Goku and Moro Arrive On Earth, DBS Manga Review

Goku and Moro Arrives On Earth
Goku and Moro Arrives On Earth

Goku and Moro Arrive On Earth! Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 57 continues the battle on earth with Moro’s forces and the Z fighters.

The Z fighters prepared themselves for the arrival of Moro, Vegeta, and Goku back to earth.

This was the climax for the majority of chapter 56. However, in Manga chapter 57 That we are about to talk about Moro does show up on earth with Infinite energy.

So, if you read Dragon Ball manga 57 recently, you and I both can agree that is manga chapter is amazing. We even get to see old Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball fighters back on the frontline in this manga chapter to defend earth.

We saw characters like Chiaotzu and Yamcha making a big come back and I think the fan will definitely love that.

So, as Moro Arrives, he saw that the Android 73 was using his power and got upset because Android 73 was losing the battle against the Z fighters.

However, in a barbaric way, Moro stepped in and kinda saves Android 73 from the Z fighters before he got destroyed and sends him back to the ship for recovery.

The entire reason Moro came to planet earth is that he wants to absorb the earth’s energy because it is rich like no other planet.

So, what’s interesting is that every time Moro has absorbed a planet he has done so from above, he rarely step foot on a planet doing so.

Moro And Goku Arrives On Earth

So as Moro arrives on earth, he could have easily absorbed the planet from above, however, he wanted to make sure that Goku and Vegeta are present.

This way he can absorb them along with the planet and get the most energy available.

Unfortunately, Goku and Vegeta were Not there yet at the moment, it’s just Gohan, Piccolo, 17 along with the other Z fighters.

We have a scene where Gohan and Piccolo are sensing Moro’s power, and they are freaking out! Piccolo says,

This dude is on another level, That is some horrifying Ki, it’s like you can feel the deads of countless people he has absorbed into his body crying. His dude is like the black plague

Then, we saw Gohan shoutout at Moro saying something he would say when he was much younger and that’s “Wait until my dad gets here and Vegeta, they are strong enough to beat you

The thing about that scene is just straight up Gohan conceding saying there is no chance I’m gonna be able to beat you Moro but wait until my dad comes home.

That’s pretty much on point with Gohan’s character which makes him so less OP here for most Gohan fans.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Goku in Space

So Further on in the chapter, we saw Goku flying a space back to earth and he somehow can sense Gohan and others getting beaten down.

However, the person beating down Gohan is not Moro. Goku could feel Gohan getting beat down by Moro’s henchmen.

Moro taped one of his henchmen in the back of his head and said ”Take This Gift” and straight away this guy bulks up and becomes a hundred times stronger than he was before.

Goku and Moro Arrive On Earth
Goku and Moro Arrive On Earth

Moro’s henchmen are able to take on and beat down Gohan, android 17, and Piccolo all at once.

That is the power that the planet absorbing Moro has. However back in space, Goku can sense the action taking place on earth but is unable to teleport from space because the signal is weak.

However, Krillin jumps on top of a mountain and starts powering up, and that’s when Goku could lock on to a signal and teleport to earth.


So that is where the latest episode of the dragon ball super manga chapter ends. Goku teleports right in front of Krillin and says ”Sorry I am Late But I am Here Now.”


Now from here on, the story is probably gonna go in the direction of Goku Vs Moro in the next chapter.

However, what is interesting is that if Goku Vs Moro begins, Where is Vegeta?

Every single time in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z Vegeta always fights first. He was the one who when in and fights first then Goku.

Now this time it is looking like it could be the other way around because Goku is already on earth and Vegeta is still training.

This could honestly be Vegeta’s first win in a long time coming. Toyota could just be making up the fact that Vegeta has always been the underdog.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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