Grand Priest Goku: How Did He Become A Grand Priest?

How Did Goku Become A Grand Priest
How Did Goku Become A Grand Priest

How Did Goku Become a Grand Priest?

Dragon Ball Super tournament of power showed us Goku unlocking higher tier levels of powers in just 45 minutes.

Goku achieving ultra instinct omen back in the tournament was a big surprise to many fans.

No one has ever seen Goku in that form, not even the Gods could recognize it at first.

However, once Goku started to fight Jiren, everyone could tell that he was on another level. Omen Goku even took Jiren by surprise with his fighting abilities.

So, later on in the last minutes of the tournament, Goku once again unlocked a higher tier level of power which we know as Mastered Ultra Instinct.

This time, even the Grand Priest was surprised to see someone like Goku a mortal achieve such power.

However, after the tournament of power ended, a lot of dragon ball fans followed up with promotional series of dragon ball heroes.

However, with the release of Dragon Ball Heroes episode 8, A lot of fans were shocked to see Goku and the Grand Priest appeared.

Goku for the very first time, looked like he ascended beyond master ultra instinct omen onto the Grand Priest’s Level.

Nevertheless, It was the first time seeing Grand Priest Goku, and he looks so badass in his new outfit. So, one of the main questions people are asking is ‘WhyDid Goku look like Grand Priest?

Grand Priest Goku

Goku did not become a Grand Priest in Dargon Ball Heroes episode 8. He is not at that level yet. The reason Goku appears to look like the Grand Priest is that he was training under the elder Grand Priest as his disciple.

Grand Priest Goku
Grand Priest Goku

The same could be said for Whis when he took Goku and Vegeta under his wings to train. Whis gave Goku and Vegeta a logo design on their outfit instead of changing the overall appearance.

However, it is no different than what the Grand Priest did here only Goku’s outfit was changed. Once again we saw the same scenario played out when Goku and Vegeta become a part of the Galatic Patrol.

So, Goku actually never become a Grand Priest, he only was trained for a brief minute with the elder Grand Priest as a student.

Goku at the time already unlocked the Omen version which is the incomplete version of Ultra Instinct. In episode 8 of dragon ball heroes, Goku as if he could tap into omen at will when he went up against fused twins Kamioren. But as we know, Goku could not maintain the form for very long.

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Currently, in Dragon Sall Super manga chapters, Goku has now fully mastered ultra instinct and can switch it on and off whenever he pleases.

For Goku to reach the level of the Grand Priest, he would have to have a more direct ultra instinct. This is according to what Whis stated to Goku in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 68.

What is Dragon Ball Heroes?

Dragon ball heroes is a promotional card game that is only exclusive to Japan. When there is a new character release they are promoted in the form of a card game which is only accessible only in Japan. Dragon ball heroes were not meant for the western world rather for those who would love to expand on their fantasy.

Nothing from dragon ball heroes should be taken seriously because it is all fantasy.

Also, don’t get too upset when you see characters like Jiren and Vegito get beat down by weaker villains. As far as dragon ball heroes go, this is just for entertainment purposes and love for the anime.

If you are a fan of dragon ball heroes and would love to see your favorite character beat down a stronger opponent.

Then you will love what dragon ball Heroes have to offer. Dragon Ball Heroes is nothing new, it all started with the demon king Mechikabura, Mia, and Towa with their son Fu.

You can check out the official site to see the latest happenings around Dragon ball Heroes.

So, What do you think about Grand Priest Goku? Will he achieve that level of power sometime in the official anime?

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