Top 6 Most Disappointing Fights In Naruto Shippuden Yet

Disappointing Fights In Naruto Shippuden
Disappointing Fights In Naruto Shippuden

Today we are going to look at 6 of the most disappointing fights in the naruto Shippuden series.

There are quite a number of fights that are disappointing in Naruto Shippuden anime however, these 6 are the most talked about so far.

The top tired most requested fight of all time by fans was Sasuke v.s Danzo and the fight with Sasuke and Itachi Vs. Kabuto.

So let have a look at all fights that were disappointing for the most part.

Sasuke And Itachi V.S Kabuto

Everyone was super hyped for this fight with to bothers Sasuke and Itachi V.s Kabuto the dragon. However, as much as I disapproved of Itachi’s actions and horrible decision-making.

Fans were hyped and excited to see the Uchiha brothers once again especially fighting against a common enemy. Don’t get me wrong, Kabuto as a Dragon was incredibly strong with amazing techniques during the whole fight. However, Sage Mode was a big surprise.

Fights In Naruto Shippuden
Fights In Naruto Shippuden

Nonetheless, this fight was not taken to its full potential at all. Itachi was not utilizing his full power. His only aim was to undo the reanimation that kabuto did so they could not kill him because he is the caster of the reanimation Jutsu and if Kabuto is killed then it cannot be undone.


Overall, fans wanted to see a battle to the death with these three. However, then again Kishimoto wanted to make  Kabuto a good boy. So, what he did was introduced a new forbidden Uchiha Jutsu named Izanami.

What Is The Izanami?

The Izanagi is a powerful forbidden Jutsu that is capable of altering or tampering with destiny. Also, the Izanami Jutsu is the one that decides the destiny or fate of the person it is cast on.

This Jutsu puts the victim in an endless loop. meaning, the person on which this Jutsu is cast can come out of it until he/she acknowledges his/her actions and accepts their fate.

Nonetheless, this fight was too underwhelming because we the fans wanted more Jutsu from both Itachi and Sasuke. Kabuto is responsible for so many deaths during the 4th Great Ninja War.

Fans were upset that Sasuke and his brother Itachi did not finish him off. Back then that fight was nothing but one of the biggest disappointments in the show.

Six Paths Madara V.S Six Paths Naruto & Rinnegan Sasuke

This fight wasn’t necessarily a bad one, however, it did disappoint a lot of fans. This fight was supposed to be the ultimate climax of the whole Naruto Shippuden series.

The hype was started all the way from Part 1 in Naruto final valley Madara state to the main villain’s epic introduction Madara V.s Shinobi alliance.

We learn about all of Madara’s planning and manipulation in the past, and all of Naruto’s and Sasuke’s rise to power and rivalry.

All that effort and hype was for this moment. All the foreshadowing and all the deep philosophies of this main baddy.

However, in the end, the fight was only a couple of manga pages long, and only a couple of minutes in the anime as well.

It felt disappointing and like a waste of time.

Taijutsu in the three o battle was almost nonexistent only in the first fight with Might Guy. However, Justus was a bit boring and the animation was lacking a bit.

So, before you all tell me how hard it is to make an anime with thousands of dollars and hours drawing and making tight deadlines.

You got to understand that Naruto is insanely a popular anime worth hundreds of Millions, making sales and profits that exceed normal expectations.

This means that they are supposed to have a high budget with more skilled animators. However, they chose to blow the budget on Naruto V.s Sasuke fight.

They should have blown all that money on Madara V.s Naruto and Sasuke’s fight. Why? Well, it is because the fight with Madara V.s Naruto and Sasuke had more depth and, personally, more hype around it.

Furthermore,  when they just invited sakura to the party to get embarrassed bodied again and for the slimy little dark Zetsu who easily killed Madara by stabbing him in the back just really ruined everything.

Sasuke V.S Danzo

The Naruto Shippuden series had lots of Jaw-dropping fights over the years. However, there are some fights that didn’t make all the sense we wanted to see. One of the worst fights was Sasuke V.S Danzo

Sasuke V.S Danzo
Sasuke V.S Danzo

Sasuke had just survived four of the deadliest shinobi in the world attacks moments before.

Fans were super impressed by Sasuke’s feats, the small Jonin from yesterday now has the guts to challenge the Kages and come out alive. DanzoV.S Sasuke presented us with that opportunity to see an all-out Kage battle.

 Danzo fought like he was not the man who rivaled the third Hokage back in the day? Fans were stretching their heads trying to rationalize how did all that fear, political status, and hype Danzo had all along was flushed so easily teen Sasuke?

However, don’t get me wrong, It was expected that Sasuke would win this fight but not like that, he was supposed to end that fight near death or with help for his team, that fight was supposed to last longer too.

Danzo has deadly wind-style Jutsus. He also has Hashirama’s cells, which allowed him wood style, And ten freaking Sharingan’s eyes all active. So, what you are saying is that he used all of them on Izanagi? Are you kidding?!

Lord Danzo was raised in times where there were many wars going on, you would think that all that fighting experience would he had would give him better insight into the battlefield.

Well, not in this fight it seems.

It’s obvious that fire style is the Uchiha’s primary specialty in attacks, and Danzo kept using wind style against Sasuke.

Danzo also claims that the Uchiha did not know how to use the Sharingan but he had 10 Sharingan on his harm and only use them all for Izanagi. We are not sure how many times was even able to hit Sasuke in that fight.

Danzo allowed 16 years old boy to outsmart him with many years of experience.

This guy Danzo was supposed to have more Jutsus to show us fans, and more Skills. If you watched Hiruzen vs Orochimaru, I think you would understand much better. That fight was super epic, start to finish, it lasted more than one episode. However, the next downside is that the Danzo v.s Sasuke fight barely lasted 20 minutes in all.

In the end, Danzo deserved a beating however, it was supposed to be something like Luffy v.s Do flamingo, not Luffy v.s Bellamy. if you are familiar with one piece.

Overall, the bottom line is, Danzo’s abilities were too low class, and the way he was written to use utilize them was too foolish. Sasuke was supposed to win the fight yes no doubt, but not so easy.

Madara V.s Might Guy

The fight between Might Guy and Madara lasted like an entire episode. It was something we all wanted to see and knew was going to Kill Might Guy.

Fights In Naruto Shippuden
Fights In Naruto Shippuden

However, the writers decided to make it last one episode, and the biggest reaction out of it all was Madara basically and telling Might Guy that he was good at Taijutsu.

Don’t get me wrong, the fight looked amazing something we never seem, and Might Guy Going all out. Nonetheless, after seeing Might Guy open the 6th or 7th gate to fight Kisame, fans were left wondering what the 8th Gate would look like, and boy it’s a huge red dragon.

Honestly, they could’ve done something a little different with the fight. No offense the fight was well put together and was enjoyable, however, fans were disappointed it lasted about 10 minutes.

It should have lasted as long as the Naruto vs Pain fight lasted and Naruto vs Sasuke fight. We the fans have been waiting to see the eighth gate full potential since “Naruto” when Rock Lee opened up the fifth one.

Now after many years of waiting to see the 8 gates open from Might Guy, all we get is a few minutes? This had the most potential to be an amazing fight but was shorter than the fight between Guy vs Kisame.

 Kabuto V.S Tsunade

Back in the day, the original naruto fights were heavily tuned down from Shippuden fights. Kabuto has we know him at the time was nowhere near Dragon Kabuto, but they allowed him to fight almost evenly alongside Tsunade, as a Sanin.

 Kabuto V.S Tsunade
Kabuto V.S Tsunade

The reason for this disappointing fight was because, at the time, a Sanin in the original naruto was the pinnacle of ninja skills.

Hokage Tsunade had been introduced as the physically strongest character in the series male or female, yet she nearly got killed by Kabuto.

Why? Well, because of a blood fear from an incident in the past. We can somewhat understand the fear but Kabuto shouldn’t have even been able to trade actual blows with her since her fighting style is strictly taijutsu.

I think she should’ve to stop Kabuto easily. However, Orochimaru stepped in to save Kabuto from Tsunade by splashing blood on her to bring out her fear once more. Many fans hated the downplay of her skills at the moment.

Choji V.S Dosu

Choji vs. Dosu’s fight was insanely short and it was just showing how weak the character Choji was against Dosu.
Choji V.S Dosu
Choji V.S Dosu
Even Sakura V.S Ino incorporated some clever strategies with their battle, However, Choji was just helpless at that point. It was only a 30-second fight and Choji fails to attack and gets one-shotted by Dosu. This was very disappointing to see from someone like Choji.
Well, that’s it, the Top 6 Most Disappointing Fights In Naruto Shippuden. What’s yours? Lets us know down below.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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