Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 English Dub Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 came out and blow away many fans like myself.

I am so exhilarated pumped up because this episode would easily the best Dragon Ball Heroes episode we ever got.

First of all Naotoshi Shida had a 1-minute cut that was a stunningly beautiful animation.

It was just so fun to watch, and can I just say that that episode looked clean as super.

 Heroes Naotoshi Shida Animation

I mean just the imagery alone looks good, even my man.

Piccolo actually got some justice. Piccolo1 actually got something done for a change and not just being the sidelines warriors.

So, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 was kind of refreshing and really all because of the aesthetic aspect of the episode.

There’s not much to talk about so far as the story content goes.

Why? because episode 13 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime was pretty much just all fighting.

It was just a huge episode of 8 minutes with Goku and Hearts being the main event.

Now the big promotion card this month is Hearts, every time they make a new episode of Heroes it’s a good morning new card.

So this new card comes out and then they make an episode to kind of promoted it.

This is is why we have things like weird fusions, and new fusions we have a Golden Metal Cooler with him even get followed up on this episode.

It is all because it’s very disjointed not like a series you’d want to watch in many cases.

You got to treat this thing like it’s a little commercial, but a longer commercial.

However, if they make them like this I’ll be happy because what made this episode so much fun was one man. So the guy who made the hype is Naotoshi-Shida.

Dragon Ball Heroes Naotoshi-Shida Cut

We got a one-minute Shida cut in this episode that some people are saying was better than the dragon ball heroes episode so far and I agree.

The animation for this episode was very good. There was a tremendous section of this fight with Goku and Hearts.

It seems Goku starts biting Hearts in his Super Saiyan form for a minute.

The fighting in the street destroying the town and what not bring back memories of Super.

The way that it was animated where they’re having Ki blast going back and forth and physical action it really looks great.

That scene reminded me of that sheet fight from Dragon Ball super with Goku Black, Goku, Trunks, and Zamasu.

The one that we all went crazy for when it happened in Dragon Ball Super. This was just like that, I mean it was a really fantastic animation.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 Piccolo and Android 17

While that fight was going on with Goku and hearts they also cut in a couple of other flights going on. They also had Piccolo and 17 fights against Kamin and Oren Infusion.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13

So, they actually had a nice little thing we’re 17 put up his barrier, and the fused twins and try to break through and he did a breakthrough. But suddenly Piccolo hit him with a special beam Cannon.

That blast ripped a hole through the fused twin’s stomach and we thought it was over.

However, it turns out that they can regenerate which we kind of suspected.

Anyway, as I said, it was cool to see android 17 and Piccolo actually teaming up and working together because they have one of the best fights in Dragon Ball Z.

This was in the Cell Saga on the islands and whatnot.

So, seeing them working together was great because we wanted to see them team up in the tournament of power.

However, we didn’t get it, but we did get it here so for a few seconds.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13

It was cool to see, but really if you’re going to watch Dragon Ball Heroes episode 13 you’re going to watch it specifically for this animation. It really is like watching a Fancy commercial.

Besides that, they also had a Trunks vs Merged Zamasu fight which was great because it’s the big rematch between Trunks and Zamasu.

Which you know we saw a lot of in Dragon Ball Super and now they’re fighting again. So that was interesting, that was fun, it was fun to watch ultimately Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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