Can The Omini king Be Killed

Can The Omini king Be Killed in Dragon Ball Super?

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Can The Omini king Be Killed in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Zeno Sama is the highest rank and the most powerful deity who rules over all the universes.

As we’ve seen, he has the ability to destroy anyone or anything no matter how large in scale or power it may be.

All seems to fear the Omni King and no one dares oppose him for fear of being obliterated.

However, this does raise the question of if the Omni King could himself be killed or destroyed.

Can The Omini king Be Killed
Can The Omini king Be Killed

Can The Omni King Be Killed?

So the big question is”Can Zeno Sama be killed? Or is he truly beyond the concept of death?

Well, as we’ve seen in the Dragon ball world.

No one thus far has been truly immune to death, not even normal humans on Earth or the gods themselves.

All of them can be killed, even Zamasu who use the Super Dragon Balls to Grant himself in mortality.

Yet he could still be erased by Zeno Sama. This Echoesanotherr mythological Pantheon such as the ancient Greek and Norse mythology is where their gods could also be killed.

Even those who created the world itself, but of course this is Dragon Ball with its own internal continuity and rules to its universe.

There is a difference between the lower beings which could have been created by Zeno and the Omni King himself.

However, interestingly, I cannot recall a single example of Zeno Sama stated to be truly Immortal or a being beyond death.

Can The Omini king Be Killed
Can The Omini king Be Killed

Can Zeno Sama Be Destroyed?

It hasn’t been said that he can be destroyed, there is some indirect evidence in the show that could point to this possibility.

For instance, Zeno Sama guards, after all, if said it he was truly unbeatable and can’t be killed. Then why does he have guards that are always nearby?

Some people say it’s to keep Zeno Sama in line from destroying everything. But as we’ve seen it that appears to be what the grand priest spends much of his time doing.

So what is the purpose of his guards? Additionally, there’s the intro to the episodes which I’ve seen over and over again.

With each new episode of super and every time we get to this point I can’t help it seeing the same thing over and over.

That is the grand priest attacking the Zano. Now, of course, this is just an intro so it may not be 100% accurate to what happens.

However, it strikes me as odd that it would be animated in such a way to make it appear that Zeno Sama was being attacked.

While his guard is down by the grand priest. So, I have to wonder if this is some sort of settled foreshadowing similar to what we saw with Goku’s new form.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that Zeno Sama can be destroyed how could this be done?

Well, we obviously know that Zeno Sama has immense power. Which allows him to destroy anything. However, this doesn’t translate to physical power or durability.

That’s if someone were to launch an attack on Zeto perhaps while he’s off guard. He can be harmed or even killed as his physical body would be incapable of withstanding that attack.

However, it is still possible that  Zeno Sama won’t be vulnerable, no one truly has the power to harm him.

Even if he is able to be destroyed, but someone like Daishinkan or the angels are the only ones powerful enough to do that.

However, an even greater question is what if Zeno Sama were to attack himself? After all, it said Zeno can erase anything, so can he erase himself?

Dragon Ball Super Omni King

If one’s of Zenos should turn on the other for example. Could he erase that one from existence?

Or would even his own power not be enough either way.

This is a question I’ve wondered about since Zeno Sama was first introduced.

I think one which may prove incredibly important for Dragon Ball Super because I know if he can truly be destroyed and someone does this.

The state of Dragon Ball super would shift dramatically.

The story itself may become that of pandemonium and while this may be bad for our characters.

I’m sure it would all make for a most intriguing story. So, let me know in the comments below, Do you think Zeno Sama can be killed? Let me know down below.

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