Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary For The Movie

Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary
Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary

Hello Dragon Ball nation, We have a complete 100% Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis of the entire movie with tons and tons of spoilers.

The Japanese world premiere of Dragon Ball Super Broly just aired today. If none of you guys don’t want to know every single thing or be spoiled that happens in this movie. Don’t read this post.

This will go over every single little detail that we have learned going into this movie.

A lot of surprises, a lot of things are exciting some things we may have to talk about in future post it as well later because it’s just very surprising that something like that water would have happened.

Every single person that has seen this movie has said that the animations are absolutely absurd and gorgeous.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary
Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary

The effects are out of this world, but even though there’s a lot of effects it’s not cluttered, just clean and beautiful visuals over and over again.

The movie begins in the past, we see Frieza controlling the Saiyan race.

Now, the interesting thing is, he kills anyone who has a power level of over 2,000. He doesn’t want the Saiyans Uprising to go up against him. He doesn’t want any future threat.

So, when you get these scenes from trailer number 2 of Frieza ruling over the Saiyan race. The interesting thing is, he kills anyone who has a power level of over 2,000. That got to be a lot if you think about it. Now, here’s something that’s interesting let’s talk about Bardock for a minute.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary
Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary

Bardock does go up against Frieza, so it may not be exactly like the Bardock special from Dragon Ball Z. But he will try to stop that death ball that is falling on planet Vegeta, and apparently, he’s actually able to stop it from going any further for a little bit.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Breakdown

Unfortunately, after a while, it’s just too much and he does die along with Planet Vegeta.

This is why I’m really excited to see what Bardock will do We didn’t really get any indication from any of the trailers that he would be going up against Frieza. Though it’s going to be exciting to see, that’s for sure. So that should probably take up about 20 minutes of the beginning of the video. Then we jump to present-day Earth as Goku and Beerus and Company are eating food.

Goku is training and Whis ask why are you still training and then Goku talks about the other universes and how he wants to get stronger. Goku talks about the other universes we do get little shots of Hit and Jiren and some of the other fighters from the tournament of power. We are going to see Hit and Jiren I don’t really know if they are going to play a role in the movie.

That should definitely be interesting.

The Dragon Balls get stolen by Frieza’s minions. Frieza’s wish is to be Taller, believe it or not, it’s a little bit ridiculous. No wish to be immortal, no wish to control the gods, his wishes to be taller. Apparently, there is little explanation about Frieza’s race, and I guess the rest of his race is taller. He’s just like the shortest one and I guess he’s insecure about it. So that’s his wish, a little bit silly. Goku and Vegeta go to the icy plane to find the dragon balls but then.

It cuts to Broly on planet Vampa with Paragus. So, when Paragus came to Planet Vampa his spaceship was destroyed and they are stuck there.

Broly Synopsis Trailer 

Broly grew up but he was not mature, it was like he has even trouble talking. He hasn’t really had anybody else to communicate with besides Paragus. So, he only knows what Paragus has taught him in a way he’s almost like an uneducated Neanderthal. Frieza’s ship lands on planet Vampa and that’s where you see Limo and Chile Who come out of their spaceship use their scooters on Broly. Eventually, Broly actually joins them joints Frieza’s ship, and when Freezer Meats Broly and Paragus.

Frieza actually remembers Paragus, he actually knows of him and he remembers Paragus’s ambition. I guess to go up and get revenge on King Vegeta then Frieza takes them all to earth.


Now as Goku and Vegeta are on that icy land they see Frieza’s landscaped. Broly and Paragus and Frieza all meet up together I don’t know if there’s going to be much dialogue there.

But pretty much Paragus only says “Get them Broly” then we see Broly goes into a rage and just attack Vegeta. Now, here is some really cool information about Vegeta vs Broly. Vegeta is the first person to punch Broly. Broly does not know how to become a Super Saiyan.

He’s in his normal State as Vegeta is going through his forms. Vegeta even goes Super Saiyan God and when he goes Super Saiyan God. It seems like he has the upper hand for a little bit, but Broly as I understand, he got a massive Zenkai boost as he’s fighting. There’s something about him where the longer the fight goes on the stronger he gets. And eventually, it gets to a point where even Super Saiyan God Vegeta is not enough.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer

That’s why we can see from trailer 3 as Vegeta Super Saiyan God punch is Broly in the face and it does nothing. Vegeta looks very surprised because it was those punches that were working earlier and now they’re not.


Eventually, Vegeta just gets completely wrecked and then Goku steps up in his base form. Now, this is what we saw from the original first teaser that came out.  Somehow Goku is actually able to fight against Broly for a little bit in his base form. But obviously, as if the fight progresses he needs to transform first, going Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and eventually Super Saiyan blue. When Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue, he’s actually able to fight Broly and was actually able to start winning a little bit.

That’s when Frieza sees them fighting, and has this flashback of when Goku first turned Super Saiyan.

Frieza remembers how Goku turns Super Saiyan when Frieza kills Krillin. so what does Frieza do.?  He kills Paragus and with that Broly goes into a mad rage and turns into the Super Saiyan form.  After that, we get some of what happened in trailer 3 with Super Saiyan Broly vs. Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan blue. Eventually, Vegeta and Goku are wrecked so hard. Goku’s laying on the ground and he can’t even move. The only thing he can move is his hand, and that’s where you see from the last two trailers. That little clip of Goku grasping at the icy ground. He can’t even move that’s all the movement that he can do. So his body is completely battered and broken at that point.

Broly in his Super Saiyan forms it’s just going on a complete rampage. He even starts attacking Frieza somewhere around that point where Piccolo talks telepathically to Goku and asks him. “why are you losing what’s going on with you.” So Goku uses instantaneous movement and he takes Vegeta to Piccolo. Broly is just completely wrecking Frieza, and that’s what we saw from Trailer one. That clip of Frieza fighting Broly isn’t their first encounter that is actually on Earth.

So Piccolo and Goku just as they did with Goten and Trunks, teach Vegeta how to do the Fusion Dance. Gogeta is confirmed, Gogeta is going to come out the fat. Then Gogeta comes first they mess up and have fat. Then they mess up again they get Gogeta is skinny, and then Gogeta almost comes out perfect. They are going to get a new form we haven’t seen before. That might look interesting I’m excited to see that.

Then the 4th time they try the Fusion Dance, they actually get it right. Meanwhile, Broly is still fighting Frieza in Golden form. But Frieza is getting wrecked and that’s where Gogeta comes and says something like “I am here.” So at this point, Frieza dips and he’s like that’s my cue to leave. Then we get this Mega huge fight scene between Gogeta and Broly.

I’ve heard some rumors and some people who have seen this fight scene ahead of schedule.

They said that this fight scene is just going to be so aww, inspiring so magnificent, and visually stunning. Your jaw is going to be on the ground watching this. It’s supposed to be very visually colorful as well. I think that’s because what’s coming next is that they’re fighting and they’re so strong that they’re actually causing dimensional rifts in space-time. Similar to when Goku was fighting Beerus when they would punch and it would like wreck space-time.

That’s I guess is kind of happening here, and it’s kind of wrecking space-time because they’re overwhelming power. Gogeta goes Super Saiyan and then finally goes Super Saiyan blue at some point along the way.


Whis does come to and Broly attacks Whis, but Whis stood and dodges everything. This is just to show how far beyond the angels are from any fighter that we’ve ever seen. The angels are just on another level, and just proof that nobody is even remotely close to Whis. Whis does not fight Broly, and Beerus does not fight Broly either. Whis is just there and Broly just savagely attacks.


While Whis just dodge it all and I guess that’s pretty much the end of it at that point. Still, Super Saiyan Broly’s power is growing, and then finally he goes full power. Now, at this point, you might think that Broly’s full power is going to be enough to take on Gogeta, and maybe it might look that way a little bit. But it turns out either Gogeta was toying with them or Gogeta was just so overwhelmingly strong.

Eventually, he just smacks Broly completely and utterly and destroys him with full power. It’s pretty much no contest. Now, something interesting is that Gogeta never diffuses. Vegito blue diffused in like 3 to 5 minutes, but Gogeta does not diffuse in the entire fight. Gogeta charges up some huge attack as he was going to finish off Broly.

But then want one of Frieza’s minions I believe it’s Chile that uses the Dragon Balls to wish and save Broly. Then Shenron sends Broly back to planet Vampa. I think a lot of fans are going to be a little disgruntled.

This being the fact that you had Gogeta blue with no Ultra Instinct, and Gogeta blue didn’t even kill Broly. Broly has been saved. But don’t be so hasty. Listen to the end because it might change your thoughts a little bit. So 3 days later there is a lot of dialogue, I’m not a hundred percent sure yet or we don’t know yet what all that dialogue is about. Apparently, it was very information-heavy so Goku uses instantaneous movement to find Broly and go to planet Vampa.

Goku then finds and meets Broly there and what seems like is, Broly is hanging out with freezes minions. He’s killing those spiders that we talked about and spoilers before and other monsters I guess and feeding them the Frieza’s minions. What Goku does, is he gives Broly a capsule that has a house in it, so he can live comfortably on planet Vampa. In the end, they almost sort of became friends and as Goku is leaving, he turns and says I am Son Goku, also known as Kakarot.

So there has been spoiler information and news released pretty much saying that at the end of them to this movie. Goku will do something that he’s never done before, and that he’s doing is he’s accepting the fact that he is the Saiyan Kakarot.

Well, I guess the movie ends with Goku and Broly potentially being friends. So that is the major spoiler outline for the entire movie that made the entire summary. There’s no Kaioken, there’s no Ultra Instinct, there’s no Ultra Instinct Gogeta very surprising. I just want to leave some initial thoughts here and I’ll probably do some more breakdown posts this week talking about this. Honestly, I cannot believe they didn’t bring Ultra Instinct in the movie. They’re leaving this open for a future Arc or for future movies.

I like the fact that Broly is still alive. I think it’s really cool if Broly becomes a Z fighter and he joins Goku, Vegeta, and friends. Maybe we would see a Jiren vs Broly in the future or something like that. I think it’s neat. Also, I think it’s just absolutely crazy that they spent an entire year for the tournament of power. Just to give us Ultra Instinct and then they didn’t give it to us in this movie. I thought one of the major reasons for using the simplistic character design was to make the action sequences easier.

Thus, it would make Ultra Instinct action just absolutely unreal, but they didn’t go that route. I don’t know if they’re saving for the future.

Maybe it really is the end of all Ultra Instinct, maybe we will never see it again. What!!!…. Nah we’re going to see it in the next Dragon Ball Heroes episode. I’m just completely surprised that they went the route of Gogeta. I’m I still really excited to see Gogeta. I’m not upset about that at all but I am just a little bit shocked that they went that route. I guess it’s because they know Gogeta is going to sell a lot of tickets. People want to see that, I think what I’m most interested in is the story.

The story is pretty good, I think it’s interesting and may lead to a lot of future development for Dragon Ball super. Without a doubt, I can say that Dragon Ball Super is going to come back next year. Unless they want to do another movie because Broly’s story can’t be over. He’s not just going to live the rest of his life days on planet Vampire. At least I hope he doesn’t because it seems like such an awesome character with a lot of room for development. 

There’s a lot of possibilities so that is really exciting and the other exciting thing is the animation is just supposed to be absolutely unreal. It’s just supposed to be like 90 minutes of Sakugawa, just pure amazing animation like we’ve never seen in Dragon Ball super.

Nonetheless, that’s really good news for the movie, especially for the show moving forward. Especially if they adopt this movie moving forward. If they do a kind of revamp of Dragon Ball super. Hopefully, in the next series, if it comes out next year. I hope they’ll maintain and adopt these kinds of designs in animations. This way they can fix a lot of the issues and problems that they had in the production of Dragon Ball super.

Guys this could be potentially very good news for all of us. 

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