Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3

Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3 English Dub

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 Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3 was released on the 6th of September, and wow by far the best episode out of the three Dragon Ball Heroes episodes so far.

This one was the best as we saw at the end of episode 2 the fusion between Goku and Vegeta.

Vegito comes into play as the evil Saiyan Cumber is crushing Trunks by the throat. I absolutely love the way how Cumber looks.

Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3
Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3


I love his personality I love his voice actor because he is the voice of the Takemura.

If you guys want to watch Dragon Ball Heroes episode 3 you can find it through the link below.

Official Website For Dragon Ball Heroes

The original site is restricted to only Japan. So if you want to watch it you can use Nord VPN which is what I used.

According to, it can also help to improve internet speed.

So, Cumber creates this giant death ball,  it looks like he’s actually about to kill Trunks. Then Vegito blue finally Powers up as he charges in at Cumber.

Cumber throws the ball at him and he literally just charges directly into this massive ball of energy.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

Creating this nuclear explosion that’s just completely amazing, which was very cool.

He just completely tanks it, Then we saw a few who are watching the fight going on.

He’s loving this that. If you guys aren’t familiar with Fu and Dragon Ball Heroes. So he is pretty much the main antagonist of this Heroes.

Also, he’s the one who is like a trickster who is making all these people fight each other on Prison Planet.

Fu is really getting a kick out of watching Vegito’s blue take on Cumber he’s just sitting back at his laboratory laughing it up. So, Cumber actually did take some damage there from the explosion from Vegito blue charging in.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3 Review

Now, it a little bit wonky you have the evil Saiyan, but we don’t know the source of his strength.

They haven’t really explained that just yet, he’s crazy powerful. Vegito Blue is also ridiculously powerful, he most definitely could take on Beerus without a doubt in my mind.

This guy is based formed taking on Vegito blue which obviously makes zero sense. There is no power scaling in Dragon Ball Heroes though.

Vegito Blue is throwing a punch combo showing some actual martial arts and fighting skills. Cumber just swiping away with his hand like nothing.

I did have a little bit of an issue with the fact that this dude is in base form taking on Vegito blue.

That definitely should not be happening, but I think we’re going to see that in the Broly movie coming up very soon.

Base form Broly is going to be taking on Goku in Super Saiyan blue. So the power stealing is pretty much gone out the window these days.

Unless we get some kind of explanation as to the source of these characters’ strengths. So, Cumber throws and nice right hook, Vegito is forced to block it.

It doesn’t do too much damage to him. I think it’s like a rock or something like that. But here Cumber does something interesting, and very different. He uses his dark red energy and creates this claw out of the energy.

Which kind of reminded me of the Kyuubi mode from Naruto. It’s almost exactly like that and he starts wiping it and throwing it at Vegito who has to fly around and dodge.

This attack is extremely strong, something that we have seen out of Naruto before. 

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 

I haven’t really seen it out of Dragon Ball before, and this is giving Vegito a lot of trouble. Again it’s a little bit ridiculous this guy’s in base form and he’s punishing Vegito.

Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3
Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 3

Then we have golden cooler off on the sidelines watching this all go down golden cooler is very cocky at this point.

He’s just kind of amused at this fight going on he thinks he’s insanely strong which he is. By the way, look at that shot I mean he just looks so freaking good here the art and this episode was phenomenal.


Vegito goes Kaioken, and this is where it gets really really exciting. So for the very first time, a Vegito or Gogeta has used the KaioKen in an anime.

Anyway, it finally makes its debut and it’s awesome. However, you think that now that Vegito has the KaioKen on top of the fusion power.

You think that with this Vegito is going to absolutely Stomp and crush Cumber and turn him into a puddle of mush.

But no, even with the Kaioken on this dude is still able to go toe-to-toe with Kaioken Blue Vegito. Which again is absolutely stupid! 

I mean let’s be honest here. There’s no way this guy in base form should be able to do that. Then we hit one of the most exciting parts of the episode as Cumber Powers up.

I guess it looks like the same Deadpool they created earlier but this time it’s really extra powerful. Because Vegito even looks very surprised and scared like this thing could destroy the universe or something like that.

I really love the art especially for this character Cumber in particular. Especially with all the red glows and everything. To me, it just looks so evil and Powerful menacing, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 Review

This is probably the best animation of the entire episode here. As we get an extremely fluid High frame-rate scene of a final Kamehameha coming out of Super Saiyan Blue Vegito.

So, this was really cool this is really exciting. I like that they put some extra work into adding a lot of frames and fluidity to this nice movement and in slow motion, as Cumber charges up this Massive Attack.

I’m excited to see what happens here. They have a nice-looking standoff as they’re both just supercharged with energy.

Then they launched their attacks on each other. I’m not going to go back into the whole thing again because I already spoke my opinion on it before in this review.

But they have this huge beam struggle which takes up about a minute’s worth of the episode time and it was cool.

I mean I love beam struggles as long as they’re pulled it off right. They definitely did it right there, it was some nice back and forth as you see both characters kind of struggle.

Then they power up a little bit more, and then the beams are going back and forth. This was very well done.

I really enjoyed this beam struggle, there wasn’t really like too much physical animation going on and everything was very well polished. It looks really good, it didn’t hurt the eyes or anything like that. It puts you kind of on the edge of your seat.

You’re wondering what’s going to happen next. even Vegito is struggling which you know again this is ridiculous. Now, that the power struggles between these two characters actually were breaking the chains around Prison Planet.

Vegeta was able to push through the death ball beam but then, Cumber swipes it with his Kyuubi mode Cumber basically deflex the final Kamehameha back at Vegito.

So again you know this will not make too much sense. But guys, Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime it’s not supposed to make sense it’s not supposed to be Canon.

It’s not supposed to have proper power scaling. It’s just supposed to be fun!

Which it was, but I mean. I would at least like to see Cumber going Super Saiyan before he’s able to pull off some of these things. Speaking of Super Saiyan,

Cumber creates the same artificial Moon that Vegeta created on Earth against Goku with their Saiyan Saga.

Vegito he can’t believe it, Cumber throws it up in the sky he crushes his hand it explodes in the sky.

All of a sudden, this dude starts transforming. Now, the animation-wise wasn’t spectacular for the transformation but it was impactful.

That’s what I say and you definitely felt him kind of pop and grow as he’s expanding and in growing taller. You can feel the power emanating from the sky. If he’s this strong in base form imagine Cumber a Super Saiyan on top of that.

Okay, he is in his base forms going up against Vegito blue Kaio Ken like they’re even, and then this dude is not only going super great app.

Just another 10 times multiplier on top of that, unbelievably strong powerful enemy. I have no idea how they’re going to beat this guy.

We also got some awesome perspective shots and angles to show the size and scale of the Super Saiyan Ozaru Cumber.

Whose power level is probably stronger than the Omni King right now. He blasts Vegito with like a mouth laser as they’re blocking it.

Goku and Vegeta actually split up and, now he’s just pretty much is going on a rampage. Just completely destroying everything. Even cooler is like oh my gosh like this guy is a Monster.

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