Top 14 Coolest One Piece Characters Of All Time (Ranked)

Coolest One Piece Characters
Coolest One Piece Characters

Coolest One Piece Characters Ranked.

One piece is an anime series that is one of the oldest and one of the longest running. This series has developed both villains and heroes that have become known and loved by fans. There are so many characters and they have grown and developed along the way.

Each week is like a new adventure with these characters and there have been many additions over the years. These are some of the most popular One Piece characters that have become a favorite and have made an impact on fans. There have been some cool characters in this show.

It does not matter if they were doing good or were up to no good the fans felt that these characters are cool. This show has been running for a long time so it did take a lot of research and fan polls to come up with the coolest characters from this series.

Top 14 Coolest One Piece Characters

Here is the list of the top 14 Coolest One Piece characters below by rank.

14) Sakazuki/ Ankainu

This character is the head of the Marines. He is the Fleet Admiral to be exact. It is hard to say if he is the most powerful but he definitely is cool. He is strong and is one of the strongest that has been featured on this show. He has the Marine to back him up if trouble were to come. That takes a strong leader with some impressive skills. He also has some cool abilities. He has the Devil Fruit ability. This will allow his entire body to turn into magma.

This is impressive and many people wish that we can do the same. He does not give up on these powers. Even with some of these powers he is not the sure winner of a fight and has been involved in some impressive battles. He is one of the heroes that fans are hoping that come out on top because he is so cool. The fans keep on coming back to him and he is one of the characters that have the coolest powers in anime.

13) Blackbeard

This character is in black and white and that just adds to his coolness. He also goes by the name Marshall D. Teach. He is the leader of the Blackbeard Pirates and who does not think that a pirate is cool. He is the final member of Yonko and he is the only one in this service that has the power of not one but two Devil Fruits. One of these fruits gives him a unique power.

He is able to get the power of darkness. Not only is he able to make things dark he is able to make a black hole. This black hole will then aid him in all of his adventures. He used to be a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and he took the top item of the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard. This was not easy to do. This power now allows him to create earthquakes that are capable of doing mass destruction.

12) Kiado

This is one of the Beasts and that makes him stand out and cool. He is said to be the Strongest Creature in the World. This is not an easy thing to be in this series. He is the captain of the Beast Pirates and he is another member of the Yonko. He has incredible strength and was able to sink many ships using just his hands. He is tough and he is not easily harmed. This will allow him to keep ongoing. He is the beast to beat and that makes him cool with the fans. Being a strong beast is something that fans have come to love about this character. He has super strength and that is what attracts people to him and why they think that he is one of the coolest in this service.

11) Shanks

Shanks has played many roles. He has been a mentor and he has been one of the most powerful characters on this service. He is a member of the Yonko group and he is the leader of the Red Hair Pirates. He used to be a member of the Gold D. Rogers crew and he got most of his power from this group.

That also gave him a lot of strength. He has a cool Haoskoku Haki ability that is something one in a million people in this series has. This cool power allows him to use his willpower to make others do his bidding. His name alone shouts out coolness and the fact that he has powers is something that keeps the interest of fans. They want to have his abilities and who does not want to be the cool leader of a group of pirates.

10) Big Mom

Her name is cool and even though she is a newer character she is one of the cooler ones. Big Mom is the most famous member of the Yonko and she is one of the most elite and respected pirates. She is the leader of the Big Mom Pirate group and most of the members are her children. She is not easily injured and she also has the Devil Fruit power.

This power allows her to interact with souls and she has the ability to take them over if she chooses to do so. She is one of the few cool females to make this list but she does stand out and has a good following of fans. She may be a mom but that does not mean she did not make the cool characters list. She is one bad mama.

9) Monkey D. Dragon

This dragon is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and he is one of the strongest characters to appear on this service. His nickname is Dragon the Revolutionary making him one cool character. He is also one of the most wanted people by the World Government. He is stubborn but it translates to coolness with the fans.

He also has one of the best nicknames in the series which is something that does not hurt his coolness either. Having the power of a dragon is pretty cool and being one of the most wanted people in the world makes him appealing to those that have a bad streak.

8) Borsalino/ Kizaru

This character is the admiral of the Marines. He goes by either name and is said to be the best fighter in the Marines and in the World Government. He is something to talk about.

He is able to fight Whitebeard and it will be a fair fight in addition to all of the extra powers that Whitebeard has. Kizaru has the Devil Fruit and his power from this is light. He is able to make laser beams and is able to make a sword out of light. All people wish they had this power and that is one of the reasons why he is so cool.

7) Sengoku

This is a vice admiral and he is known for his tactical skills. These skills are due to his military training but that adds to his coolness. In addition to having these skills, he is another character that has the Devil Fruit power. He has the Hito Hito no Mi power which allows him to become Daibutsu or a giant Buddha. He has strength with this power that others are not able to compare to.

6) Monkey D. Garp

This character is the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy. He may be older be he is cooler. He is a Marine and he is powerful. He has the Haki power that the vice admirals have. He is also in charge of his own combat fleet.

He is one of the strongest Marine and not too many people do not think a strong Marine is cool. He can use his hands to throw a cannonball which only adds to his power.

5) Dracile Mihawk

Coolest One Piece Characters
Coolest One Piece Characters

This character is one of the first big names to impress fans. He has been around since the beginning and he has a cool Zoro look. He is part of the Shickibukai and is said to be the Greatest Swordsman in the World.

He is the best that has been in this series. He has superhuman power which allows him to hit hard with his sword. There is no other power like this in the world. He is able to use something as small as a dinner knife to win his battles. This makes him powerful and cool.

4) Aokiji

This character also goes by the name Kuzan. He is another Marine admiral but he is also running with the Blackbeard Pirates. While he may not work with the Marines he is still able to use his power of the Busoshoku Haki. This will allow him to have power and control over ice.

At times it gets so intense that he can cover the Sea King or many miles of the ocean. While the ice may not last on the ocean for long it still allows him to get his power done and allows him the upper hand in a battle. Here can take on some powerful characters. He is another receiver of the Devil Fruit. This helps him move around the sea when the water is frozen. Freezing things at will is a pretty cool power to have.

3) Issho

Fans may also know this guy by the name Fujitora. He is one of the Marines but he is one to fear. He is able to use his Gravito as his main attack. This allows him to use the Devil Fruit power and he will be able to control gravity with a touch of his sword. He is a master at different forms and styles.

He is a master of the Busoshoku Haki and the Kenbusnshoku Haki. These are common by the Marines but his skills with the sword set him apart. He is not one that is going to be taken down easily. He is strong and tough and that adds to his coolness.

2) Monkey D. Luffy

Coolest One Piece Characters
Coolest One Piece Characters

This character comes from a family of stronger fighters. He was born to be powerful and it is in his blood. He is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates and he loves to have fun. People have come to like his easy-going attitude. For all of the power that he has all he wants to do is have some fun. He has a cool Devil Fruit power too. When he uses this power he is able to turn into a rubber man. He has undergone extensive training and he can use his entire body to put up a fight for his enemies. He is stubborn at times. He will not be king of anything one day but he is still the guy to hang up. There is nothing like having a family history of power and that makes him cooler.

1) Charlotte Katakuri

Coolest One Piece Characters
Coolest One Piece Characters

This character may be under another group but he is cool on his own. He is one of the many children of Big Mom and is part of her group. He has some great powers of his own but he is said to be terrifying.

He is only second to his mother and in some cases, he is said to be stronger than she is. He is the strongest of the three commanders. He makes even the older commanders worry when he is in the room. He has a Devil Fruit power is the ability to turn into the Mochi when he feels like it. While this may seem like a cute power it is hard to beat him.

These are some of the most popular and the coolest characters in the One Piece series. This series helped make anime what it is and helped it gain popularity. The characters are cool and they all have some sort of ability to power to make them stand out. These characters are some of the coolest in the series and they are still a big hit with the fans

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