5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know About In Dragon Ball

5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know
5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know

Here are 5 facts about Vegeta you may not know about him in the Dragon Ball anime if you are a new fan.

Vegeta is a character that is beloved by many Dragon Ball Fans throughout the anime series.

He’s also one of my top 3 characters in Dragon Ball. Unlike Goku, Vegeta does not show his emotional side that often in the anime.

5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know
5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know

Vegeta’s character depicts someone who doesn’t mess around and that is a prerequisite attraction to many fans just like me.

If Vegeta is your favorite Dragon Ball character in the anime, I have 5 known facts about him you should know.

Nonetheless, what are those 5 facts about Vegeta the prince of all Saiyans, or the king of all Saiyans?

1) Vegeta Was a Slave to Frieza

Vegeta had it rough growing up as a young Saiyan prince after his father King Vegeta died. Frieza was the one who excites his father and after that Vegeta became Frieza’s slave.

Vegeta had to do all the little dirty work Frieza did not want to do himself. Frieza would order Vegeta to invade planets, destroy them, and give anything or anyone valuable to the tyrant Frieza.

A lot of people say that this is what caused Vegeta to be so ruthless back in the day. Vegeta would continue to do Frieza’s dirty work for many years while enjoying it.

Thus, he became a heartless monster one who is so dangerous that he killed his one and only Saiyan friend Nappa.

However, after his battle on earth with Goku, he was able to change and turn his life around and had a family of this own. This is 1 of 5 facts about Vegeta we know so far.

2) Vegeta and The Cell Saga

Because of Vegeta’s pride, he was the one who causes the Cell saga to go downhill.

Vegeta and Trunks trained in the hyperbolic time chamber and when they both came out, Vegeta was way stronger than SemiPerfect Cell.

Simi-Perfect Cell went on the fight Vegeta and Vegeta gave him a good beat down. If Vegeta wanted to, he could have easily destroyed Simi-Perfect Cell.

However, Vegeta’s pride took over and he allowed Simi-Perfect Cell to absorb Android 18. Simi-Perfect Cell would then become Complete Perfect Cell and was way stronger than everyone including Super Vegeta.

So, because of Vegeta’s pride, everyone was badly hurt and some even died because of his foolishness.

Some of the people who died were: Goku, Android 17, Android 18, Trunks, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory the cricket.

Luckily, the entire planet almost got destroyed because of Vegeta’s pride. So this is one of the 5 facts about Vegeta we know in Dragon Ball anime.

3) Vegeta vs Frieza’s Army

Vegeta may have been ruthless in the past, however, he played an important role by taking out some of Frieza’s main army general soldiers.

When it comes to the members of Frieza’s force, Vegeta does not mess around with them. While Vegeta was searching for the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek, he was jumped by a character named Cui.

Cui has some resemblance to Pui Pui from the Majin Buu saga. Cui was an elite soldier in Frieza’s army, Vegeta was a lot stronger than him thus, Vegeta defeated him and send him to the other world.

Vegeta was jumped by Dodoria, another high-ranking general of Frieza’s soldiers, and made quick work of Dodoria.

Then comes along Zarbon the highest and strongest ranking general of Frieza’s army. He was able to easily defeat Vegeta once, however, after Vegeta got a Zenkai boost.

Vegeta finally was able to defeat Zorban with ease and send him to the other world along with Kui and Dodoria.

However, it did not end there. Vegeta had to deal with the Ginyu Force and he defeated every single member on the Ginyu Force team. Captain Ginyu was the only one that escaped but Vegeta finishes him off years later in Ressurection F.

4) Vegeta Defeats A God

Vegeta is the first moral Saiyan to ever defeat a God Of destruction in Dragon Ball Super. Gods like Beerus in dragon ball super are not beings that are easy to beat or defeat.

5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know
5 Facts About Vegeta You May Not Know

They are beings not to be messed with, however in the tournament of power one of the fighter in it was a candidate in line to become a God of destruction for universe 11.

This was none other than Toppo or rather Top. Toppo was very strong pushing back Vegeta hard.

But there was a moment in the fight where Vegeta was about to be beaten and remember his loved ones and started to nullify Toppo’s Haki attacks.

Vegeta used his self-destruction technique to overpower Toppo a blow him out of the ring. It’s the same attack Vegeta used on Majin Buu but thing time he was able to survive it because he is a lot stronger.

Vegeta’s Character   

Vegeta is one of the main characters that changed the most throughout the entire series of the anime.


He went from being a young spoiled brat to a big blow villain to a father, husband, and family man.

Vegeta used to hate Goku a lot in the past and wanted to get stronger than him by any means necessary.

However, he no longer desires those things anymore. nowadays his family comes first. We even saw this when Bulma was pregnant with Bula. Vegeta wanted to be around when his daughter is born.

Vegeta has been through many trials and tribulations to be where he’s at now. He is no longer a selfish and ruthless man in Dragon Ball.

Well, this is for the list, I hope you enjoy these 5 facts about Vegeta in Dragon Ball anime.

I know a lot of old fans may know these facts already but this is for the new Dragon Ball Vegeta fans. Cheers!

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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