What Happened To Bulma And Yamcha Relationship Dragon Ball

What Happened To Bulma And Yamcha Relationship

So, the question many fans have been asking over the years is, What happened to Bulma and Yamcha’s relationship in dragon ball?

First, I want to say that I am a fan of Yamcha I love Yamcha in Dragon Ball and I love the dragon ball manga side story about Yamcha.

I don’t want to feel the wrath of any Yamcha fans don’t get me wrong. This post is going to be about Toriyama’s official statement on Yamaha’s future as a bachelor and his relationship with Bulma.

So, Bulma and Yamcha romance, unfortunately, did not turn out to be the best life for two romantic people. It’s applied in Dragon Ball that the reason why Bulma breaking up with Yamcha was that he was not loyal to her.

Now it’s not stated that he actually cheating or anything like that.  However, Bulma pretty much says that he was a bit of a Playboy. So, as a result of that Bulma moved on and wound up hooking up with Prince Vegeta.

Eventually, Bulma and Vegeta got married and they had children and well, you know what happened next.4

What Happened To Bulma And Yamcha Relationship
What Happened To Bulma And Yamcha Relationship


Bulma, Yamcha, and Toriyama 

So when it comes to Yamcha, Toriyama does give some insight into the cons and bond guide book Dragon Ball forever.

Toriyama was asked if Yamcha was able to find a girlfriend talking about the bad luck he had with women. Toriyama replies back by saying ”He’ll always be like that last” Now, this was not the end Toriyama many years later during the height of the Battle of Gods in 2013 was asked more questions about the state of Yamcha and other characters.

Kendall Kobayashi from Fuji TV asks for what the ultimate fate of Yamcha is and Toriyama responded with this and I quote ” He has an alarm of loving women but not being good around them so he still wandering blindly in search of the ideal partner.” 

Anyway, he’s saying that Yamcha is still nervous which somewhat contradicts Yamcha being a Playboy.


Well, because if he’s a Playboy why would he be nervous around women? Again this is a weird story but nonetheless, Toriyama continues by saying that he worked in a host club but because of his nervousness it didn’t go well and Yamcha was fired.

Now, this is some very interesting information that happened to Yamcha right after the Dragon Ball Manga released. This during the time of the Battle of Gods shortly before that.

Yamcha’ Host Club Job

So, if you’re wondering what a host club or a hostess club is? Well, this is something that is part of the night entertainment, the night light of Eastern Asian countries.

Basically, you have a club that has a lot of women dressed in very provocative outfits serving drinks to men.

This is usually after they get off of work in Japan, these are called Kiaba Khuda Aur Mohabbat like a cabaret.

So, that’s pretty much what it is, It’s not exactly a strip club from my research. However, they don’t get naked or anything, but I’m sure that those are definitely out there.

However, I don’t think Toriyama was not implying that Yamcha worked in one of those strip clubs. 

Toriyama goes on to say his livelihood is mainly working together with Puar as a freelance bodyguard.

But he occasionally goes to Teinshinan to help with the farm as well. So, that is the follow-up story that is the fate of Bulma and Yamcha.

So the question is will Yamcha ever get a girlfriend after Bulma that remains to be a question. However, hopefully, for the young true fans out there.

Toriyama will write something in the future Dragon Ball for Yamcha and will be happy that’s it for this very unusual quickie post that I never thought I would do.

Nonetheless, I feel like it’s good to share this information with the community with the fate of Bulman and Yamcha. But at least he’s the guy who took Bulma’s virginity. Stay tuned for more posts like this in the future.

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