Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date + Spoilers

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date + Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 9 was the best episode of Heroes, which is again is short much, but it was the best one I enjoyed.

I can tell by the reaction for the fans it was the most OP Heroes episode.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 10 is set to air in Mid-April 2019. So the next episode should be next month. Let’s go ahead and talk about it and I’ll give you my opinion. I’m going to read through and quote the translation of the preview.

 Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date + Spoilers

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date + Spoilers

Then, give you my prediction, of course, this is going to contain mild spoilers for Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release. Let’s get to it. So, it says.

Goku Utilizing Ultra Instinct Omen unleashes a fierce attack against the core Warriors having been caught off-guard and absorbed by Orin before Vegeta trembles in fury, will they be able to Stage a Counterattack against these Limitless foes streaming mid-April.

The episode does discuss Goku and Vegeta working together. So, will we see blue Evolution Vegeta come back in this episode? I certainly hope so and I think we will. However, the whole preview here is discussing the fact that Ultra Instinct Omen Goku is going to take on all these foes.

I’m pretty sure he is going to be able to stop them all. There is no mention here about Jiren, however, I do think Jiren will also help. Goku and Jiren together, just those two guys could mop the floor with the majority of the core Warriors.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Spoilers

However, remember Hearts has that gravity moved and Merged Zamasu as a whole bunch of other techniques and knowledge as well. This version of Merged Zamasu is more powerful than the one that was in super.

Now, we don’t know if he’s strong as Jiren, however, I don’t know if he is because Jiren was able to kind of easily connect on Merged Zamasu with blows. So, I don’t think Merged Zamasu is that strong.

I feel like Goku and Jiren by themselves could take these guys out, but again is where the series is going to end or there are more episodes?

Who-knows however long they want to keep the arcade game going. We’ll see what happens, it’s actually Goku and Vegeta that are going to work together I’m guessing. Vegeta will probably take out the minions and Goku will focus on the big guys like Hearts and Cumber and obviously Zamasu.

It’s implied that Merged Zamasu is more powerful than Cumber which is kind of hard to believe for some people. I would say that but I was very impressed with how Jiren was stomping Cumber.

Jiren VS Cumber
Jiren VS Cumber

Nobody can defeat Jiren that easily, you’re going to have to put a lot of work in like we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super. However, in Heroes Jiren will not go down easily. Anyways, that is it for this quick post.

Let me know your thoughts and what you think about the future of Dragon ball heroes episodes. Also, what you think about Dragon Ball Heroes and Ultra Instinct Omen Goku’s power being utilized against the core Warriors of Merged Zamasu.

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