Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 4 (Watch Online)

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 4

Dragon Ball heroes’ big bang mission picked up right where we left off the last time with Xeno Goku and Vegeta vs this Dr. Gero-looking guy.

So for this episode of dragon ball heroes big bang mission episode 4. For the first time in dragon ball anime history, we saw Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta.

This was a big deal for many Vegeta fans because they never have seen Vegeta in his Super Saiyan 3 form before.

SSj 3 Vegeta
SSj 3 Vegeta

So at the beginning of the episode, Goku and Vegeta were facing off against an unknown Dr. Android that looks similar to Dr. Gero.

The name of this Dr. Android-looking guy with a huge claw on his right arm name is not confirmed yet.

So, for the sake of this post, we will just call him Dr. Android.

Xeno Goku and Vegeta Dragon Ball Heroes

As Goku and Vegeta prepare to face off against Dr. Android, Dr. Android launches some type of energy wave attack that hits both Xeno Goku and Vegeta from the back successfully.


After getting pissed off my Dr. Android Vegeta for the first time turned Super Saiyan 3 then attacked Dr. Android but it was unsuccessful.

Xeno Goku tried the same attack on Dr. Android and failed as well. After both Xeno Vegeta and Goku saw that their attacks are unsuccessful, they both transform into their Super Saiyan 4 forms.

While in their Super Saiyan 4 forms, both Xeno Goku and Vegeta charge up their Kamehameha and Galic Gun beam attack at Dr. Android.

However, knowing Dragon Ball Heroes and its power scaling, the evil Dr. somehow survived the attack that both Xeno Goku and Vegeta launched.

It was no surprise to most fans because dragon ball heroes’ episodes are mostly fan fiction and fantasy.

However, it is still loved and entertaining to most fans. So, at the end of the beam attack by Xeno Goku and Vegeta. It seems that Dr. Android was just there to analyze and collect data from Vegeta and Goku.

Dr. Android stated at the end of the battle that his ‘Analysis was Complete’ then disappears leaving both Xeno Goku and Vegeta in shock.


Goku and Vegeta Vs Bojack and Turles Dragon Ball Heroes

Moving on into the 10-minutes episode of heroes, we saw that the Goku and Vegeta vs Bojack and Turles battles was still going down.

The mastermind Fu was there also watching the fight from afar. Fu then commands Dogi Dogi to do something that will hold Goku and Vegeta in place so they could not move.

After seeing that Goku and Vegeta couldn’t move Toki Toki tried the help, however, Fu caught and transport Toki Toki through a portal.

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 4
Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 4


So, it seems that Toki Toki was the main character Fu was after all along. It seems as if Toki Toki can nullify any attacked Dogi Dogi does.

After Fu successfully captures Toki Toki, he disappears along with Bojack and Turles. That’s where the 10 minutes Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission ended.

Also, at the end of the battle between Xeno Goku and Vegeta vs Dr. android. Dr. Andoid also escaped through a portal to evade Xeno Goku and Vegeta after collecting data.

We find out at the end that Dr. Android was in fact, collecting data samples for Xeno Vegeta and Goku back to a lab to get Janemba.

If you guys remember Janemba was the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z movie Reborn where Goku and Vegeta fused into Gogeta.

Gogeta successfully erased Janemba in the movie with one attack. So, at some point in time in Dragon Ball Heroes, we will see the return of Janemba.


Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission episode 4 was ok for the most part even though it was a short episode as always it was entertaining to watch.

Vegeta fans finally get to him in his Super Saiyan 3 form in this heroes episode and I guess that was one of the best parts about this episode.

Nonetheless, we are going the get a battle between Xeno Goku and Vegeta in the next upcoming Dragon ball heroes big bang mission episode.

Also, remember that Heroes is not an official canon series of Dragon ball series, it is a promotional card arcade game release over in Japan.

Nothing should be taken seriously from any heroes episode. Thinks of it as a fan service entertaining anime.

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