Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review English Dub

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 introduces us to the universal conflict Arc. We actually got a description of the entire Arc breakdown right here for explanations as to exactly what’s going on.

Wow! a lot to digest here guys basically is explaining to us what Fu’s intentions were. Pretty much if you guys remember during the Majin Buu Arc, Babidi wanted fighters to fight in order to fuel Majin Buu. It’s something similar that to what Fu is doing, having all of these super-powerful fighters battling each other.

Fu is charging up this universe seed which is in the core of the prison planet. His hopes were to gather enough energy from everybody fighting that he will be able to create his own Universe. This is why he started to get so irritated and angry when the chains of Prison Planet started getting destroyed.

This is because the fight between Goku and Cumber was ruining his plans to power up and Juice up this universe seed. Hidden in the core we’re all these mysterious Fighters and because the core was exposed they’ve all come into play. Now, this guy in the right below his name is Hearts and we have an actual character bio for him and others that were released.

I’ll go over those in just a few minutes. Hearts’ main goal is to overthrow the Omni King. So, this is getting pretty interesting here, this is something that we kind of wanted to see out of the tournament of power but it didn’t happen. However, it’s kind of neat that we’re getting something like that here in Dragon Ball Heroes. Let’s talk about the beginning of the episode and then talk about the twins.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes New Villians

There is a character bio for these new twin villains as well. At the beginning of the episode is Goku and Vegeta teleport away, but then the Kaioshin of Universe 6 comes charging in. He’s out of breath and he says that there is trouble and universe 6 some mysterious Fighters have come and they pretty much wreak havoc.

So, the two artificial life-forms named Kamin and Oren are in Universe 6 and they’re fighting Caulifla, Kale and, Cabba. Cabba is there but he seems like he was beaten up and he’s just sitting by some rocks. So it seems like Hit, Caulifla, and Kale came to Cabba’s rescue. Now, they’re having a really tough time.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review

I actually do have some character descriptions for all of these new mysterious fighters that have to come in these Universal conflicts. Ball Heroes release that information on the website, so we’re going to go over that and talk about all that information.

I’m sure you guys are really curious as to who these guys are and what can they do. Before I get into that I just want to talk about Hit for a minute. Hit is really struggling with these two twins. These two characters evade Hit’s time skip like it’s nothing because they have done research on him. But I feel like Dragon Ball super with Hit vs Jiren and now in Dragon Ball Heroes they’re just really doing Assassin Hit dirty.

They’re making him look weak and he looks like he’s in trouble. Hit managed to get out of it and push Oren back. But then after Kamin joins Oren and they heal and then they do their special attacks. They pretty much blew everybody away and that’s when Trunks and Vegeta come in to save the day.

Hit’s Improvement 

I just feel like Hit doesn’t use his Improvement at all. The Improvement that we saw from the universal tournament in Dragon Ball super. That made Hit one of the most OP characters that ever was because he would just get continuous Zenkai Boosts as he was fighting. Back in the Dragon Ball Super tournament of power, people argued that Hit was improving against Jiren.

and that it was the gap between their strength was so large, you couldn’t really tell that Hit was improving. Yet again here and I know Dragon Ball Heroes is in really Canon, but we don’t see any hints of that Improvement from Hit. It just feels like they’re really just throwing this character Hit under the bus. So then we see that somebody is pretty much watching this on GodTube.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review

Also, we see that it is this new character named Hearts, he is actually the leader of this group of mysterious Fighters.

Whether or not he follows Fu or if he even knows Fu, if they’re related or something like that we don’t know yet. However, we do know his motive and his motive is to overthrow the Omni King.

So his description reads:

”He has the ability to read heart switch the translator said that it could be translated as reading minds. Which he uses to manage the warriors of the core area plants, to use the universe seed which has enough energy to birth a universe to overthrow the Omni King.”

Kamin and Oren

His reasons for doing so remain unclear. I think what he wants is to become the Omni King. Next, we have Kamin, who is an artificial life-form from Universe 6 Oren twin sister she has the abilities of regeneration parasitism and mind control. She also can overwhelm warriors through extraordinary combat combinations with her brother Oren.

So it sounds like she is just like Baby from Dragon Ball GT. Baby is an artificial life-form was created by the Tuffles and it’s like a genetically superpowered race that is parasitic.

They can enter and take control of people so whether or not we’re going to see that we probably will. I’m assuming in Dragon Ball Heroes will have to see in future episodes.

Next up, we have Oren: He is also an artificial life-form from Universe 6 Kamin twin brother. He possesses the same abilities as Kamin, he enjoys battles, he’s simple-minded, and he has enough power to rival Hit. As we saw in Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7, Oren was pretty much going toe-to-toe with Hit.

However, e haven’t really seen the full extent of their abilities yet. Now, we get some dialogue between Merged Zamasu and Hearts and we see that Heart is in fact, more of a leader than Merged Zamasu.

You can tell he understands that there is a feud between a Zamasu and Vegeta and Goku. Merged Zamasu got some beef with Universe 7, but Hearts says to Zamasu “you have to hold back, for now, it doesn’t align with our plans” We have a description for Merged Zamasu as well, it says: Merged Zamasu a Kaioshin of universe 10 he was captured by Fu and interned with the core area whatever that means.

Omni King and Zamasu

Aligned on the goal of overthrowing the Omni King, he works together with Hearts, however, his true goal behind doing so remains a mystery. My guess is he probably just wants revenge on Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, but as you saw the Omni King was the one who obliterated him from existence.

Zamasu could pretty much want revenge or want to become the Omni King as well. Now it says that he was captured by Fu is this a different timeline Zamasu? is he the same Zamasu that we had in Dragon ball super? He just somehow survived the Omni King when the Omni King arrives and destroyed the entire timeline universe.

Who knows, hopefully, we’ll find that out, but as its Dragon Ball Heroes, there are characters from different timelines, universes, and different dimensions. So, this Merged Zamasu can pretty much be from anywhere. There is one more fighter that we haven’t been introduced to yet.


It is the female-looking Kaioshin. We don’t have any description or information on her yet, but cumber is still alive. Also, it seems like Hearts has some divine plan that he has this all orchestrated and it’s going to lead to destroying the Omni King.

Jiren and Toppo coming To Dragon Ball Heroes

Probably taking over the Omni King somehow and we are supposed to get Universe 11 Jiren and Toppo coming as well at some point.

As we saw them both from the opening trailer. Now, these two twins at the end of the episode say it’s time to do our things. That can mean two things one, they’re like Baby and they’re going to take people over.

Or we can potentially have two of the Z fighters Trunks and Vegeta anybody from Universe 6 or Goku that becomes evil. The obvious one is that they potentially fuse. When I saw them standing next to each other like that.

The first impression that I got was they were about to fuse, but we don’t have an episode 7 preview yet. Anyway, in the next episode, my guess is Universe 11 will enter the fight and we will get Toppo and Jiren. That is going to be super exciting. I definitely want to see Jiren fight some strong enemies besides Goku.

like for example hearts or even Merged Zamasu, it would be great to see how they fare against him.

We are going to get Ultra Instinct Goku returning as well, you can see his shirt is torn this is a picture below taken from the intro. For this Dragon Ball Heroes episode and at the end of episode 6 his shirt was torn like that.

This is universe’ 7 Goku, this is not Xeno Goku. So Goku will be returning and we’ll see Ultra Instinct yet again. That is also pretty exciting, so that’s all I have for this one hope you guys enjoyed this info.

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