Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers and How To Watch It

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Hello guys, our first new Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 anime since super ended it’s not quite the same as super.

I’m talking about Super Dragon Ball Heroes the anime premiered today July 1 in Japan at the special event over there that promoting Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 new Prison Planet.

It took place there and then shortly after that on the Cardass website which I did give you guys the scoop on a few days ago.

I told you how to watch Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 and all further episodes presumably on that website raw without subtitles.

So, just letting you know that on that website you’re going to watch it, and when you watch it, you will not be watching it with Subs titles.

Dragon Ball Heroes Subtitled version 

It’s not going to be officially licensed outside of Japan I talked about this several times you’re not going to get this on Crunchyroll or FUNimation.

This is not going to be there if somebody Subs it is going to be a Fansub and as of this first episode I haven’t seen any fansubs.

I’m sure there will be going to pop up soon but I haven’t seen any so what I’m here to do is tell you about episode 1.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Also, I want to fill you guys in on kind of how this is going to work because we now have a lot more information about how Dragon Ball Heroes Episode1 is actually going to work.

As I said this is a promotional anime, this is not like Dragon Ball super this animes is meant to promote the video game.

What I want to say also is the way that this is going to work is, it’s not airing weekly.

As far as I know now, this may change as the series progresses.

But as of right now, we do not know how many episodes this Anime will be.

So if you’re wondering how many episodes will it be would be 50 will it be 25 would be a (100) hundred will be 10.

We do not know what they have not told us, once we find out I will do a post on it if you’re new to the blog remember to hit subscribe to my Facebook Fan Page and make you stay updated.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 and 2

The next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes is going to be airing on July the 16th.

Which is a Monday in Japan but a Sunday for the rest of us?

You know in the Western Hemisphere it all depends on where you live because I have a lot of people internationally viewing my blog all over the world.

That’s going to be in 2 weeks now, does that mean that it will always be a new episode every two weeks.

I don’t know that yet because remember Dragon Ball super took a break I think the third week it was on the air.

So we don’t know yet but presumably speaking at a special event and then shortly after it airs in Japan live in front of people who actually go to the event.

You will get it on the website it’s kind of cool too because I can hear in Japan you get to go to these things.

Like you get to play the games you see trailers for the upcoming missions in the game.

You see teasers of what could be coming with as far as characters go Transformations all that stuff.

They also get to watch the heroes anime in this shopping mall area on a big screen that is very very cool.

It’s just stuff that the Japanese get that will never get outside of Japan, even though I wish that we did and the same thing goes for this anime.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode Bandi Of Japan

I’ve said it I don’t know how many times by now Bandai of Japan does not want anything involving Dragon Ball Heroes to leave Japan.

Including video games, anime, arcade games, the DS game, including Dokkan cards.

Even the theDokkan cards for Dragon Ball Heroes characters were changed for the global version to not be Heroes characters

That’s how Bandi Japan wants to keep Dragon Ball Heroes.

For the foreseeable future, there’s not going to be any sort of legal distribution of the show.

You will not be able to watch this show on any of the legal streaming services it’s just not going to happen.

Again I’m not happy about this, I’ve never been happy about this since the whole Heroes thing began,

Because I think that they could make so much money by putting it outside Japan but Bandai of Japan just does not want to do it.

There have been people even within Bandai of America who has told friends of mine and straight-up said they don’t want it.

They don’t want to bring Dragon Ball Heroes over and until then until they change their minds you just can’t watch it legally.

I cant be watched like you could Dragon Ball super on  Verve and Crunchyroll.

To be honest you probably won’t be able to do it so you’re probably wondering well how do I watch the episodes.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes 1 and How to watch it?

Well, you have to set up a VPN that’s how you do it. You have to set up a VPN unfortunately with this post is a review so I can’t.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to show you how to do that but you can always Google like how do I set up a VPN or you go to this link here to see how to set up a VPN.

Then you do that load up the website Cardass and again just to reiterate this is Bandai of Japan’s decision not Bandai of America, not FUNimation not even Toei.

This is a Bandai of Japan decision but this is the internet and as you know things will always pop up somewhere online.

So episode 1 of Dragon Ball Heroes was only 8 minutes and 45 seconds long these are not going to be full-length episodes like Dragon Ball super.

This is a promotional anime but boy did they cram a lot into the first 8 minutes and 45 seconds.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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