Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques

Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques You Should Know About

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Top 5 Dragon Ball Coolest Techniques. Ball Z series over the years had lots of lures and deeper meanings. Also, it had an incredible amount of culture and can sometimes be even deeper than just a film. The majority of us as little kids got into this franchise because of the cool characters and cool fights, and really the scenes of the series.

This is loaded with all kinds of amazing storylines and not just with the amazing fights but also with amazing characters doing amazing things?

I want to discuss those amazing things here in this post. Here, I will present my Top 5 Dragon Ball Coolest Techniques. These techniques are from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball super, and everything in between.

Keep in mind this is my personal favorite technique. If your list is different or you do/don’t agree, I would love to hear what are your favorite techniques in Dragon Ball. Also, keep in mind that this is not based on strength or necessarily how useful the techniques are.

It’s more so what I think is just freaking cool and all-around perspective. One of my favorite moves and techniques in the Dragon Ball series.

5. Solar Flare

The solar flare gives the ability to Blind your opponent and stuns them for a few moments.

Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques
Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques

This is incredibly useful both in the real world as well as in Dragon Ball. Each character often pulls this out as a trump card to shocked and stunned someone.

They do it to either Escape a fight or to get the upper hand during battle. I love this technique because of how useful it is. Nonetheless, it’s not really an offensive technique it’s actually a very intelligent defense that can be used by anybody and stunts your enemy or anyone.

So even when you’re being outmatched by your opponent, even if you find someone who’s stronger than you. A Solar Flare technique is sure to give you at least a little bit of breathing room to either Escape or to land a deadly blow on your opponent.

I also love that whenever a character does the technique, you always hear them staying with such incredible energy in their voices.

4. Fusion Dance

The fusion dance, everybody loves Fusion that’s one thing that I’ve noticed about Dragon Ball fans.

It’s pretty much universally accepted that Fusion is a cool idea and even though Potara Fusion is artifact based. The fusion pose may look ridiculous and it’s a dumb little dance invented. But the idea behind Fusion is such a cool concept.

Toriyama during the Buu arc was kind of thinking about how to give characters new kinds of power-ups. Then Toriyama revealed in Dragon Bguidebookbook 6 that manga writer Masakazu Katsuda actually gave him the idea to say.

“Hey why don’t you take two characters and combine them together” and that’s how we got Gotenks, Vegito, and the other fusions in Dragon Ball. Of course, prior to that, there was the Namekian fusion, which is more like assimilation.

This is more so later on in the series when he realized I can’t figure out how to make Super Saiyan stronger than it already is. Except for doing the different versions of Super Saiyan upgrades and that’s how Fusion became a thing.

And of course, Toriyama trolling his friend, they would tell him hey this is a good idea it’s the first time you said anything useful. Toriyama loves to screw around with his friends but hey fusions awesome we all can agree with.

No matter what version it is, it’s awesome, and pose is the one that actually a technique versus an artifact, so that’s why it’s on my list.

3. Super Ghost Kamikaze

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Much like Piccolo’s Hell Zone Grenade Attack, this was not a move that really killed the opponent.

But I can tell you one thing is certainly was meant to in Dragon Ball Z. Gotenks always come up with some pretty cool and wacky techniques. Like the volleyball, but the super Ghost Kamikaze Attack is a cool move. Just think about what Toriyama must have been smoking when he came up with this.

Basically, you spit out a ghost resembling a clone of you, that upon contact explode.

That’s just absolutely ridiculous and then later on the technique evolved to work Gotenks put out multiple ones.

Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques
Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques



Then Majin Buu took it to the next level where his version of it actually fired energy.

So Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack has always been my favorite technique of the Buu saga that Toriyama introduced.

2. Hell Zone Grenade

Piccolo I think is one character that has created some of the coolest techniques and done some of the coolest feet in all of Dragon Ball. I don’t think he gets much love as I think he deserves, but my personal favorite technique that Piccolo’s ever done.

Again my personal favorite has several names. Maku otherwise besieging bullet or better yet Hell zone Grenade.


I love the fact that he throws his ki blast, and as you’re fighting Piccolo you are unsuspectedly thinking that he’s missing you. Not realizing that he purposely gather Ki Energy around you to eventually have it cluster around your body and attack you at full force.

The first time we ever saw this movie was in the incredibly underrated fight between Piccolo and 17 in Dragon Ball Z.

Ever since I saw the move I just totally loved it. It’s my favorite Piccolo technique and I wish he would use it more often. Maybe we’ll see him use it in the future hopefully so. 

1. Human Extinction 

So at number one on the list is from the Buu Saga. This is none other than the Human Extinction Attack. Basically, Super Buu lifts his hand up and he’s just standing there calm and collected at Kame’s lookout.

Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques
Top 5 Dragon Ball Techniques

Then he fires literally millions of Ki blast that fire down upon the surface of the Earth and wipes out human civilization. As we know it with the exception of a very small number of survivors. This is the steroid version of the special beam Cannon and the death being.


Because he wiped out a planet without even destroying the entire thing, without even breaking a sweat. If you’re watching Dragon Ball Z for the first time and you see this it’s stunning and shocking and I love the movie so much.

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