Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4 English Dub Review

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4
Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4 anime has dropped 26th of September, and so the prison planet continues.

This is the Official site For Heroes but you will need a Japan VPN to watch it. Also, it is not in English nor English Dub.

I have been covering the manga and the anime version of this for a while now. So check out the Dragon Ball Heroes post on this blog for more.

Plus other information on the game the characters the storyline and all kinds of stuff in the DragonBall Heroes Universe. Needless to say, the anime video series again is 9 minutes and 18 seconds long

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4
Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4

They’re going to be short like 10-minute max per episode. It is a big disappointment to many fans including myself. But I’m still going to watch it because, well maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I also love Dragonball.

I do think that it can still be fun even though it’s not that great. As long as I’m entertained for 9 minutes or more that’s all. However long it is I can’t complain too much but it’s still kind of unimpressive sometimes.

When it comes to episode 4, this is the birth of Super Fu as we pick up where we left off in the last episode.

This was Vegito blue vs Golden Great Ape Cumber. The episode starts out last time with Cumber blasting and diffusing Vegito back into Goku and Vegeta.

The power of Cumber is so great that the prison planet itself is in danger. You know in the last episode we saw the damage being done to like the cracks of the outer shell. Fu wanted to call it off the prison planet.

This dude Cumber was using his mouth blast just terrorize everything and even Fu was afraid of what could happen. But before Fu gets involved. Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan and tries to cut off cumbers tail.

Great Ape Cumber DragonBall Heroes Episode 4

Why.? Because that’s how you beat a Great Ape. You cut off their tail but cumbers tail just whips Vegeta away like nothing.

So that didn’t quite go the way they plan, and even Trunks gets involved and tries to chop it off with his sword. Yet nonetheless, he just gets whipped away.

There’s actually a pretty cool scene where it looks like Cumbers about to step on Goku in the actually tease.

Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4
Super DragonBall Heroes Episode 4

But then Goku holds back his foot then pushing it up. Now this to me is a little bit unrealistic.

I don’t understand how Goku and his regular Super Saiyan form not even blue not fusion is able to hold up Cumber’s foot. 

Like here we go again with the nonsensical scale and I shouldn’t really make much sense right.?

He did not even have Kaioken anything. That’s dumb. So anyways the Saiyans did nothing. Golden Cooler tries to do something that does nothing.

Fu, he’s in his laboratory the computer goes off like we’re in trouble the prison planet chains around the planet is cracking. That is bad for Fu.

He is very worried about that. When it comes to strength, Fu is the son of Mirra and Towa.

That’s what the original storyline told us, so his power, of course, will vary depending on what the writing team for the anime wants.

This is because Mirra’s power has gone up and down depending on what game you’re playing or what chapter of what game you’re playing.

So just like with everything else in Heroes people are just as strong as they should be. But I still think that Goku pushing up the Cumber’s foot is still quite logical within the confines of this particular story.

 DragonBall Heroes Episode 4 Online 

Then it appears like Cumber step on Goku and killed him and everyone freaks out.

Of course, we know that Goku is not going to die. I mean come on now not right in the early episode. Anyways, so instead of dying, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and pushes Cumber’s leg off.

Again, I’m still really skeptical that Super Saiyan Blue Goku has that power. Even though he’s in blue the power to actually push Cumber’s gigantic Golden Great Ape foot off of him.

Either way, I find it unrealistic, but also it was a cool scene, so I got to give them credit with cool music in the background.

Let us be fair here but I don’t think that Goku should be able to do that since how Vegito had trouble with Cumber regular Goku couldn’t. We saw those problems in super so unfortunately, they are here as well. So Goku flicks on the KaioKen.

In fact, this is Kaioken times 20, Kaioken Blue x 20. Goku the flyover and punches Cumber in the forehead between his eyes.

It was kind of funny, then Cumber goes in for a smack by swings he is his arm. But he doesn’t connect Cumber fires a big mouth blast and again is causing more damage to the outer shell of the planet.

Goku gets on the ground and it’s pretty well animated. I mean it’s a little stiff, but these animations are not going to be anywhere close to what they’re doing for the Broly movie.

 It doesn’t even compare at all, but it looked great.  This episode scene actually looks pretty cool.

Goku attacks with a Kamehameha and Cumber literally dematerialize it. Cumber literally makes the Kamehameha vanish and I thought that was kind of funny, like how calm Cumber is about the whole thing.

Even though he’s supposed to be a big Great Ape and angry all the time. He seems to be quite chill and not even sweating in his fight with Goku.

Cumber tries to punch Goku and then suddenly this purple Ki blast just interrupts the fight.

Goku backs off goes back in his base form, looks over and it is indeed Fu with his arms crossed looking pretty damn cool staring at Cumber.

He stood there looking like he means business and if you saw the preview for the upcoming Dragon Ball Heroes chapters in Japan for the game.

You kind of know that Fu does come in and get involved here. But we haven’t seen how it plays out in this version of the story.

The actual promo anime not just a promo like a video, for the game, two different things are similar.

They’re done by the same animation team presumably, but they’re not like these episodes.

Actually, the whole story not just a piece of it if that makes sense, it was the teaser this is the actual story or so we’re led to believe.

Cumber Vs Fu DragonBall Heroes Episode 4

So something really unusual happens here in the episode something we’ve never seen before First of all Cumber cracks a hole, he creates a hole in the outer shell of the planet.

Fu, of course, makes sure nothing bad happens. He pulls out what looks to be a sword. 

But in some ways, it kinda looks like a magic wand at first if you look at it from a certain angle.

Then what he does is, he holds up the wand and takes the energy from the artificial Moon that Cumber created in the last episode, and just sucks it into the Wand.

After that, he then swings it and Cumber loses his Golden Great Ape form and goes back down into his regular humanoid form. Meaning his traditional base Saiyan from. 

He was not in the Great Ape form anymore. If you remember in the preview for this story arc with Fu a few weeks ago.

If you remember, it implied that Fu was going to fight Golden Great Ape Cumber.

Then transform into a new form called super Fu which is going to be a card in the game.

It is probably already a card in Japan and we notice that it didn’t happen here in the episode. Instead, Fu shrinks Cumber for lack of a better term.

So it’s interesting again how the promos don’t match up with the actual event.

Base form cumber comes after Fu with some punches and few dodges them. So does this mean that F is strong or at least close to being strong or maybe stronger than Vegito blue?

Like is that what they’re telling us to hear, the fact that he was able to dodge Cumber’s attacks you would think that the speed would be a factor.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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