Susanoo Goku Vs. Moro: Dragon Ball Super Manga 66

Susanoo Goku Vs. Moro
Susanoo Goku Vs. Moro

Crazy spoilers are coming about Giant Susanoo Goku, a new technique that has never been seen out of Goku.

It seems that the writer Toyatarou is taking us on another mysterious turn of the outcome of this manga chapter.

So, the main spoiler alter about Dragon Ball Super Manga 66 is that Goku in his continuous battle against Moro was able to size up into a giant Susanoo figure.

Susanoo Goku
Susanoo Goku

This Giant Susanoo Goku figure is somewhat similar to that of Naruto Shippuden where characters like Sasuke and Madara are able to pull off.

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A lot of people are saying that it makes sense that Goku can pull this giant Susanoo form because he masters Ultra Instinct.

However, on the other hand, others are saying that Goku knows about this technique long ago from the Yardrats.

But was it stated that Goku while on Planet Yardrats did have enough time to learn about all their techniques?

Back in Dragon Ball Z When Future Trunks appeared for the first time meeting Goku, Goku explained to everyone that he only could learn one technique.

That technique was known as instant transmission. Nonetheless, it’s very odd seeing Goku turned into a giant Susanoo figure now in the manga against Moro.

Anyway, this Gaint Susanoo Goku figure or whatnot could be something Goku had all along.

However, Since Vegeta had trained with the Yardrats a bit longer than Goku. We thought that a technique like turning into a giant is what we would see out of Vegeta instead of Goku.

However, since Goku has mastered complete ultra instinct, he can push out more ki and turn it into a solid-state.

Susanoo Goku Vs. Moro
Susanoo Goku Vs. Moro

Giant Susanoo Goku Vs. Planet Moro

While giant Susanoo Goku vs Planet Moro was duking it out, Moro on the other hand looked somewhat deform.

That could be because of Vegeta’s earlier attacks on Moro while he was fused with the earth. Moro could potentially lose most of his energy from Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique.

Furthermore, that is why Moro looks frog-like while Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku pushes him back.

However, it seems like Moro is about to blow up or pop while Goku completely overpowers him.

Nonetheless, seeing Goku turning into a giant Susano should not come as no surprise because, with mastered ultra instinct, anything is possible.

At this point in the manga, Goku is OP (Over Powered) and unstoppable, probably stronger than a God of Destruction like Beerus.

Goku’s Final Attack On Planet Moro

So, While overpowering Moro, Goku makes his final move or final attempt to smash Moro’s crystal on his forehead.

Nonetheless, if Goku is successful in his attempt to smash Moro’s crystal that would be the end of Moro. So, it seems like Vegeta was denied the W this time again in Dragon Ball Super after hyping him so much.

However, things may turn out differently in December since November is not where this arc will end. They are probably gonna do something that will last for another chapter that basically wraps up the arc.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!


    • It was the spirit energy Vegeta threw at Goku and Moro that helped Goku to form the Susanoo like form. So yes, Goku’s strength was replenished thus he had enough Ki to size up against Moro as a giant Susano.

  1. So you think that goku took the energy from the others to become mui and then with his own ki without anyone’s else ki he created on his own by only his ki the susanoo???

    • In some way yes, however, my explanation is that when Vegeta threw the giant spirit energy ball (with everyone’s energy), similar to the Genkidama, at Moto and Goku, Goku absorbed some of its energy, which replenishes his strength allowing Goku to size up to Planet Moro in a Susanoo form that overpowers planet Moro.

      Remember the Trunks arc when Goku, Vegeta, and everyone else gives Future Trunks energy to power his sword to split Zamasu in half? We believe something similar happened to Goku when Vegeta threw the Giant Spirit Energy ball at Moro.

      So, to be clear, we don’t know if Goku had the Susanoo ability all along. It was the first time seeing something like that out of MUI Goku. Vegeta on the other hand is capable of getting huge because of his training on Planet Yardrats. However, the theory of Goku’s Susanoo form is focused on the fact that the spirit energy Vegeta threw at Moro and Goku may have helped Goku to achieved his Susanoo form.

    • Well, I don’t know, it’s the first time we ever saw Goku doing something like that. However, since the MUI form/technique is God tier/OP (overpowered), I believe Goku could do it on his own. So Yes!

  2. I thin that goku took the energy from the others to become mui and then with his own ki without anyone’s else ki he created on his own susanoo goku. I wants you to answer in my both comments please

    • Well, I agree with that Yes. With Goku’s MUI state he’s practically a God so anything is possible. And at this point, no one but the angels can beat MUI Goku, Not sure about Beerus thought. So, it’s quite interesting to see who will be the next villain in the arc.

  3. So you agree that goku has the power to make a susanoo but i don’t know if this is official or just our option because others say that goku reached susanoo because he took the energy from the others i disagree with that so what about you ???

    • It is my option yes, however, what you are saying makes sense for sure, but on the other hand, other people including myself will say that MUI Goku did not achieve the Susano form on his own.


      Well, if you read the manga Uub who is the reincarnation of Kid Buu assisted with the spirit energy Vegeta threw was a key player. Plus Uub also possesses God Ki. Therefore, fans will have a different perspective on whether Goku MUI achieved the Susanoo state on his own or not.

      Nonetheless, I agree with you if that’s your option. Do you think the energy from others that Vegeta threw could have defeated planet Moro alone?

  4. Look i believe that goku took the energy from the others to become mui and then with his own ki without anyone’s else ki he created on his own susanoo goku that’s my full about susanoo goku tell me yours full option about susanoo goku please ???

    • Well, my full option of MUI Goku is that we have a lot to learn about him and his endless abilities. There seem to be different tiers of Ultra Instinct just like Super Saiyan 1,2, and 3 and Goku just scratched the surface, He’s no Merus nor Whis for sure. So, Goku utilizing the Susanoo state in his UI state is a no-brainer and we should not be surprised if he can pull it off again.

  5. I think that the others could only restore the stamina of goku but not to boost his ki obviously also if you remember the energy of the others without oob’s was only able to make goku ssblue and i think impossible for oob to give that much power to make goku mui and susanoo it’s just too much.

  6. Me too because his energy allowed to goku to restore his stamina and become mui again but susanoo goku was made entirely from goku’s ki am i right???

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