Future Zeno Identity: Fan Theory Dragon Ball Super

Future Zeno Identity
Future Zeno Identity

Have you at any point noticed how Future Zeno acts unusual some of the time?

Do ask yourself at some point, why Zeno isn’t that playful with Goku? Also, have you noticed that Zeno is left-handed, unlike the Present Zeno? Well, Today we will find the reality behind Zeno’s true identity.

Who is Future Zeno?

If you don’t have an idea who Future Zeno is here a brief explanation.

Zeno is the ruler and the most powerful being of every one of the 12 universes in Future Trunks’ timetable.

He was taken back to the Present course of events by Goku, in light of the fact that he made a deal with the Present Omni King to bring back a nice friend. Most people and fans refer to him as Zeno Sama

Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama

Do You Thing Future Zeno is Evil?

Numerous individuals believe that Zeno is really evil. Why? and for what reason? This is because they do not trust Zeno is good. The Future Trunks Arc series finishing was perplexing. The arc finished with numerous unanswered questions fans have

We the fans as a whole knew Goku made a promise to the Present Zeno that he will bring back somebody to be Zeno’s friend. So Goku figured out this extraordinary plan to bring back Future Zeno to the Present one, and now there are two Zenos. The Present and Future Zeno are the closest companions.

At the point when the tournament of power started, a lot of fans saw that Future Zeno was acting differently.

Not just that, a lot of people saw that Zeno’s left-handed given, in contrast to his partner, Present Zeno who is right-handed. That did not make any sense because they are the same person individual. I am almost certain they did that deliberately.

Future Zeno Identity
Future Zeno Identity

Everybody had a craving that something wasn’t right, and some figured it isn’t over with Zamasu yet. However, one of the reasons why I think Zeno is really evil because of the way he acts.

Nonetheless, it should be obvious that the two Zenos are featured with colors. One has red shading which seems to stand for evil. While the other has blue shading which stands for good.

The Omni Kings Clothing Color  

The red Zeno isn’t smiling much and the blue Zeno smiles a lot, you can unmistakably tell that the red Zeno is the future one by his hand gesture. He’s left-handed.

Did Zamasu at any point Survive Zeno’s attack?

Well, the answer is yes, future Zamasu could still be alive. As we as a whole know Zamasu wanted immortality and got it by using the Super Dragon Balls.

Anybody can wish for immortality by utilizing Earth’s Dragon Balls. Even Namek’s Dragon Balls can allow anybody immortality.

Anyway, why exactly did Zamasu wish for immortality from Super Dragon Balls? It’s way easier to assemble the Earth’s and Namek’s Dragon Balls.

Well, it proves that the Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish even if it’s impossible for the one on earth and Namek with no restriction.

This implies that Zamasu’s life cannot be gone or wideout whatsoever. That additionally implies even Zeno can’t delete somebody who wants immortality status if they use the Super Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc

As we found in the last two scenes of the Future Trunks arc. Trunks effectively destroy Merged Zamasu by slicing him in half. However, Future Zamasu didn’t die completely, because of the fact that he’s immortal.

Trunks vs Merged Zamasu
Trunks vs Merged Zamasu

He lost his physical body and his soul began to take over the universe. It’s like he made the universe his body.


The main reason Trunks had the capacity to defeat Merged Zamasu is because one half isn’t immortal. This means that Goku’s Black half wasn’t immortal, and the other half is Future Zamasu, which is immortal.

Merged Zamasu
Merged Zamasu

This implies that Goku Black kicked dead and Future Zamasu didn’t die. However, afterward, Future Zeno came and completed the whole universe. We the fans observed Zamasu couldn’t have gone anywhere other than inside future Zeno after Zeno wideout the universe.

Nothing survived in Future Trunks’ timeline but future Zeno. He was actually drifting in a void. However, I noticed something peculiar in the opening which makes me think Zamasu posse himself in the Omni King, if you look carefully you’ll see it too.

If you look closely at the point when the two Zenos cross paths in the music intro, one of them turns green. However, if you look carefully, you’ll see that the Future Zeno is turning green.


Green clearly speaks to the fallen God, Zamasu. I do trust that Zamasu didn’t completely control Zeno since he’s excessively amazing, and I’m almost certain Future Zeno didn’t notice that Zamasu is within him.

Anyway, guys, this is only an anime hypothesis and nothing is confirmed. Let me know in the comment section below if you think this theory is actually true. Also if you think it is true, us what Zamasu is waiting for to make his move.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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