Dragon Ball Super New Season 2 Episode Series (Update)

Dragon Ball Super New Season 2
Dragon Ball Super New Season 2

After Android 17 won the tournament of power, a lot of fans wanted to know when Dragon Ball Super new season will resume? There has been a lot of misinformation and bogus release dates going around online about the return of Dragon Ball Super.

The anime was set to return but after complaints about staff being burnt out and by the release of Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. Production of the anime had to be delayed until further notice.

The Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was a great success for Toei animation, making over 100,000,000 USD back in 2018 – 2019.

However, the reason you are here on this post today is to find out when Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will return, right?

Dragon Ball Super New Season 2
Dragon Ball Super New Season 2

So, I will do my best to answer your questions as best as possible, so you guys can have a better understanding of what is going on.

Now, after what appears to be a beak that lasted for a lifetime for many fans, we somewhat slowly heard some news about Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Why so slow you say?

Well, it’s because the sources that were given out by many people were misleading and that is not my intention here on this post.

A lot of people have been shying away from these topics because “no one knows when the anime will return.” However, most of my attention has been glued to the Manga that is currently being done by Toyotaro.

The Return Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Since March 2018 when Dragon Ball Super Season 1 ended, many people with bogus claims talked about when the anime will return. The latest return date of Dragon Ball Super most people stood by was June 2019 as the official return date.

Fast forward to 2020, June 2019 had passed and the anime did not return, it was confirmed as misinformation by many official sources. However, what we come to find out is that Toei animation is working on another Dragon Ball Super movie since the success of Broly will receive.

Nonetheless, rest assured, Dragon Ball Super will return sometime soon in the near future. We should be very excited regardless of what’s to come.

Dragon Ball Super End of Tournament

At the end of the Dragon Ball Super tournament of power, we all saw that Android 17 was the soul winner after Frieza, Goku, and Jiren got eliminated.

Android 17 wished back all the universes that got destroyed by Zeno with the Super Dragon. Goku made a promise to Frieza that he will bring him back to life if the help universe 7 wins, and so that was granted by Whis himself.

Dragon Ball Super Erased Universe

There has been some debate about Android 17’s wish that he made about bringing back the universe that was destroyed by Zeno Sama. Many fans believe that it was just the universe in the tournament that got deleted return, and others debated that more universe was brought back as well.

Whis and Beerus mentioned that a couple of a universe was erased by the Omni King a long time ago. My personal opinion on this matter is “yes” when Android 17 made his wish about bringing back all the universes that got erased, other universes that got erased were restored.

So, since Whis mentioned all the other universe that was erased in the first place, I think Android 17 might have mistakenly wished back all the erased universe.

Dragon Ball Super Bloy Movie

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was all about the introduction of a new Saiyan. One who could fight on par or beyond the level of a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan as Goku and Vegeta. Also, to showcase the history of the Saiyan race.

So, since the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie is now canon, there is no dought that the retelling of Dragon Ball Super season 2 will incorporate Broly. Probably with different fight scenes but more or less, it will have the same outcome as the movie.

So, if you really think about it, the reason for Broly to be heavily promoted in the movie and not but in the return of dragon ball super season 2 makes no sense.

This could be said about the Battle of Gods when Beerus came looking for the Super Saiyan God to defeat Frieza. Battle of Gods came out as a movie, then it was incorporated into the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Moro

The next arc which is still finishing up in the Dragon Ball Super manga is done by Toyotaro. It was confirmed after the Broly movie with the introduction of the planet eater Moro.

Who is Moro?

Moro is an evil tyrant that was sealed away many years ago in the time of Majin Buu. Moro was a dangerous villain that was sealed away by the most powerful supreme Kai Daikaio.

The Daikaio would then be absorbed by fat Majin Buu that we now know is a good guy in super. Nonetheless, Moro got free with the help of Frieza’s x soldiers who headed to new Namek to use the Dragon Balls to restore his power.

So upon realizing Moro’s release, the head of the Galatic decided to recruit not only Goku and Vegeta but also capture Majin Buu in order to extract the Daikaio from Majin Buu. This was to weaken the Daikaio to resealed Moro once more.

However, in the long run, it became pointless to capture Buu because the DiaKaio just used Majin Buu’s body at will. However, during the takedown of what is happening a new character appeared.

Merus Dragon Ball Super

A new character was introduced in dragon ball super manga by the name of Merus. Merus was able to defeat both Goku and Vegeta with little effort. However, no one questions that because it dragon ball, and anything happens.

Again Goku and Vegeta decided to fight Moro and got defeated with ease. Since Moro was able to absorb all their energy with his amazing abilities, Goku and Vegeta bearly escaped with their lives.

However, after both Goku and Vegeta narrowly escape the hands of Moro, Vegeta decided to seek his own training and traveled to Planet Yardrats in search of new power.

Vegeta wanted to learn new techniques that would give him get the edge over Moro while Goku trained with Merus to master ultra instinct.

Merus later admits he knew about ultra instinct and that he was an angel. He decides to train Goku on how to master the technique as well.

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Omen

After a couple of days of training with Merus, in a place that looks like the time chamber, Goku finally gets the hang of mastering ultra instinct Omen at will. On the other hand, Vegeta was on Plant Yardrats training form something totally different.

Dragon Ball Super New Season 2
Dragon Ball Super New Season 2

At the time of writing this post, Goku used his Omen version of ultra instinct on Moro but the Omen form it did not last long against Moro. This causes Moro to easily defeat Omen Goku.

So as Moro was about to finish off Goku Vgetea came along to save Goku with swelling new abilities and powers. Including the famous instant transmission technique that Goku loves to use.

This was Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 60 at the time.

Dragon Ball Super 2 Returns

When Dragon Ball Super 2 returns, the Moro arc with be split up into separate fillers episodes that hardly flush out the manga story.  For example, the story of how Moro got sealed away by the Diakaio will be a full-on episode by itself.

It would be more than likely they filler out a whole episode rather than the 2 page back story we only got in the manga.

Additionally, with the return of Dragon Ball season 2, we are more than likely to see Goku’s Super Blue Kaioken x20 and ultra instinct omen. And with Vegeta, we will definitely see Evolution Blue and the new power he gains from training with the Yardrats.

Nonetheless, anything that happens in the Manga never plays out in detail in the anime but somehow ends with the same results.

Dragon Ball Super New Episodes

When it comes to Vegeta on Planet Yardrat, it would come as no surprise if, after all these years in Dragon Ball, we get to learn about Goku’s recent visit to planet Yardrats. So, this would be after he defeated Frieza along with the life he lived there, who trained and tech him the instant transmission technique.

This would be a great filler episode topic and one that would full filled the many questions of older fans. This would, therefore, add a sensible context to Vegtea’s story.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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