Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean: Dragon Ball Manga 65 Spoilers

Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean
Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean

The main topic about this Dragon Ball Super manga 65 draft release is that Goku gave Moro A Senzu Bean.

A lot of fans are upset that Goku would do such a bonehead thing by giving Moro a Senzu bean.

Goku also mentioned that he wanted to fight Moro as an earthling. That statement from Goku surprised everyone including Lord Beerus and Whis which they know wasn’t a good idea.

On the other hand, a lot of fans thought that the scenario that is going down with Moro and Goku is the same as the Cell Saga.

Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean

So, in the draft release with Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Moro, we saw Moro crawling out of the sand all beaten up and torn on the verge of defeat.

Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean
Goku Gave Moro A Senzu Bean

Many people thought that Moro’s missing hand was the key to his trump card to turn the tides against Master Ultra Instinct Goku.

However, we all now know that is not the case, the case is that Goku giving Moro the Senzu Bean to recover to his full strength. So, that is what Moro’s trump card is.

Nonetheless, things make turn out differently once the full manga is released.

It is a known fact that the tyrant Moro is not to be trusted. However, Goku being Goku always seems to make things worst before they get better.

If the roles were reversed, we all know that Moro would not sympathize with Goku nor the other Z fighters.

Moro’s Full Power

So, as we learn more about the draft release of dragon ball super Manga 65. Goku wants to test his strength against Moro’s full power.

That is the reason why Goku Gave Moro a Senzu Bean, someone who has literally kill millions of people around the galaxy.

This is nothing new of Goku because he’s a person who loves to test his strength and abilities against strong opponents.

It’s a Saiyan trait that Goku always seems to use against strong Villians such as Moro so that he can improve and become stronger as well.


When things were not looking quite good for Goku and the others, Merus step in and sacrificed his life to save Goku and everyone else.

Merus breaks the rule of the Angles by giving everyone time to heal while doing some serious damage on Moro so that Goku would turn Mastered Ultra Instinct and defeat Moro for good.

What could this mean for Merus? ‘He must be rolling in his grave’ says a lot of fans.

The Moro arc started off fresh with new characters and with a new storyline. However, after months upon months, we all could see that this Moro arc is just a similar combination of The Cell and Namek arc.

Nonetheless, if things turn out that Moro somehow overwhelms Master Ultra Instinct Goku and absorb and copy its techniques.

Well, this scenario with Goku and Moro sets the stage to accommodate Vegeta or Majin Buu’s assistants. Goku may lose his grip with his fight against Moro.

I really don’t believe that Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku will be the victor to defeat the tyrant Moro based on how the manga set.

Goku is a strong fighter but he rarely kills and finishes off his opponents, unlike Vegeta.

We have not seen nor heard from Vegeta since Dende healed every one. So, that is why I believe he will play a vital role in this manga.

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