master and pull of the Hakai technique.

We also learn that a Namekican wound up on Planet Cerealian include multiple Multiple Nmaekicnas where there.

However,t they were destroyed during the siege of the Saiyan attack leaving one alive who was a member of the Dragon clan who created their own sets of Dragon Balls exclusively for Planet Cereal.

This opens up many different questions to fans about how many Dragon Balls are out there on other planets in universe 7?

Just as earth, planet Cereal has its own dragon balls, and we were introduced to his only surviving Namkecian named Monaeto.

Granolah and Monaeto

We also learn that Granolh knows of Monaeto and they are good friends. Monaeto also told Granolah that he created 2 Dragon balls.

So, based not the conversation on planet Namek, we now know that you don’t need 7 Dragon Ball (s) to make a wish but only 2. This was due to who created the Dragon Balls.

Granolah Wish to be the strongest fighter in the universe
Granolah wish to be the strongest fighter in the universe

However, it was hired that with only 2 Dragon Balls summoning a Dragon, the Dragon itself would not be as big and strong as Shenron or Porunga.

So, the same day Granolah return home, to his planet, he heard on the news that a random fisherman found the 2 star Dragon Ball. This was after it being missing for many years.

Garnolah wasted no time and located the fisherman and stole the Dragon Ball. Later that same day, we learn that Granolah summoned the Dragon with the 2 Dragon Balls that Monaeto created, and ask to be the Strongest Fighter in the universe.

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