Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 English Dub Review

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 English Dub Review
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 English Dub Review

Grand priest Goku Just made his appearance on Dragon Ball Heroes episode 9. I got to say this was really cool and this episode was pure hype.

There was so many dream fight that went on in the episode. We got Grand Master Goku, we had a Baby Vegeta come back, we had Jiren versus not only Cumber but Merged Zamasu.

This probably the most entertaining episode yet. Why? because there were so many different fights and as always it’s really nice to see Goku anytime when he turns into Ultra Instinct.

Now in episode 9 Goku only in Ultra Instinct Omen without breaking his limits.


I guess that means his training with the great priest was simply for him to be able to use Ultra Instinct at will. Therefore, Goku can turn it on whenever he wants.

So now he doesn’t have to be pushed to the brink of death in order to turn on Ultra Instinct.

Even though he’s only an Ultra Instinct Omen. He doesn’t have silver hair at various points throughout the episode, he is attacking and doing damage without touching the person.

Which is what mastered Ultra instinct is all about. Although Goku’s hair hasn’t changed maybe he still hasn’t gotten full control over it yet.


However, he was attacking people very similar to mastered Ultra Instinct without the silver hair.

The entrance of Goku and the great priest was just awesome! I love the kind of funnel of rainbow energy that just slams down with them. It was an incredible epic moment, it was a classic anime entrance but this time Goku has a power-up.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 English Dub Review
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 English Dub Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 Recap 

I would assume probably a powered-up Ultra Instinct form because now he has more control over it. Also, he probably won’t be taking damage and the strain of ultra Instinct like he did in the tournament of power.

That’s what I’m guessing, his training with the great priest has done for him, that’s what it looks like. We haven’t seen him use any new abilities or new techniques. However, it seems like he has almost full control over Ultra Instinct now.

At the very beginning of this episode, Vegeta gets taken over by Orin, the baby life-form villain and we actually do get baby Vegeta returning.

However, it’s pretty obvious that Orin was like “oh I can’t believe how much power is in this body, this is amazing.”

Baby Vegeta

But on the other hand, they did Trunks dirty. Trunks got smacked around and beaten up. It’s sad for Trunks at this point to just popup shout father and then just get completely beaten up.

Thankfully, Vegeta wasn’t taken over by Orin for too long. We had a really cool scene where Ultra Instinct Goku punching the baby Vegeta in the chest.

UI Goku literally punched Orin out of Vegeta. That was impressive, even though I wanted to see some more of the Baby Vegeta.

However, at the same time, I’m happy that they kind of got this over with quickly. But the thing is they wasted so much of the episode pumping up this Baby Vegeta and then he was beaten with just one punch by Goku.

So, it’s kind of a waste of the few minutes of Animation in the episode because it was just simply one punch and then it’s over.

They could have replaced all that footage too, I think like another fight or something else but I digress. One of the other best parts of this episode was Jiren vs Cumber. This was teased at the end of the last episode and we know how strong Cumber is.

Dragon Ball Heroes Cumber 

Cumber is ridiculously strong, with almost Limitless levels of power. We saw him take on Super Saiyan 4 Vegito. I mean this dude is ridiculously OP. Then Jiren comes in and he’s fighting base form, Cumber, like it’s nothing.

Jiren completely man’s up in this episode. he’s fighting like he doesn’t care, while not even at full power. Jiren was not even smiling or grunting or anything in that whole fight.

He just got a straight face on. This was like another dream fight that came true. I wish it was longer though. I think they could have used the time that they used with the Baby Vegeta transformation and all that.

They could have put more into the Jiren Cumber fight because it’s more of an exciting dream fight. Regardless it was still awesome to see Jiren fight somebody else for a change, fighting someone evil.

We didn’t see Jiren power up, I don’t know if Dragon ball Heroes is going to have him go through the Transformations that he went and super. Remember, with Jiren all the massive red energy and blowing off his shirt and bulking up his muscles and everything.

Probably not, I’m assuming that they’re just going to give him a flat power level similar to what they did with Hit. There’s not going to be any Improvement or any going over the top as Saiyans do.

It was so nice to see Jiren punch Cumber in the face and also when he punched Merged Zamasu in the face. Jiren is not straining nor is he struggling at all fighting Cumber.

Cumber was like “who the heck are you, who is this guy” I love that they didn’t do Jiren dirty as they did Hit. I talked about Hit in the last review. They always do Hit dirty, they always do Future Trunks dirty.

However, at least they’re giving Jiren some justice for his character. The character that was almost able to beat Master Ultra Instinct Goku. Now they make it seem like Dragon Ball Heroes Master Ultra Instinct Goku is unbeatable.

His appearance gives off that kind of vibe that they’re boosting up Goku’s Ultra Instinct. That means there has been no pressure whatsoever that anyone can even scratch Master Ultra Instinct Goku.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct attacks seem to be at an unbelievable level and can do damage which is how it’s supposed to be. However, in the tournament of power during Goku’s battle with Jiren. Jiren was able to actually somehow land punches on Goku and fight back.


At one point in the episode, Cumber actually does transform into Super Saiyan 3 full power. I think they actually released a card for Dragon Ball Heroes which gave it the name.

Super Saiyan 3 Cumber full power, similar to Broly’s full power transformation when the shirt blows off and the muscles get insanely huge. However, we didn’t really get too much of this fight because Hearts comes in and uses the universe seed to put that gravity pressure down on Jiren.

Jiren isn’t able to get up from that gravity. We haven’t seen Hearts do anything else, Heart is the main villain of this group of six and all he seems to be really doing is using his pressure to hold people down, nothing else.

So far we know that Hearts is going to try and use the universe seed to destroy the Omni King. It can also be used to birth a new universe but he’s just standing in the background just locking people down.

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