Top 11 Dragon Ball Z Movies List From Best To Worst

Top 11 Dragon Ball Z Movies List From Best To Worst (List)

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If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, then at some point in time, you must have come across a few Dragon Ball Z Movies throughout the history of the anime.

So in the post, were are going to list some of the best to least Dragon Ball Z Movies of all time. Nonetheless, there are no best to worst Dragon Ball Movies here, it’s just based on the fans’ interests at this time.

Dragon Ball over the last few years has given us many movies other the course of decades. To be quite frank Dragon Ball has been making movies since the 80s and 90s.

However, today we are going to have a look at some of the best Dargon Ball z Movies of all time out there. This list is not limited to what is on this list because there’s a ton of other Dragon Ball Z movies available that are not mentioned. So stay tuned and see if your favorite movie makes our top 11 list.

Number 1): Battle Of Gods

The battle of Gods came out in 2013 and shows us the realm of the Gods above other gods like the Supreme kai and King Kai. After Frieza’s defeated on Planet Namek, Whis found out that a Super Saiyan has defeated the tyrant Frieza in battle.

Top 11 Dragon Ball Z Movies List From Best To Worst
Top 11 Dragon Ball Z Movies List From Best To Worst

Beerus was very curious about this Super Saiyan God so he decided to come on earth and look for the one who defeated Frieza which is Goku.

After whipping Gokus butt and King Kai’s Planet Beerus when other to the other Z fighters and did the same. There was no one to stop Beerus after making threats to destroy the planet. However, All 5 Saiyans decided to perform the Saiyan Ritual on Goku since they had the purse of hearts, thus getting birth to a new form.

This new form was Call a Super Saiyan God. Beerus was quite impressed however, it was still not enough to defeat Beerus. This movie paved the way for a new Series of Dragon Bal Super which many fans grow to love and appreciate. It was the first time in a while seeing a new transformation out of Goku.

Number 2): Fusion Reborn

The Dragon Ball Z Movie Fusion reborn came out in 1995 that showcase the likes of Janemba and the fusion dance of Goku and Vegeta Gogeta.

Janemba may have not been the best of villains but he was able to push Goku to his limits at the time allowing us to witness Super Saiyan 3 once more. However, even as Vegeta joins the battle the two mighty Saiyans were still not enough to defeat Janemba.


It wasn’t after Pikkon showed up buy time for both Goku and Vegeta to perform the fusion dance. Once both Saiayns were successfully fused into Gogeta, it only took one hit with a Stardust from Gogeta to eradicates Janemba completely. The takeaway of the movie was to see Super Saiyan Gogeta for the first time.

Number 3): The History Of Trunks

The history of Trunk’s movie gave us a clear understanding of what hardships future Trunks and future Gohan went through. It was a continued onslaught of Andriod 17 and 18 ranges across the world.


These Androids were created by the mad scientist Dr. Gero and got killed by his own inventions. So in the Android saga, there was no one left but Gohan and Trunks to protect the earth and stop the Androids.

Goku died to form the heart virus Vegeta and the other Z fighter were as killed by Android 17 and 18. However it was not until the Androids successfully defeated and killed Gohan, Trunks finally turn into a Super Saiyan to see Gohan’s lifeless body on the ground. Trunks then decided to travel back in time to warn the z fighters of what is about to come.

Number 4): The Legendary Super Saiyan

The Legendary Super Saiyan was about Broly being the true Perfect Saiyan tail that Goku and Vegeta have been hearing about. It all started at birth when Goku and Broly were born, Goku had a lower power than Broly.


Goku was crying and screaming like any other normal baby would, however, Broly was not crying, instead he was gentle and calm. The Saiyan nurse made fun of Broly and compared him to Goku’s battle power, even though Goku was a lot weaker.

Ever since that day, Broly hated Goku and when to defeat him for humiliation purposes. After finally caught up to Goku and the other Z fighters Broly plowed and pound everyone like a piece of paper. However, all Z fighters decided to lend Goku their powers and Goku completely eradicates Broly with just one blow.

Number 5): Bardock: The Father Of Goku

The movie of Goku’s father Bardock shows the struggles, hardships, and betrayal Bardock went through throughout Dragon Ball. Although Bardock did not have the same heart as his son Goku, he saw that Frieza did not have thier best interest in heart.


Bardock in the movies develops the ability to see what Frieza wanted to do and that was to rid of the Saiyan race. Bardock tried to warn everyone but only a few believe him. So what Bardock and his crew did was face-off against Frieza alone. However, Frieza was way out of their league and destroys Bardock and his crew along with Planet Vegeta.

Number 6): Resurrection F

Resurrection F was a Dragon Ball Z movie that came out in 2015 showcasing the return of Freiza and his Golden Form. This movie also introduces Super Saiyan Blue to us for the first time in Dragon Ball.

Anyways, after getting his butt kick on planet Namek, Frieza was still angry at the fact that he was defeated by the hands of a Saiyan. To him, the Saiyans are like monkeys and Frieza feared that they would one day overpower or rival him in strength.

So, after getting wished back with the Dragon Ball Frieza wasted no time and started to train to face off against Goku. Frieza took a couple of months of training until he reaches a new Golden Form.  At first, when he fought Super Saiyan Blue Goku he was winning the fight. However, we learn that Frieza did not take time to master his new form, and thus the tables turned on him and SSJBlue Goku defeated him once more.

Number 7): Bojack Unbound

Bojack Unbound movie comes right after Gohan’s fight with Cell was over and Goku sacrificed his life to save everyone from Cell’s explosion. With the presence of Goku not around a lot of tyrant villains like Bojack to the advantage of the world since our might hero, Goku was not around.


Bojack and his henchmen were successfully able to defeat the Z fighters. However, it was not until Gohan could not take anymore and turn into a Super Saiyan 2 for the second time to defeat Bojack with a Kamehameha wave and tour right through him.

Number 8): Cooler’s Revenge

After the defeat of the mighty Frieza, the ruler of the Galaxy was destroyed by Super Saiyan Goku on Planet Namek. Frieza’s older brother Cooler wanted to avenge his brother’s death. After a peaceful day on earth, the Saiyans were invaded by Cooler henchmen looking for the person who defeated his little brother and that was Goku.

Goku and the other Z fighter did not stand a chance against Cooler and his henchmen so they tried to escape. while evading Cooler and his henchmen, Cooler uses his death beam and hits Goku in his back causing major daman on Goku.

However, Krillin and Gohan found Goku and gave him a Sensu Bean that helps to heal Goku’s injuries. So after the battle between Goku and Cooler belongs, Goku finally showed Cooler his Super Saiyan form and pushed back Cooler’s own to attack to defeat him.

Number 9): Warth Of The Dragon

The Warth Of the Dragon movie is all about Trunks and his best friend Tapion. This movie is one of the reasons why we see Future Trunks with a sword, it was given to him a gift from Tapion after Tapion wanted him to take his life.


Hirudigarn was the main antagonist in this movie and he was destroyed by Super Saiyan 3 Goku Dragon Fist. A lot of fans would say that’s the best moment of the movie seeing Goku utilizing his Dragon Fist attack on Hirudigarn. This movie is ranked number 9 on your list of Dragon Ball Z Movies.

Number 10): Super Android 13

Dragon Ball Z Movie: Super Android 13 has a lot of cyborgs otherwise known as Android. The creation of these Androids was created by a Super Computer that Dr. Gero had during the Android saga.


These Androids were no pushover and gave the Z fighters a run for their money. It was not until Goku, Vegeta and Trunks turn into Super Saiyan to turn the tables on the Androids that were giving them a hard time to defeat.

However, after successfully destroying almost every Android leaving only one. The Androids broken body parts all fused into one being and turn into what we know as Super Android 13.

Not even the mightiest of the Z fighters could lay a finger on Super Android 13. However, after getting pummeled to dead by Android 13, Goku charges up a huge Spirit Bomb, then he absorbed it and totally destroys Super Android 13 with one punch to the stomach. This movie is listed as our top 10 on the list of Dragon Ball Z Movies.

Number 11): Broly: Second Coming

The Broly movie Second Coming came out in 1994 when our young heroes Goten and Trunks were out looking for the Dragon Balls. Upon finding all seven Dragon Balls, Trunks and Goten run into Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.


So, Gohan knew about the awareness of Broly fighting Goten And Trunks and join in the fights. However, it was fertile Gohan, Trunks, and Goten.

After getting graded and beaten up, Broly and Gohan had a beam struggle where Goten wishes for Goku. Goku then appears and joins in with the beam struggle. however, things did not look well until kid Trunks disrupts Broly beam with his own leaving room for Goku, Goten, and Gohan to defeat Broly.

So there you have my top 10 best Dragon Ball Z Movies of all time ranked for best to worst. Nonetheless, all these Movies are loved equally this list is just base on the interest of the movies.

Did your favorite Dragon Ball Z movie make the list let me know down below with your comments?

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