Goku Vs Jiren Fight: Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power

Goku Vs Jiren Fight
Goku Vs Jiren Fight

Dragon Ball Super tournament of power produced one of the greatest fights in anime history we have ever seen, the Goku vs Jiren fight.

There is no denying that the tournament of power had a lot of awesome fights, but the one fight that got fans off their feet was the fight between Goku vs Jiren.

Seeing Goku break his limit and achieved a new transformation got the dragon ball community hyped up to its peak.

We were also introduced to a new character who is a well-known mortal called Jiren who is known to be stronger than a God of Destruction.

The climactic battle between Goku vs Jiren has never been seen before in the history of the dragon ball anime and is one that will be remembered for decades.

So what this post about? Well, this post will take a deeper look a the fight between Goku vs Jiren and the buildup details that are similar to both characters.

Dragon Ball Super Goku vs Jiren

So it’s very easy to get caught up in the visual effects of the battle between Goku vs Jiren. The fight had a lot of vibrant and colorful effects along with new levels of power and speed.

Goku Vs Jiren Fight


However, when you look closely at the dialogue between Goku and Jiren, you will find that there is a much deeper meaning presented to us.

Dragon Ball Super anime battle between Jiren vs Goku quietly shows the undertones of these characters’ different ideas and motivations.

If you look at it closely, it’s quite similar to when Goku first met Vegeta on earth in the Saiyan Saga.

You have two characters who meet as rivals because they have different beliefs in life. So likewise, the battle between Goku vs Jiren mirrors this similarly, but in a different way.

Jiren and Goku Back Story

So, from what we have seen throughout the tournament of power, Goku vs Jiren is not just two very powerful mortals fighting. They both have different viewpoints on life itself.

However, Jiren and Goku have similar ideals when it comes down to combat. They both seem to wanna get stronger even at their maximum strength.

So when you really dig deep below the surface of these two characters, their backstories are somewhat similar. Both of these characters’ backstories share hardship and struggles which helped curved them as men.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Back Story

So with Jiren, he wants to get stronger because of what happened to him when he was a kid. We come to find out that he found his parents dead by a mysterious evildoer.


Then Jiren ends up joining forces with some martial arts masters to become stronger. However, what happened to kid Jiren in the past, shows us that his best friends betray him and died in his presence.

Jiren back then Jiren’s motivation started to get stronger base on both anger and fear. The fear of pain, loss, and betrayal. These are the key points that drove Jiren to become what he is today.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Back Stroy

Goku back in dragon ball is a character that has made friends and enemies from the beginning of the anime. kid Goku had beef with Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo Junior, Vegeta, and more.

So more of Goku’s friends started out as either rivals or enemies and some still are enemies up to this day.

Vegeta for one used to have Goku as an enemy then their bond grew and now they are more like rivals. Even Lord Beerus can be fitted in that category as well. Beerus was Goku’s rival back in the Battle of God but now, he’s like Goku’s second dad.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren

Jiren’s mindset is based on something like “do it yourself.” He was so upset when Toppo got defeat by Vegeta in the tournament of power. Why? Well, because his beliefs thought him to not rely on anyone but himself.

Pretty much anyone Jiren counted on in his life seems to let him down. Whether it’s my purpose or by other circumstances. Jiren doesn’t feel like he can count on others or trust anyone.

However, that is very interesting to know about his character because many people in life have similar beliefs. But the thing is, we all need someone to help us in life, we cannot do everything on our own.

Nonetheless, even though Jiren is a part of a team, he’s very much a one-man army. Base on his feeling and beliefs, there’s no one he can count on or trust according to him. However, his own teammates count on him a lot.

Dragon Ball Super Goku

Goku wants to get stronger because he a Saiyan, and fighting is in his blood. He always wants to take his power to the next level. Goku always pushes his body to its limit against the strongest fighters in the universe.

Goku Vs Jiren Fight
Goku Vs Jiren Fight


So when the tournament of power becomes a thing, it was another chance for Goku to test his body out against Jiren. Now the difference between Goku and Jiren is that Goku is not a loner like Jiren nor a selfish person.

Unlike Jiren, Goku kinda always counts on his friends when it comes to dire situations. Remember, back on Planet Namek when Frieza killed Krillin, those emotions pushed Goku to break his limits and turn into Super Saiyan.

That is a perfect example of why Goku needs his friend in dire situations when up against tyrant foes like Frieza. However, it is not always about Goku all the time.

At the end of Dragon Ball Z, it took the help of millions of people around the universe to donate energy for the Genkidama to kill Majin Buu. That goes to show that Goku could not have done it on his own, it took the help of every living thing.

So, it goes like this, everyone counts on Goku and Goku counts on everyone. It is just like in the tournament of power, everyone counts on Goku, and Goku is counting on them for support.

That is a factual scenario that has actually played out in the series of super. However, there have been some instances where Goku has been selfish, however, you can’t say he doesn’t care for his friends, unlike Jiren.


Goku and Jiren are two powerful mortals in dragon ball super with powers greater than that of a God. Both of them seem to have a different purpose to get stronger in life. However, they both have something similar in their lives and that’s what made them both the beast they are.

Was the battle between Goku vs Jiren in the Dragon Ball Super tournament of power the best fight you have ever seen? Let me know in the comment section.

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