Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 English Dub Online Review

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 English Dub preview is finally out guys. OMG, it looks really good. We’re going to break down all the visuals, all the characters, and everything that is happening in this trailer.

This heroes episode is a very promising trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime which is airing July, 1st 2018. So without further ado ladies and gents let’s dive in.

As Vegito blue makes his return, the first thing we see is Goku in Super Saiyan blue going up against Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku.

The art has the same filter and look and feel that we had in the tournament of power the same crushing of colors the same saturation, the same thick lines.

Xeno Goku Vs Goku
Xeno Goku Vs Goku

It does not look like it did from the cut scenes from The Dragon Ball game. They are really using the anime filter for this and it looks beautiful to me. They’re still using the Yamamura character designs for the Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime

I believe that he is actually the cheap animation supervisor for the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. That’s why he’s not working on the movie. 

Goku is kind of like a future Goku and in a sense, he was kind of brought back to life. He was basically summing from Xeno Trunks of Future Trunks, his memory by Crowe Noah the Supreme Kai of time.

Future Trunks is being held captive on Prison Planet, which is an area created by Fu for essential strong Warriors from different timelines, and the universe fighting against each other. That is where Goku and Zeno Goku are going to battle against each other.

We are going to get this really cool battle between Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku. Then we’re going to get introduced later on to Cumber the evil masked Saiyan. I have done a few posts on Cumber however, we were just given his name.

Pretty much he is resurrected with the dragon balls from Fu and he has an interesting ability that he can make other sayings go berserk.

We actually do get a picture of Goku and his berserk form so Goku and Vegeta are going to be fighting against this guy.

Goku and Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode Review

He’s pretty much going to turn Goku Majin almost in a sense which is going to be awesome. I’d love to see Vegeta go up against a berserk Goku.

So Mai is in trouble from a blast presumably from Cumber and Future Trunks comes in to save the day knocking it away.

There is berserk Goku’s white eyes black lightning and he can’t control himself and pretty much that’s what Cumber does he takes control of people’s bodies.

I don’t know, maybe if he blasts Vegeta’s knocking them away maybe Goku’s energy turns into that reddish type of blast when he’s under Cumber’s control.

I don’t think he’s going to be under Cumber’s control for too long. We also have Fu, who is the main antagonist of the series.

He is going to be the one who’s basically he’s the Evil Genius, who is doing everything from the sidelines. Beautiful shot right there of Cumber when he breaks out of the straight jacket.

Dragon Ball Heroes Cumber
Dragon Ball Heroes Cumber

He looks very strong and then finally we get Super Saiyan blue Vegito which is awesome.

I guess that Goku won’t be under the effects of Cumber for too long. He’ll break out and then they’re going to fuse into Super Saiyan blue Vegito in order to fight Cumber.

That’s probably how they’re going to beat him. We are In for a treat, this dude looks so powerful and I mean it’s awesome.

I’m hoping that he’s very strong regardless of your just being able to take people over. I’m hoping that his power level and combat skill are way up there somehow able to compete with Vegito blue.

Maybe, maybe not we’ll see, I don’t know how a non-transform Saiyan could be able to take on Vegito blue.

Hopefully, this guy will transform maybe he has God from himself, a lot of interesting things can happen here.

I’m so pumped for this guy, I love this shot where he breaks out of the straitjacket and I’m he’s got huge muscles.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode

This guy is really Jack, he kind of reminds me of Broly a little bit so we’ll see how strong he is when he goes up against Vegito. Most likely he’s going to get his butt kicked their butt will see.

Fu has a lot of knowledge of the different paradox universes and he resurrected this guy with the dragon balls. So there’s really no telling how strong he could be, he could be some ancient Saiyan with an insane amount of power.

He could just be from some different timeline but more than likely he is one of the strongest Saiyans that there ever was.

That’s why I Fu resurrected him with knowledge of all the different timelines and universes and everything like that.

This is the guy that Fu chose to resurrect to fight against Goku and Vegeta so obviously he’s going to be ridiculously powerful.

It is going to be a treat, so here we have a shot of Berserk Goku, I don’t know how Cumber technique works.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Like how he’s able to take over people, probably something to do with his voice. I’m guessing which is why he has his face covered.

Hopefully, they’ll have some backstory to explain, maybe he turned against all the other Saiyans and they had to lock him up,

However, if he’s able to talk he’s able to just take over your mind and your body, and pretty much he was a menace to some different Sayian universe or time Paradox. Maybe some time Paradox where the same planet was never destroyed by Frieza.

Dragon Ball Heroes Villian Cumber

So I’m assuming that will get some sort of backstory here or at least an explanation as to who and where this guy comes from exactly.

Now I’m guessing that Vegeta will be the one to go up against berserk Goku here, and fans are never going to turn down a fight between Goku and Vegeta.

I’m guessing that but you know it’ll turn Super Saiyan blue and just kind of Beat It Out of Goku. That’s how they break him out, but we’ll have to see how the anime develops.

We didn’t know that Vegeta was coming back until we saw this preview. This is extremely exciting news, especially because we didn’t get Vegito in the tournament of power.

That was a huge missed opportunity with Potara earrings being legal in the tournament of power and it was just never used.

At least here in the drawer Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, we’re going to definitely get Vegito and he looks great.

Especially with the black and orange instead of blue, and orange is a nice little changed. We have seen another Vegito’s come out from Super Dragon Ball Heroes cutscenes.

Involving Xeno Goku with his red garment, he has a going to like have a red jacket.

Something we have seen a different Vegito outfit. Now, I don’t believe this is because of the black uniform for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

So it doesn’t make sense that you know he would have a black and orange uniform. This time it’s nice refreshing and cool.

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this anime. I didn’t know that it would look this high-quality but by just looking at these shots I mean they’re doing a great job. So, What do you think about Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1?

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