Evil One Piece Characters Ranked Of All Time Check Them Out

Evil One Piece Characters Ranked
Evil One Piece Characters Ranked

Today we will have a look at some of the Most Evilest or Evil One Piece Characters of all time in the anime. One Piece anime series and episodes have a lot of characters that are antagonists with the idea that there are very evil.

We have also seen a lot of characters in one piece who have done wickedness to innocent people, however, some evil deed characters became friends of the main character such as Luffy. The characters listed below are extremely evil and they all lack substance or reason for their diabolical deeds.

All these villains’ actions and reasoning are downright evil. Their ways have blinded them to a point where it is impossible to see any change in them. However, they have control over their actions. These are the mouse evilest of evil One Piece characters in the anime below.

1) Black Beard

Black Beard always has a saying that goes “You only live once just go crazy.” All Black beard actions and everything he does are for pure pleasure and evilness. He has a crazy view of what pleasure is and how it should be done. This man is the kind of villain who will rape someone, then kill them in the end, and after that go on about his business with their corpse.

Black Beard is not just wicked but sick and delves in the joy of degrading anyone even while they are dead. Everyone else around his camp will have sympathy for the dead be he will not. None of his actions mean anything to him other than pure it’s fun

2) Orochi

Orochi is one of the evilest characters in One Piece anime. He will get very angry if someone dared to spill a drop of saki on his rug lol. Orochi also has an entire nation of people wrapped around his finger because he is a tyrant way. He seems to always have an ugly agenda who only enjoys inflicting misery upon people.

When Orochi gets unhappy, he loves to inflict pain on people and put them under his control. Nonetheless, Orochi in many cases gets overly giddy with torturing humans if he gets the chance to do it.

This monster expects everyone to respect him but absolutely has no respect for anyone in return. Orochi sometimes lacks a sense of reasoning and rational thought. However, being all that he’s still one of the biggest cowards who dishes out what he can’t take back.

3) Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmomke Jude is a character who experimented on his own beloved wife only to make his flesh and blood into military weapons machine. He somehow succeeded with his experiment and goal. However, he fail one experiment that he refused to call his son.

Vinsmoke Jude always his son physically and mentally, along with neglect, and caged him. poor child, and even taught his successful ‘experiments’ how to humiliate and bully him. This guy is a deadbeat because he never really even cared for his son or wife either. They are just both objects to make weapons for him. If given the chance Vinsoke Jude would not hesitate to get rid of them especially if they show any signs of failure.

4) Don Krieg

Most fans can agree that someone like Don Krieg will irritate you to the core. Everything about Don Krieg is so evil and ugly, and he is incredibly dumb on top of it all. This character thinks he is the strongest One Piece guy ever, even after he got his butt handed to him by Mihawk.


Don Krieg One Piece lost all his ships of 5,000 men except for one the one that could not handle the grand line. However, Don Krieg somehow still had the nerve to be so cocky of himself. This might come off as an insult to Mihawk, who wanted no time to actually stopped taking and to challenge someone as dump as Don Krieg.

Nonetheless, this guy is an absolute self-centered bigot. And also, he wastes no time showing how disrespectful a coward he really is. Don Krieg downright attacked a restaurant where all his crew members had been fed on the brink of starvation in the past.

He is so evil that he will attempt to kill his most loyal crew member (s) because he could not kill the one guy who fed every single member. He is a character that seems to keep pulling weapons out of his ass for nowhere and used cowardice and deceit as a battle tactic.

5) God Enel/Eneru

Eneru is an evil character who destroys everything around him and kills his whole family without regrets. One thing though he’s a man of his word and when he goes on a trip to a kingdom in the sky, he does exactly what he wants to do. This guy has so many L’s that the puny Skypeians grovel had to beg for mercy, so now he proclaims himself their new God.

Being a God to them, he does nothing but unleashes his anger upon them. If a member does anything that is against his will he will attack them with a mighty lightning strike. All his actions have no true purpose except to be catered to and treated like he is a God. Eneru’s ego has a massive God complex as a character and he can not stand the idea of anyone being slightly better than him.

6) Higuma

Higuma and Eneru are somewhat alike, however, Higuma is very weak. We all can grees he is a complete joke in the anime. Higuma did some horrible things in One Piece because he killed lots of people and had a high bounty. This is why he treats everyone else like crap disrespects everyone and tried to sell a child.

After changing his mind, this evil man tried to murder the little boy by drowning him, how cruel. Luckily karma came around and his idiot died screaming like a little girl lol. Higuma killed many people just to prove himself as a scary guy badass guy, however, he turn out to be very weak.

7) Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo was born evil as a charcter. This is due to inbreeding among his family. When Donquixote Doflamingo was a kid, Doflamingo murdered his own beloved father in cold blood. He had always looked down on people because of his upbringing. His father tried to teach him to become a better person however, it never worked.

As time passes by, he became eviler and spent his life massacring and destroying whole cities. Donquixote Doflamingo killed millions upon millions of people. He also at one point tricked an entire country into believing he was their savior and God and guess what? They all made him their God.

Nonetheless, the people who made him their God did not know that he had planned mass genocide from the start. He puppeteered and planned their massacre from before he became their God. Don’t forget this evil man Donquixote Doflamingo killed his own brother, and in the process ruined the future of a small child. This guy is evil to the utmost core and no matter how protective he is of his family, turn no turning go back good for him.

8) Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci has a character in One Piece got a lot of reasons for what he does. however, those reasons are that he believes in dark evil justice. So, you might wonder why he believes in these types of justice.

These reasons are actually an excuse for him to kill because he is a psychopath who is bloodthirsty. At this point, he has shown zero signs of redemption or change to his character.

The best thing we can say about him is that he seems to avoid hurting women when it is not intended. In fact, we have only seen him hit his main targets in general. Other than that, Rob Lucci is a ruthless evil killing machine with a manifold of bodies. The only reason he does all this is that he loves it killing.

9) Kaidou

Kaido has a character that is a terrifying force of evil nature. Kaido just like many other One Piece villains took over an entire nation to produce a devil fruit that stripped away the sorrows of a person who failed to gain the powers it grants.

Evil One Piece Characters Ranked
Evil One Piece Characters Ranked

His nasty pollution from his factories in the nation caused devastating famine for the same nation he runs because it poisoned their food and water supply completely.

Kaido portrays an evil, savage character that he is willing to as low as brutalizing little girls to get what he wants sick, isn’t it? This guy turns himself into a ferocious dragon and started killing anyone and not caring at all for anyone so he can find Luffy and have a fight with him.

10) Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is a selfish evil character in all of his actions. This guy did horrible things to innocent people and has had no remorse, guilt, or guilt toward what he did to them.

Caesar Clown is guilty of kidnapping children stealing them from their families and experimenting on them. Would trick them by giving them candy which is actually a drug that would give them unbearable headaches at times and abused them. His abilities also allow him to produce a toxic gas that puts the lives of everyone in danger along with horribly inhumane industrial devil fruit.

11) Vander Decken

Vander Decken has a character in One Piece who is a creep that preyed on an underage girl starting from the age of six up to the age of sixteen.

Evil One Piece Characters Ranked
Evil One Piece Characters Ranked

This Caesar Clown did all of this for power because she could communicate with Sea Kings and creatures. Caesar became obsessed over a child, wanted to marry her, and would send love letters to them and would try to kill her if she refused to marry him.

12) Spandam

Spandam is one of One Piece’s most evil characters because he is really a weakling. All the time, Spandam thinks he has to inflict pain along with humiliation on others to make him look like he’s a stronger guy.

Spandam with his rampage has gone as far as beating the crap out of Nico Robin for no reason at all. Then, he gave permission to Rob Lucci to do the same beating, however, Rob Lucci did no such thing. It’s very evil that he can do such horrible things to no avail. However, no matter how much power tries to gain he always looks like a fool.

These are some of the Evilest/Evil One Piece characters ranked of all time in the anime. Thanks for staying this far.

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