How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo: Dragon Ball Super

How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo
How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo

How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo, a mortal who became a God? Well, it’s implied in the series that at one point that Beerus was a mortal and earned the right to be god destruction.

However, we actually witnessed something like this happening with the character of Toppo. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers and a candidate for being a God of destruction.

We saw him tap into his God destruction powers in the tournament of power Arc close to the climax.

Thus I think it would be fitting to Find out How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo. This is to analyze the power of Toppo the Mortal who is next in line to being a God of destruction for Universe 11. 

How Strong is God of Destruction Toppo?

Universe 11 God of destruction Belmod stated that Toppo is as strong as a God of Destruction. Toppo when up against Super Saiyan blue God Goku at stated that they are both equal in strength.

Tournament Toppo
Tournament Toppo

Who Is Toppo In Dragon Ball Super? 

Toppo also is known as ”Top” in the English dub is the leader of the Pride Troopers. Universe seven keepers of the peace and number one superhero of the team.

Although Toppo is not the most powerful member of the Pride Troopers. Toppo is still extremely powerful, but also very knowledgeable about the universe.

This is because of the fact that he is the leader of this group and thus has to have the skills necessary to lead.

Universe 11 Toppo
Universe 11 Toppo

Did You Know Toppo is A God Destruction Candidate?

Toppo is a candidate for being the next God of destruction for universe seven. Something that they revealed very early on in the promotional material for this Arc.

The idea behind a mortal becoming a God’s destruction is one that was briefly touched upon in the Battle of Gods.

Afterward, Whis made a couple of different points in the series that he’s interested in Goku or Vegeta possibly becoming God of Destruction at some point in Battle of Gods.

Whis even discusses that Beerus may be getting too old to be a God of destruction and after the Arc in the super version.

Whis asked Vegeta that if he were interested in training on how to be a God of destruction with the exception of being very powerful.

Let’s not forget during the first fight We see Toppo did in Dragon Ball super against Goku was the Zen exhibition match.


Toppo was able to survive a warp Kamehameha from Super Saiyan Blue Goku. He just stood there and take it, so that was an early Showcase of how strong Toppo was and that was him not even having to tap into the God of destruction power.

Of course, in the Manga version, Toppo hit Goku in the balls and that’s how we won. Either way, it was entertaining, but he certainly was way more impressive in the anime version.

Toppo has always been played up as being a very level-headed and smart fighter. That’s probably a big reason as to why he’s the leader of the Pride Troopers.

He has true leadership skills respect for his comrades and he supports them. However, he’s totally obsessed with Justice.

God Toppo’s Hakai 

When things get tough Toppo Taps into his training for being a Hakioshin a God of destruction in some ways as described.

Whenever he turns this way in the series, he threw away his own morals, he threw away his own opinion is own values.

I guess you can say to tap into his Godly divine power. They already gave us an early clue to this when we find out that Toppo is The Bodyguard of Belmod the universe 11 God hierarchy.

So if you’ve got a mortal who is a bodyguard of a God of destruction, that is interesting. Does that mean that Toppo is indeed more powerful than vermouth/Belmod?

Maybe, it’s implied that someday he will be more powerful or perhaps that’s part of his training to be a God of destruction is to protect the current one. We may never know, but I would love to see more of that.

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Toppo

Also be sure to note that in the Manga version, Toppo did tap into his own God ki during the first fight with Goku before the tournament of power happened. So they give us a teaser of the fact that he had God ki early on.

However, it wasn’t quite the same as what Toppo would do later on in the tournament. The anime version specifically the Manga version didn’t do anything with him like this.

However, in the anime version, Toppo literally transforms into I guess his God of destruction.

In the anime when Toppo transformed, he had some Congee on his chest glowing purple like other gods of Destruction.

We’ve seen Toppo Powers up into this form and everybody in the arena is Shook at the incredible amount of power Toppo had.

Then and there Toppo uses his power right away to almost pretty much one-shot Golden Frieza with one huge Hakai Blast.

Toppo’s Hakai Ball Technique

I also want to discuss the Hakki ball for a second because there’s been some speculation as far as what this actually is.

Toppo says Hakkai which implies that the same technique that Beerus and Sidra used earlier in the series.

But of course, when a God of destruction does Hakai it wipes the opponent away from existence.

However, Toppo’s version is more like just a really strong energy ball made up of Hakai energy. Which in fact is not meant to kill you.

There are two reasons why this might be. One Toppo purposely did not use the real Hakai technique because if he kills someone in the tournament he’s disqualified.

Therefore, Toppo didn’t want to get disqualified and thus lower the amount of Hakai energy he put into the blast. Thus it does not kill his opponent.

How God of Destruction Toppo Controls His Hakai Technique

The other possibilities that Toppo has not yet learned how to use and fully mastered the Hakai move that Beerus and Sidra know how to use.

Maybe that’s why his Hakai was not a killing move. However, it’s still a very powerful move. He was so powerful.

Don’t forget this little detail that when Toppo powered up the entire world of void or realm whatever you call it went from green to purple.

He shook the entire thing and changes color with what we kind of saw Kid Buu do at the end of Dragon Ball Z. However, it seems to be more impactful when Toppo does it because this is the world of the void.

Toppo’s Barrier Protection

There’s also another interesting technique that Toppo does where he sort of creates a barrier surrounding himself with Hakai energy.

That move really has incredible destructive properties, but also protects Toppo from other ki base attacks.

There are several times you should know where the God Toppo States to Frieza that he could kill him anytime if he wanted to, but he did not want to get disqualified.

Toppo himself actually says this and it’s probably true because God of destruction Toppo is second only to Jirenas far as power goes.

So that should tell you something about Jien. Now, God of destruction Toppo seems to be a lot more focused on winning and Victory.

He throwing away the morals that he had when he was just Toppo. Obviously, when he’s Toppo he’s got all these wacky moves like The Justice Crusher, Justice flash, Justice Choke, Justice pants, Justice Bean, justice lol.

However, when he becomes a God of destruction the Justice goes out the window and he just wants to win. Toppo even States “Justice and evil I’m beyond that now, all that matters now is winning and survival” which really should have been the idea from day one in the tournament. 

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!


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