Goku Vs Batman Equalize Fight Who Would Win At The End?

Goku Vs Batman
Goku Vs Batman

Goku vs Batman fight is one of the most debatable fights many fans are interested in. So today, we are going to look at which character would win in the fight.

It is not easy to equalize both characters’ stats on the same level because they both have different strengths and feats.

Goku is a will adaptable fighter who does not go all out at first. Other than that, Goku never appears to fight with a specific fight style, but he does train all his life to be the strongest of all fighters he can possibly be.

His Saiyan biology history shows us that with an improved amount of ki and ki control than a typical human, not to mention having the Super Saiyan God transformation and its subsequent improvements, gives him Goku strength to destroy planets.

Can Batman Defeat Goku?

There’s no mistaking that the power gap between Goku and Batman is dramatically uneven for a straight-up fight/battle. Goku on the other hand can sense energy, so hiding in the shadows is out o fit. However, Goku has one flaw that is addressed several times in Dragon Ball.

Goku Vs Batman
Goku Vs Batman

And that his Goku’s overconfidence to start fights in a lower state and work his way up, we all know that right? Nonetheless, if there’s one thing we can say about Batman, and that he finds your weaknesses and exploits them to leave you disabled to his advantage.

Batman on the other hand has no time to let pride get in the way of taking care of business. However, Goku is still unique to batman so Batman would have a warm time with Goku. The bottom line is that if Batman was not prepared for the fight, Goku would win the fight, no doubt.

Batman Vs Goku Fight Scene

Could a lowly human beat a super Saiyan God like Goku? Maybe. If Batman knew a fight was coming with someone like Son Goku. He would have set up someplace where he can maneuver the arena to his favor. While doing that, he would place explosives and drones in hidden places. Goku would do all the attacks and when he gets there in his base form, Batman would drop a smoke pellet, and go for a strike from the side. But we all know Batman is always four steps ahead in a fight.

Goku Vs Batman

So the Goku vs Batman fight outcome would be obvious, we could agree and give the win to Goku 100% of the time right? However, if we are talking about taking Goku’s base vs Batman’s base, no armors, planning, plotting, etc. We could agree that a Saiyan like Goku would get the win, simply because even in his base form, Goku is insanely stronger than Batman as a mere human.

So while Batman does have a lot of tools in his utility belt, it is very obvious that the fight between Goku vs batman will turn out a lot like what we see when Batman is faced off against Superman unprepared. And also without writer’s plot armor, but that’s another topic for now.

Goku Vs Batman
Goku Vs Batman

Just like Goku, Superman simply can power through any and everything Batman can throw at him.

Goku may not be the sharpest tool in the because of his pure heart, however, he isn’t dumb, and has displayed a lot of useful and interesting varied learned abilities throughout his life in Dragon Ball anime.

However, we are not saying that Batman could stand a chance or win, however, Goku’s varied abilities even in base form give him a lot more tactical edges than Batman can fight against. Nevertheless, Goku’s durability and strength are off the charts even for a mere Saiyans in his base form.

Son Goku was able to fight two other Saiyans in their Super Saiyan forms with just his first level Super Saiyan, after already being drained of energy beforehand. These two were not pushed over and none other than Kale and Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super.


So to top things off with our final analysis is that, if you are talking about equalizing both Goku vs Batman powers, either giving Goku merely human-level strength and speed or giving Batman Goku’s base-level strength and speed, that would be such interesting fight fans would love to see.

Honestly, we are not sure who would win the fight if it was set in that order. Nonetheless, assuming Batman doesn’t have time to plan for anything, Goku will still have a very, slight edge in terms of having a few abilities that Bats doesn’t have or recognized. However, Batman’s various gadgets and general intelligence, not to mention his proficiency in actual martial arts would balance the playing field a bit.

So in a fight between Goku vs Batman would be fear if we gave Batman Goku’s same base strength would make it 50/50 and an even playing field. Goku still might be able to get the win with some clever use of his instant transmission and other energy abilities, however, Batman could definitely level the playing field with his superior intelligence and martial arts ability.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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