Broly Vs Hulk Battle: Which Character Wins The Fight?

Broly Vs Hulk
Broly Vs Hulk

Broly vs Hulk battle is one many fans of both characters have been debating for years.

These two characters are from different universes as we know them, and Broly nor Hulk knows each other existed.

However, what if both Broly vs Hulk were to fight each other, who would win the fight? So, to get down to which character is the strongest we have to look at a few factors.

Broly Vs Hulk 

In a battle between Hulk vs Broly, Hulk gets stronger and angrier the more he fights. The same applies to Broly. Broly gets stronger the more he uses his powers. We could say both of them get strongest with every blow, also both characters have nigh unparalleled physical abilities as well.

Hulk as a character is capable of surviving atomic blasts and zero gravity, while Broly is capable of destroying planets, galaxies, and even the universe with a single attack.

Factors Between Hulk Vs Broly

Since both characters have similar feats, it will be a hard fight to analyze. This is due to the nature of how Hulk powers wor, The Hulk does not have a consistent power level at all, sometimes, Sometimes he can be a street leveler but won’t stay the same, and sometimes he’s at a multiversal God state.

Broly Vs Hulk
Broly Vs Hulk

However, when we are talking about someone who is already powerful such as Broly and is consistent within the universe as a legendary Saiyan, it is hard to say who is the stronger Broly or Hulk right off the bat.

Lets us look at some basic facts.

The incredible Hulk in this battle is already playing the catch-up game with Broly. Hulk cannot win right off the bat. This is due to Broly’s power raising fast if not faster than the Hulk’s growing powers. We also could argue that Broly has a somewhat defined limit and Hulk does not. However, that really does not matter when Broly starts out more powerful than his opponent Hulk.

Broly’s Feats In Super Dragon Ball Movie

Broly alone in his base form was able to keep up with base form Vegeta. Base form Saiyans such as Goku and Vegeta at this point should be universal in power. This is due to absorbing God KI which is somewhat the power of a God.

On the other hand, Hulk when he transforms, Hulk can sometimes have difficulty even dealing with Wolverine. Wolverine is a typical person that is not remotely close to being at that universal level. Nonetheless, people like Odin and the Sentry are strong enough to get rid of the healing factor the Hulk has. This pretty much negates infinitely rising strength, whom Broly should more than definitely have compared to Hulk due to being universal in power in just his base Saiyan form.

However, both Broly’s wrathful state and Super Saiyan forms make it easier to use and were way more accessible than Hulk’s Worldbreaker state. If given the same power buff, this would make it harder for Hulk to catch up to Broly’s level of strength.

Broly Vs Hulk Speed

When it comes to speed this is hard as well because Hulk somewhat hits many different marks due to how he works and his infinitely rising power. Nonetheless, we are confident Broly is faster at the start of the fight. This is due to other characters such as Spiderman and Wolverine being able to catch Hulk easily proving Hulk’s speed increases just like his strength.

Broly and Hulk Skills

When it comes to skills their skills are not really a factor due to both Broly and Hulk being screaming brutes. However, it should be noted that base form Broly is a better fighter than Hulk solely because he can think of his own accord. Nonetheless, someone such as Bruce Banner is more than definitely smarter than Hulk.

The bottom line is that The Hulk never really had a chance to be equal to Broly. Why? This is due to his greater power, speed, and rate of growth because of his Super Saiyan multipliers.

The Hulk should be growing in power during fights but it’s hardly the case if they start right off the bat. However, he’s not convincing anyone he’s actually the strongest fighter there is.

The thing is Dragon Ball Super characters strive to be the strongest they don’t need triggers although they use their trials, errors, and tribulations as motivations. However, the worldly threats they face are somewhat fun to them. Hulk needs a hit and trigger to grow in power.

Hulk doesn’t go out his way to prove he’s the strongest such as Dragon Ball Super characters do. He’s not constantly training his body because the Hulk does not really train like the Saiyans. Hulk doesn’t seek out power and fights to find a sparring partner.

Broly in DBS Movie gave Gogeta problems and was tanking shots and was still growing in power rapidly as the battle progresses. Remember, this was an inexperienced Broly who’s fighting an actual competition for the first time in his life yet Goku wants to train Broly as if Broly needs any more training than to control his powers. On the other hand, Hulk has a lot of fighting experience under his belt yet he would still lose this fight.

Gogeta Vs Broly only had 30 minutes to an hour. Broly took little time to reach levels of power that rivals Gogeta’s powers and showed signs that he was not done. Nevertheless, if Gogeta had not launched that final Kamehameha attack, Broly probably would’ve kept fighting and exceeded Gogeta in power and the fusion would run out


The battle between Broly vs Hulk in conclusion to the winner is Broly. With Broly’s first appearance, he was responsible for wiping out an entire galaxy. Not to mention Broly as a Saiyan can increase his strength with Zenkai boosts, along with his ki blast attacks. While Hulk on the other hand would be lucky to survive the battle. So, I hope this post help you to understand who would win a battle between Broly vs Hulk.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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