Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2022

Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2020 – 2021
Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2020 – 2021


The return of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is unknown at the moment, the production of dragon ball anime season 2 is delayed for now. There might be an announcement coming about its original return date at Jump Festa’s upcoming event.

We have huge breaking news that is going to be about the future and the return of Dragon Ball Super. This about the confirmed return of Dragon Ball super.

It is beyond the point of even any doubt being there. So today posts an article about Toei animation showing up at the NATPE unconventional.

What does NATPE mean? Well, it is the National Association of Television Program Executives. 

I’m not really sure if they are a private Expo, it might be public to a degree. I don’t remember but basically what happens is.

A lot of companies show up there and they essentially mingle with other companies. It’s a convention where you essentially try to show off brands and products as well as selling merchandise. 

I believe you can License other companies like for example toys, television, slots and things like that.

Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2020
Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2022

So, according to the report on the website, the company is also talking about Saint Seiya the new series in production.

It says: the ‘company’ meaning (Toei animation) is making more episodes of Dragon Ball super. A Japanese martial-arts action anime episode in the dragon ball TV media franchise.

That follows Goku in the aftermath of Majin Buu’s defeat as well as God of destruction Lord Beerus awakens. Obviously, that’s very generic because that’s the Battle of God’s Arc.

Dragon Ball Super Return 2022

Toei is just showing off their intellectual properties to Partners who may want to license Dragon Ball super. But the big story is they are selling new episodes of Dragon Ball super.

Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2020 – 2021
Dragon Ball Super Return Date and Release 2022

They have straight up stated that we have new episodes in production I have been hoping, asking, and talking about this for several months now because you know they are doubters out there.

I know a lot of YouTubers have triple confirmed that Dragon Ball super has been in production. Or in pre-production since around October. 

The bottom line is no one does not know the release date yet. They only know it’s in production. Why are keeping it on the low?

The Dragon Ball Super 2022 Returns

I believe it’s because Toei doesn’t want Dragon Ball Super to have a production meltdown. Just like what happened with episode 5 with that really bad animation quality.

That really turned off a lot of Dragon Ball Z old fans. They want this version of Dragon Ball Super to go smoothly and better. I don’t know if Shintani designs or going to be used for Dragon Ball Super when it returns.

I know it’s a very common question. We don’t know who’s involved yet, except for the director besides Nagamani who worked on One Piece. With Nagamani we have heard he is working on Dragon Ball super at the moment.

However, at this point, it’s not even a secret that Dragon Ball super will return. My guess is most likely July.

Some say April, some say October but most likely it’s July. There’s a rare chance it could be next January. But I don’t think that’s the case.

Dragon Ball Super Return Pre-Production

They are not going to spend a year in pre-production when the series is in pre-production. This article is not written by an anime website, it’s a report that was done at the National Association of television program Executives Expo.

So they’re basically telling us saying “yeah” we got more Dragon Ball coming for your fans, So buy our stuff so they can make money. That’s essentially what’s happening here and that’s the big news story. This shouldn’t be a secret to anybody Dragon Ball Super is coming back.

Let me know what you the fans think. It’s coming back, it’s confirmed more episodes of Dragon Ball Super from Toei themselves in the future. Let me know what you think in the comment section below guys. Also, read my other related post. Cheers!

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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