What if Elder Namek Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power?

What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?
What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?

What if Elder Guru unlocked Goku’s power During the Frieza Saga? A lot of fans brought up this question about Goku on Namek.

So, we are going to look a what would happen to Goku if his potential were unlocked.

So, before we get to the main topic it’s also impossible for Goku and Guru’s interaction to happen.

Back on Namek, Goku didn’t arrive until the Ginyu Saga almost ended. Remember Goku was badly injured in that battle with captain Ginyu and needed to heal his wounds.

However, during that time, Guru passed away and it was not until later in the saga he came back. But then again, he passes away quickly after he appears.

The only way Goku could have his power unlocked by Guru could only happen if Goku somehow defeated Ginyu right off the bat with a deadly attack.

That would take downGinyu before he could think of exchanging bodies with Goku.

After Ginyu is down for the count, Goku would have to learn from Krillin, Gohan, or Vegeta that Elder Guru can unlock potentials.

However, Being as strong as Goku thinks he is, he would have declined because he would think he had enough power all ready to take on everyone.

However, if Goku when along and visited the Elder Namek Guru, to have his powers unlocked.

Goku would have to leave Gohan and Krillin defenseless and go to get his potential unlocked. This could have been beneficial to Goku but not enough to defeat Frieza.

What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?
What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?


What If Elder Guru Unlocked Goku’s Power Vs Frieza?

What would happen if Goku had his potential unlocked later on in the Frieza saga? How would the events of the Z saga change? Well, quite a lot.

In this discussion, we would have to go with the idea that Goku got his potential unlocked by Elder Guru.

To explain how strong Goku would have become during his unleashed potential. We have to use basic power levels to get an idea and answer.

Power level in Dragon Ball is some things miss guided and over-exaggerated and under-exaggerated at times.

For example, we could say on Goku’s arrival his power level was PL (Power Level) was 90,000. After Goku had his potential unlocked by Elder Guru, he had a PL boost of 250,000.

In this scenario, with Goku vs Ginyu, Goku quickly defeats Captain Ginyu with ease.

So, in this case, Goku did not need to use the Saiyan healing pod to prepare himself for the Frieza battle. This means Goku’s power would already be a whopping 250k.

When Gohan powers up, he got a considerable boost in power plus the Kaioken.

During the Frieza saga, there have been many improvements and Zenkai boost in the series.

Unleashed Potential Goku Vs Frieza 

Unleashed potential Goku vs Frieza would be a good fight if Goku had his powers unlocked instead of Zenkai boost.

However, it would still not be enough to take down the tyrant Frieza.

Let’s say the Kaioken is a 20x multiplier and we stated earlier that Goku had a power level of 250,000 if after he got his potential unlocked by elder Guru.

250,000 x 20 = 5,000,000

Goku would have a power level of 5,000,000. this means that he would dominate over Frieza unlit Frieza released his 4th form. If you remember during the battle between Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta vs Frieza.



Frieza openly stated that in his second from he had a battle power of over 3,000,000. So, each time Frieaz transforms, his power increases rapidly. Let’s say an estimate of 1.5,000,000.

1.5,000,000 x 4 = 6,000,000

Frieza in his 4th form would have the edge over Goku plus this Kaioken if he had his powers unlocked by Guru. Goku on the other hand could not use his Kaikon for long, while Frieza would still have his 100% max hidden.

The out would be that Goku with his potential unlocked by Elder Namek Guru would not be enough to defeat Frieza.

Final Thoughts 

The only way Goku could defeat Frieza if he had his potentials unlocked by Elder Guru was if he finished Frieza off before he could transform.

Other than that, Goku still would not stand chance unless he got heal by Dende and figured out a way to achieve the Super Saiyan form.

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