Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn – Dragon Ball Super Manga 61

Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 61 is now in the history books while tensions are high as we see the final form Moro vs Vegeta Reborn faces off.

This manga chapter was anticipated by many Dragon Ball fans that Vegeta’s new technique would surpass Goku’s ultra instinct Omen.

Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn
Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn

However, Vegeta’s new technique that he learned from Yardrats, was successfully able to take down the planet eater Moro but not entirely.

So we finally get to know what Vegeta’s new technique is all about and also about Moro’s final form. At the bringing of dragon ball super manga chapter 61, Vegeta attacks were not doing much damage to Moro.

Vegeta however, got a one-hit on Moro which pushes Moro back a bit. However, it had no effect on Moro at the time. Moro then begins to acknowledge that Vegeta’s had a power boost and tried to convince Vegeta on giving up on the fight.


But as we know, Vegeta never gives up and keeps pushing back at Moro with confidence. Vegeta keeps attacking Moro and getting pushed back a lot. However, little did Moro know that  Vegeta was utilizing his new technique with every blow.

Moro did not realize what Vegeta was doing at the current moment. So as Vegeta continues his attacks on Moro. Piccolo acknowledges that Vegeta had gotten stronger but Moro’s at a different level.

So, the battle continues and Vegeta keeps getting blow away into mountains by Moro’s attacks. Vegeta yet against dashes in pursuit after Moro once again. We could see that Moro after having the upper hand on Vegeta started the struggle against Vegeta’s attacks.

This was because of Vegeta’s new power affecting Moro. Vegeta was activating his technique while he fights and takes damage from Moro.

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Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn

So, as the Moro vs Vegeta reborn battle continued, while Vegeta was about to engage another blow on Moro. Moro stretched out his hand to absorb Vegeta’s energy and Vegeta reborn somehow dodges Moro’s attack like is was ultra instinct.

That little scene there prompted Goku to raised his eyebrows in shock. However, Vegeta’s little maneuver was not ultra instinct, he just super fast by the power boost he attained from Yardrats training.

Moro finally realized that Vegeta was getting the upper hand after he keeps taking on serious damage from Vegeta’s reborn. This caused Moro to get very hangry and tossed Vegeta into the ground while he huffs and puffs.

Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn


However, that little scuffle did no harm to Vegeta while Vegeta jumps up out of the ground with a smirk on this face ready to fight.


So later on in the manga, we find out that Goku knows about Vegeta’s new ability that is quite effective on Moro. We found out it’s not ultra instinct but something else that Goku seems familiar with from the Yardrats.

Vegeta Vs Moro Battle

So, the battle continues in the manga, and this time Vegeta reborn completely overpowers Moro by blocking all Moro’s attacks, and returning blows.

Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn
Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn


We could see that with every blow Moro received, he was losing energy by the minute. At his moment, Moro started to go ballistic and shoots blast from left to right.

Nonetheless, Vegeta was still untouchable even with all those attacks from Moro. Goku in disbelieve recognized Vgeta’s ability and Vegeta turn and told Goku that this technique is called “Forced Spirit Fission.”

Forced Spirit Fission

Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission power is a technique that works on anyone who absorbs power or is fused together. This technique splits apart any power that is fused from absorption techniques, bringing them back to their normal state.

This technique would work well on past enemies in dragon ball like Super Buuhan. Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique obviously perfect for him because he doesn’t like to fuse.

So following up in the manga, Piccolo realized that Moro is losing power. With every hit and punch, this energy comes out of Moro and form this immense energy ball in the air.

Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn
Final Form Moro Vs Vegeta Reborn


This was all the energy Moro drained and eaten from many universes including planet Namek, so now it’s going back out into the universe.

Then, we all could see Moro growing back his beard and reverting back to his older self with every hit he reveries from Vegeta reborn.

From the look on Moro’s face in the manga, we could see that he got frustrated and pissed off. He raised up into the air attached Vegeta, missed, and gets knockdown by Vegeta again.

Every hit from Vegeta reborn drains Moro’s energy making him old and feeble once more.

Final Form Moro

So Moro was finally defeated and as Vegeta was about to blast Moro into pieces, Moro had a smirk on his face saying he not going to hell and he still has his magic.

Then Moro uses something like a smoke bomb to scale up in the air onto his spaceship while Vegeta chases after him. However, two of Moro’s henchmen were on board Shimorekka and  Android 73.

Moro then zaps Shimorekka into dust and swallows Android 73 like a snake. So, Moro stated that he had a backup inside 73 in case things go wrong which they did.

After Vegeta landed on the ship, he witnesses Moro absorbing Android 73, throws a blast, everything exploded. However, then and there a new version of Moro was formed.

Final Form Moro then one-shotted Vegeta back down to the ground back into his base form unconscious. Goku stated that Moro chi is now bigger than ever before. We see the new final form Moro coming down from in the air looking more powerful than ever.

So, that is where the Manga ended if you did not get the chance to read it yet.


So far this manga chapter is one of the best far with a lot of questions left in limbo. Vegeta’s new technique is great but it does not seem to rival ultra instinct at all. However, Vegeta’s new technique is like a hack for future villains to want an unfair advantage by fusing.

What I wanted to see is Vegeta getting to a point where he can go toe to toe with Goku’s ultra instinct on a sparing level.

Nonetheless, this form out of Moro looks OP like a final boss in this manga chapter. Vegeta looks like he down and out for the moment from the last hit by boss Moro. However, if Vegeta is not hurt badly the new Forced Spirit Fission technique should work perfectly on the final form Moro.

Basically, it would split fused Moro apart and drain his energy once more. But hey, this is dragon ball, and anything can happen by surprise.

There’s a lot of development going on in this chapter so we would have to wait and see what happens. I believe this final form out of Moro is his trump card but who will face off against him if Vegeta is out for the count?

Who knows, we may just have a 3-way fusion as mentioned by other fans or some sort of unexpected twist. But anyway this dragon ball super manga chapter was very interesting to read.

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