Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 English First Breakdown Review

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

On July 1st we saw Dragon Ball Heroes episode 1 air online and it was only about 6 minutes long of raw animation. We were introduced to Xeno Goku as he joins the fight.

The fight against regular Goku and Xeno Goku clashed in Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan blue.

Also, we were introduced to Fu and he basically explained to himself that he is the mischievous guy behind Prison Planet.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

 He was the one who created it so that he can have all these different fighters from different dimensions and timelines fight against each other. Pretty much as an experiment.

Goku’s acknowledge that they’re both good guys so they’re not going to fight against each other anymore. 

That was pretty much it for Xeno Goku verse regular Goku. We also saw Trunks on prison planet while they encounters Cooler. Cooler days to Trunk give me the Dragon Ball.

Trunks really did not know what’s going on, he’s like “What Dragon Ball” but as Fu explained earlier in episode 7 on Prison Planet.

Every warrior has a Dragon Ball, he did this so that he would force people to fight others in order to gain the Dragon Ball.

Trunks may have a dragon ball on him maybe he didn’t, he just woke up and then realize what’s happening.

And we also saw the evil Saiyan, at the end but Fu said: “it’s not your time yet don’t worry your time is coming soon”.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 

Now, leaving episode 2 which will get on July 15th. They got another clip for the new Dragon Ball Heroes game.

I believe it’s Universe Mission 3 and there we see the time patrollers that Fu briefly mentioned in the first episode.


There will be a new character, some female and then we see Goku and Vegeta battered and beaten as they’re taking on Cumber.

In the captions for Ball Heroes episode 2 Preview, Goku narrates it as Goku goes berserk, so we know that Cumber will be taking over Goku’s body.

So, In this promotion for the next video game, we see Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. We had already been teased this before from the Dragon Ball Heroes anime promotion, but we did not see Vegito go KaioKen.

This is really really cool guys we have a Super Saiyan blue Vegito using Kaioken and taking on Cumber somehow. 

This guy, I mean how strong can this guy be.? He is taking one blue Vegito and KaioKen like it’s nothing. We’re going to be introduced to Ozotto who is the character from a very old Dragon Ball video game.

He was never in any anime or Manga but here it looks like he’s going to make his debut in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Guys, remember this is for Dragon Ball Heroes video game, so he may not actually coming in the anime.

Considering Fu brings all these fighters from different dimensions and timelines and everything I think it’s highly possible.

King Cold and Cooler Dragon Ball Heroes

King Cold will be there and will probably get Golden Cooler as well. We also saw Bojack there, so there’s a lot of possibilities for this next episode. In terms of different Fighters and characters that they could bring in.

Who is this mysterious girl though? Well, she has the same stop as Demigra she appears to be in Miakaioshin. 

That’s probably what she is, she’s probably just Demigra Apprentice or something like that, we will get introduced to her in the video game.

I’m assuming that as soon as the second episode starts it’s going to be like this watching the evil Saiyan but will make his debut. He’s going to knock around Goku and Vegeta like they’re nothing.

I’m really excited about this and I’ve been a lot of videos on him I’m super pumped to see him in action. 

Somehow this guy breaks out of a straight jacket and his power is a strong as a Super Saiyan Blue Vegito.

That’s a little bit crazy, I’m really excited to see Super Saiyan blue Vegito KaioKen, we have never seen that in the anime before. It’s going to be really nice to have that animated and that’s kind of a question that fans of had for a very long time.

Can Vegito and Gogeta use KaioKen, and it’s pretty much under the assumption.

Yes, they can, but we’ve never seen it animated. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Preview. This is going to be really nice in terms of how and where this guy gets all his power from.

Who knows and his Aura looks massive and demonic. Well, considering Fu can bring back people from any timeline or Dimension.

 He’s probably the strongest Evil Saiyan that ever lived or something of that nature.

Dragon Ball Heroes 2 – Cumber Unleash 

Cumber is as strong as Super Saiyan blue Kaioken without even transforming? I’m really, really curious about it hopefully we get some kind of explanation there, but as you can see the guy is like Broly.

I mean, he is monstrously big and he’s giving a blue Vegito Kaioken a run for his money. It doesn’t look like Vegeta has the upper hand either, so I’m not really sure how he’s going to be.

However, he was smiling, and he was enjoying the moment, so that’s kind of a Vegito’s personality, he likes to around people.

But if Cumber does have a transformation I just don’t know how Vegito is going to win. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

I mean maybe he is going to use a Genkidama. Or he is going to use some kind of instantaneous Kamehameha or something crazy like a hundred times KaioKen.

If Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 is only going to be another 6 or 7 minutes. Somehow they’re going to have to defeat this guy very, very fast, they also have to get rid of Fu somehow.

Cooler Golden Form Dragon Ball Heroes 

Cooler had to transform into his golden form, he may turn against Trunks too. I’m not really sure about that, but regardless a lot has to happen in this next episode.

Unless they’re going to extend this anime a little bit more, so far there are only two confirmed episodes.

I have a feeling that they’re going to have to do like two more especially if they’re really short.

There’s just so much ground that they have to cover.

Now, in the first episode of Dragon Ball Heroes they did move only fast like the fight between was Xeno Goku and regular Goku was like 30 seconds long.

That it was just very quickly they didn’t have a Victor. So if they want to progress the story they may just move over all these fights really fast and have them in like 30 seconds.

Which is a little disappointing but you guys got to remember that this is not a full-fledged anime specifically?

Dragon Ball Heroes video game Promotion

It was just to promote the Dragon Ball Heroes video game and that’s why it’s Japan-exclusive only. They didn’t show this to the whole world because of only people in Japan or the ones playing Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

It is a Japan-exclusive game, so why promote the game worldwide when you’re only selling it in Japan.

So because of that they really don’t have any intention of making it a full-fledged anime making it 30 minutes is kind of nonsensical.

They just want to have it long enough that it promotes people to buy at the game, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to work. I’m thinking fans got a little bit overhyped including me lol, for this anime.

I still think it’s pretty cool. I’m really excited for his next episode and for the return of Vegito, especially if he pops one of the KaioKen.

As we all know we didn’t get enough Vegito in the Goku black Arc of Dragon Ball super, it was very short-lived and overly hyped. That is all, for now, stay tuned for more posts like this one.

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