Top 10 Gohan Greatest Moments Dragon Ball Super Yet

Top 10 Gohan Greatest Moments Dragon Ball Super
Top 10 Gohan Greatest Moments Dragon Ball Super

Hello DBS nation, today we will go over some of Gohan’s Greatest Moments In Dragon Ball anime.

Throughout the story of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan had a number of Great Moments that defined his character.

His character allowed him to resonate with many different fans. Many of those moments are what led Gohan to become a fan-favorite character Dragon Ball Z

So, in this post, we will go over 10 Gohan’s greatest moments of Dragon Ball and if you are a Gohan fan let me know yours in the comment section.

10. Gohan Vs. Raditz

The first moment on this list happened shortly after Gohan was first introduced in the anime.

Back in Dragon Ball, kid Gohan gave us the fans a real glimpse of his hidden potential after being kidnapped by his uncle Raditz.

Goku and Piccolo battle the evil Saiyan Saiyan Raditz and free Gohan.

However, as Raditz had Piccolo and Goku at his mercy, the cries of agony from Goku triggered kid Gohan to fly up bursting with Rage.

At that moment kid Gohan breaks Raditz’s ship and then head-butts Raditz with a power level Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz.

Top 10 Gohan Greatest Moments Dragon Ball Super
Top 10 Gohan Greatest Moments Dragon Ball Super

That attack was strong enough to weaken Raditz for Piccolo to defeat Raditz while Goku sacrifices his life.

Then, Piccolo finally got his revenge even on Goku. This was a great glimpse into things to come for Gohan and his incredible monster power level.

9 Gohan Vs. Frieza

The next Gohan moment in second place is similar to the first. This moment once again shows off Gohan’s hidden potential during the conflict on New Namek.

Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin found themselves face-to-face with the evil tyrant Frieza.

Frieza the dreaded space Tyrant whose power was far above their own. After transforming into his second form Frieza had everyone Frozen with fear.

However, that’s when he attacked ramming his horn right through Krillin. Then after playing a little game of rodeo threw him into the water below.

This is what led young Gohan to snap as Frieza blocked his path and he couldn’t get to Krillin. So, once again Gohan’s hidden power was Unleashed eclipsing even Frieza’s power level of over 1 million.

However, it ultimately didn’t accomplish much. Vegeta thought that Gohan was next in line to become a Super Saiyan.

So, shortly after that Gohan once again attack Frieza in his third form.

As Frieza was torturing Piccolo with an array of ki blasts. Gohan once again snapped hitting Frieza with another massive blast.

Although Gohan may not have defeated Frieza. Gohan still showed that he could be a great asset to Earth’s forces in the future.

8. Gohan Vs. Vegeta

Next up on this list is the battle against Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga Arc. After a brutal fight between Goku and Vegeta with some epic moments along the way.

Vegeta was able to win by transforming into an Oozaru. However, shortly after that Gohan, Krillin, and Yagarobi were able to cut off Vegeta’s tail and divert him back to his normal form.

Vegeta was still strong and Gohan had to fight him one-on-one while Krillin readies the Spirit Bomb. But even that move was still not enough to defeat Vegeta.

This is when Gohan looked up at the false moon that Vegeta had created and transformed into a great ape himself. 

7. Gohan’s first Kamehameha

Now, this was always one of my favorite Gohan moments. After Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 against Cell. Gohan’s power significantly overwhelmed the Bio-Android Cell.

This causes Cell to act out of desperation flying into the sky and launching a massive Kamehameha with the intent of destroying the planet.

Gohan, however, responded with one of the most epic Kamehameha in dragon ball z anime.

Gohan Calmly charged it up while his hands were down and then fired it right at Cell with a blast so powerful it consumes Cell’s body.

This was Gohan’s first Kamehameha that he pulled off effortlessly and demonstrated how massive his power had become.

6. The family Kamehameha

The next moment on this list takes place during Broly’s second coming movie.

Gohan was the main protagonist and after Broly woke from his Slumber on the ice like Captain America before he and Gohan battled.

This escalated when Broly transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan form and Gohan went Super Saiyan 2. 

Eventually, Goten and Trunks were out looking for the Dragon Balls when they ran into Broly. While on the verge of being defeated that was until Goten wished his father Goku was there.

So, Goten’s wish was granted and at that point, Goku appeared behind them and they had a father and family Kamehameha together.

This resulted in an awesome ki clash. However, finally, after some interference by base Trunk, the family was able to launch Broly into the burning sun obliterating him.

5. Gohan goes ultimate

After being defeated by fat Buu Supreme Kai took Gohan to its realm and had him trained with a mystical item called the Z sword.

However, after a training mishap, the sword broke revealing that the old Supreme Kai was trapped inside. But the situation actually improved as the elder Kai had the power to unlock someone’s hidden potential.

This led to Ultimate Gohan having to sit down for over a day straight. something I often do when typing blog posts like this one.

However, the arc adequately builds up to this moment’s ultimate form. That ultimate form would unleash Gohan’s power to insane heights.

4. Gohan Vs. Bojack

Up next is another DBZ movie moment and one of the best from Gohan’s so-called teen era. So although I go in-depth about his real age in another post. We saw that the villain Bojack escaped from captivity after Goku brought Cell to King Kai’s planet and destroyed it.

Anyway, it wasn’t merely Bojack’s own power that made him so tough, but also his crew of space pirates.

They were pirates who possess powerful abilities, however, once Gohan went Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan’s plot armor far surpassed those moves and he proceeded to create a strong sequel to his fight. Similar to the Cell Juniors by totally wrecking all of them.

You would think that maybe Bojack would put up a better fight, but he got wrecked as Gohan just punched a hole right through him.

3. ultimate Gohan Vs. Buu

Up next is another epic moment from the Buu Saga. After his hidden power was Unleashed Gohan return to Earth in order to fight Buu after Gotenks failed to beat Buu.

Goten and Trunks were waiting to refuse when Piccolo senses massive power moving their way and it’s really the reactions from him and the others that make this moment all the better.

As everyone is shocked by just how strong this unknown person is, Gohan appears in the distance.

Piccolo assumes that it’s Goku however, it’s revealed to be Gohan and everyone was shocked. This only Amplified Gohan touching down and then calmly walking up to Buu who towered over him.

It became apparent just how much more powerful he was. It was about Gohan getting his payback against Buu and it showcases the massive results of his training.

2. Gohan Goes Super Saiyan 2

I could very well see this being the number one on many Gohan fan’s list.

This moment in many ways can be seen as the defining moment for Gohan’s character for the entire Dragon Ball Z anime up until this point.

We knew of Gohan’s hidden power which was awakened through his rage.

However, Gohan was never truly able to control this power even after achieving the legendary form of Super Saiyan.

But after hearing Android 16 words and seeing the Android then destroyed before his eyes by Cell. Gohan fully awoke his hidden power which allowed him to become a Super Saiyan 2.

The transformation itself is incredible, especially in the anime.

This power was also the realization of Gohan will fight with him stepping into the role of the main character of the story.

The reaction to those around him and then the Total Domination that follows. Also Gohan’s annihilation of the cell Juniors makes it stand out as one of the greatest moments in the entire franchise.

1. Gohan Vs. Cell

So the number on the list has to be Gohan defeating Super Perfect Cell

After Target’s self-destruction Cell returned from his own destruction even more powerful than ever.

Even worse was that Gohan’s arm was broken by Cell when he flew in the way of Cell’s attack in order to save Vegeta as Gohan had given up hope.

It was Goku’s voice that intervenes from the afterlife to give him the willpower to charge up to a badass one-handed Kamehameha that challenged Cell’s solar system Buster level attack.

Their clash was so powerful that it was destroying the planet itself and could be felt all the way on Namek. 

The other characters couldn’t just sit around and also got involved by trying to attack Cell while he was clashing with Gohan.

Although it all proved futile on the pier Gohan might even lose. But that’s when another epic moment happens.

When Vegeta attacks Cell from behind with his Classic Piano blast distracting cell long enough for Gohan to overpower Cell.

Not only was the moment of Vegeta’s being cool but it was also his form of redemption after his numerous mistakes in the arc. Vegeta throws aside his pride to allow his greatest enemy sun to win.

This goes down as Gohan’s greatest moment and perhaps even the greatest moment in the Dragon Ball anime.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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