Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again In Dragon Ball Super Series?

Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again
Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again

Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again? Back in Dragon Ball, Gohan is the son of Goku and one of the most powerful fighters in the franchise.

He was originally introduced in Dragonball chapter 196 which correlates with the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan was a small timid child of four years old. Who appeared to be gentle and without any interest in fighting.

However, as the series progressed and Gohan was thrust into terrifying situations, is hidden power was Unleashed.

Allowing him to briefly overwhelm his opponents. Although Gohan could not control this power surge, his energy surge even eclipse that of Goku’s

Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again
Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again

Goku and Piccolo fight against Raditz. Gohan’s anger at Goku’s pain allowed him to soar to a power level even higher than Raditz and threw a supercharged head but.

Weakening his evil uncle enough where Goku and Piccolo could finish him off.

On Namek Gohan’s power surge to even more when he had his potential unlocked by the Namekian Grand Elder.

Upon getting the dragon balls. After his battle against Recoome, Gohan’s anger allowed him to briefly overwhelmed Frieza’s second form.

Which had a power level of over One Million. Which was over 10 times stronger than Goku base level without Kioken.

Gohan’s power Rose even higher yet again after being healed by Dende and his anger over Frieza’s vicious attack on Piccolo.

Allowed him to overpower Frieza’s third form. However, after this point, Goku emerges from the healing chamber.

Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again
Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again

He again surpassed Gohan now, only in the base form but with the legendary form known as Super Saiyan.

which increases his Power by 50 times after Frieza got beaten at the hands of Goku.

There came the conflict with the Androids and bring a three-year training Gap.

Gohan trains alongside Goku and Piccolo and after the threat of the Android from Cell proof to Great.

Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again in Dragon Ball Super?

Goku and Gohan enter the room of spirit in time or hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year to train.

Goku stated it was his goal to make Gohan even stronger than he was.

That’s when the two emerged Gohan had surpassed his father once again.

During his battle against Cell. when android 16 head was shattered before his eyes.

Gohan let out of Roar in at least his hidden power once more, increasing its base power in unlocking the level of Super Saiyan 2.

With a combination of his full potential and an even greater form.

Gohan had far surpassed his father again and all other Fighters that came before him.

However, 7 more years came and went, and then came the Buu arc.

By this time Gohan had given up on training his power had declined and so had his fighting Spirit.

During this time Goku had surpassed Gohan’s peak of power. Not only with Super Saiyan 2 but with an even further from known as Super Saiyan 3.

Vegeta additionally surpasses Gohan although it’s arguable whether this came before or after the Majin Buu’s saga.

However, nonetheless, Gohan was demoted from his clear supremacy of power.

That wouldn’t be the last of his power boosting in Z and he received perhaps his largest one.

As the old Supreme Kai unlocks Gohan’s full potential through the use of his ultimate state.

Which propelled him past Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super Buu, and even a fusion in Gotenks.

This was when prime once again to reign supreme but Gohan was absorbed by Super Buu.

With that, any real dominance came to an end. After this point, Gohan’s power began to fade as he no longer trained.

Goku and Vegeta both surpassed him by imitating Godly forms, which made them on an entirely different level from even his Peak.

Can Gohan Surpass Goku and Vegeta Once More?

By Resurrection F, Gohan could hardly become a Super Saiyan, and then in the future Trunks Arc.

It seems like Gohan would never be a fighter again. However, come the tournament of power.

Gohan train with his original Master Piccolo once again unlocked his ultimate State.

And through Piccolo’s training, Gohan became stronger than ever before.

His level of power was thoroughly demonstrated when Gohan faced off with Goku.

After a fight with them, we saw the two holding back Gohan became serious and forced Goku to become a Super Saiyan blue.

Even with this Godly form, Gohan was able to trade blows with Goku and push him to use his kaioken.

However, just by pushing Goku with a power which according to the narrator rival his father’s.

Gohan still lost the fight and after this point in the tournament.

He failed to grow stronger than the other Saiyans. He did not unlock any new form despite he would seem to be a clear foreshadowing of one.

Goku would go on to unlock much of his own hidden power and potential throughout the tournament.

Much of which was Unleashed during his fights with Jiren and Kafla and Goku’s ultimate form in Ultra instinct.

This again pushes Goku to a hybrid level than Gohan and most of his parents with only Vegeta being arguably stronger.

As Goku cannot use ultra Instinct as well. So this leaves Gohan hunting if incision much like where he was on Namek.

It’s questionable if he will ever catch up to or even surpass Goku again.

So will this ever happen and he even surpasses Goku at will.?

I will ask for the question of if he can, I would have to say yes.

After all, if the concept that Gohan his part of Greater potential than Goku and Vegeta is true.

That if he were to go through Whis training and the same training that Goku and Vegeta went through.

His power would once again surpass there’s a God form Ultra instinct or this new form.

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