Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59 Review – Goku Vs Moro

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59

Dargon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59 is out for a while now and the battle between Goku vs Moro is about to go down.

This is one of those climactic moments many manga-read fans have been waiting to see.

The big interesting factor in Dragon Ball Super Manag Chapter 59 is that Goku is now about to attain Ultra Instinct Omen at will.

And so if you remember in the last episode 132 of Dragon Ball Super tournament of power, Goku used ultra instinct omen along with the mastered version against Jiren.

Come back to the continuation of Dragon Ball Super chapter 59 manga version, Goku is now able to willfully tap into the omen side of ultra instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59


So, on this post, I will not rewrite the entire thing word for word. However, what I will do is a quick review of the main parts that may seem interesting for you guys like a snippet.

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Goku vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59

So at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59, we could see that Goku reviled is trump card right off the bat.

Many fans did not expect Goku to achieve the form but come on, it’s Goku anything is possible. Moro, on the other hand, was surprised that Goku could achieve such as God-like form.

There has been some debate that Goku going all out a first means that he will lose the fight against Moro.

Thus this will give room for Vegeta to finally have his moment as a hero. However, that may not be the cause here.

Nonetheless, I do believe that Vegeta should have his moment for once because we can all agree that Goku unintentionally stole his victory against Golden Frieza.

So back to the fight with Moro and Goku. Goku once again shows off how fast he was and got confident and cocky with Moro.

That is a side of Goku we are not used to but I like it.

So during the first phase of the fight, it seems like Goku was too fast for Moro, so Moro uses a special technique to hold omen Goku in place.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59


Goku’s arms and legs were bound so that he could not move. However, Omen Goku was able to break free but we all could appreciate that it was a good move from, Moro.

Vegeta On Panlent Yardrats Training 

So while the battle between Goku and Moro prolongs, Vegeta is still on Planet Yardrats training his butt off.

However, it seems like Vegeta can sense the battle for where he is.

I guess they are building him up to be the saver this time, but don’t get your hopes up this is Dragon Ball but it seems that way doesn’t it?.

Can Goku Attain The Master Ultra Instinct Form?

So a lot of fans were saying that Goku should just use the Master version of his form. However, we found out that he cannot as yet.

This is based on a conversation that we saw between Merus, Beerus, and Whis. Whis asked Merus if Goku could achieve the sliver version of ultra instinct and Merus stated that Goku can’t.

So for all the fans who want to see that form again, it may not come against Moro but later on in the future.

However, to be frank, mastered complete ultra instinct Goku can come as a surprise further down in the manga chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 59 Review

So even though Moro knows that ultra instinct is a power of the Gods he still has an edge of over Goku because he’s a mortal.

Meaning that Goku’s body may not hold up with that form for a long period of time.

Nonetheless, Moro is relieved to Goku that he will show Goku his true power and starts to power up.

The other Z fighters were shocked to know that Moro was not fighting at full power all this time.

So, we found out that Moro was able to surpass the power of a God of Destruction in the Maga.

It is this simplicity that the other Z fighters like Gohan, Piccolo, and Jacko won’t be able to participate in the battle. Why? because it is out of their league.

So based on what Moro stated about his true power, we actually don’t know how really strong he is able to become.

However, at his level of fighting skills against Goku, he should be way beyond the powers of a God Of Destruction.

Moro Bear Grap Goku 

Now for the good part. Moro somehow got the better of Goku and gets behind Goku, then grabs Goku in a bear huge from the back.

It was not the first time Goku had been in a situation like this. Toppo did the same thing to him when they first fought in the pre-match of the tournament of power.

So Moro squeezes the life out of Goku until Goku’s hair turns back to his base form ou of Ultra Instinct omen.

While that is taking place, Merus explained to Whis that Goku could not master the complete form of ultra instinct perfect.

Merus state that he trained Goku with the omen form because he could not maintain the silver completed form yet.

However, Goku being Goku escaped and applauded Moro for figuring out his weakness.

Then, right off the bat again Goku goes back into this ultra instinct omen form yet again.

So that’s where the Manag ended, that is the big Schiff hanger here. The battle between Moro and ultra instinct Goku continues.


So the battle between Goku and Moro continues, however, it seems Moro still somehow has an edge over Goku.


Well, for one Moro knows Goku’s weakness bout the downside of ultra instinct omen. All Moro needs to do is toy with Goku for a couple of minutes until his UI form runs out.

If that so, Goku would be in a lot of trouble going up against Moro and winning.

Overall this was a fun Dragon Ball Super Manag chapter to read.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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