Goku Vs. Moro 73 Manga Battle: DBS Chapter 64

Goku Vs. Moro 73
Goku Vs. Moro 73

With the latest Goku vs Moro 73 Manga battle of Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 – 64.

We saw Merus made an ultimate sacrifice to save the z warriors and fished his final training with Goku.

Merus saw that Goku needed a trigger to completely achieve and mastered the ultra instinct technique.

When Merus vanished, Goku was looking down on the grow while tensing up his body.

A lot of people thought that Goku was about to awaken a new level of power or ultra instinct.

However, form what we learn about ultra instinct in dragon balls super. Ultra instinct cannot be achieved with rage.

One must clear his mind and thoughts of all things. It’s just like being claim and collective and that’s exactly what Goku did.

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Goku Vs. Moro Final Battle

All this time in dragon ball, Goku never fought to kill or save the universe, his main goal was to test and compare his strength to other villains/tyrants.

However, Goku in dragon ball super manga chapter 64, Goku told Jaco that he is now a Galactic Patrolman.

All times time he was just fighting to test and improve his strength against others.

However, he now realized that Merus died to protect the universe, so now protecting the universe is Goku’s number one purpose.

We would all think that statement Goku told Jaco about protecting the universe was his motto all along.

But that is not the case when you really think about it long and hard. When Goku when up against the likes of Majin Buu, Frieza, and Cell.

The Reason Goku Choose Not to Kill in Dragon Ball

Goku only fought villains like Majin Buu, Frieza, and Cell just for fun and to test his power and strength. He had to opportunity to kill tyrants like Frieza on planet Namek but he did not.

Goku fought Cell, blowing off half of his body, but then, Goku allowed Cell to regenerate and gave up on the fight.

When it comes to Majin Buu, Goku could have easily finished off Buu, however, he decided to let someone else do it.

So, now it makes sense why for the first time in dragon ball, Goku is actually acknowledging that he not fighting for himself but for the universe.

Goku in the manga chapters closed his eyes, then burst out with immense ora around him looking upward.

Goku Vs. Moro 73
Goku Vs. Moro 73

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

Master Ultra Instinct Goku was finally born once he learns to let go and keep a claimed head. Goku had now achieved his most power from yet dragon ball as ever seen.

After seeing Goku pull off his ultra instinct technique, Moro was shocked seeing Goku like that and did not know what to do.

So, even though Moro has been around for millions of years, he has never seen UI before and started to shake in his boost.

Goku made his first move on Moro 73 and grabbed Moro’s hand, then toss him up in the air. Moro tried to land a blow a UI Goku but it was not used.

Goku’s UI form was just too overwhelming for Moro.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs. Moro 73 Manga Battle

Mastered ultra instinct Goku vs Moro battle was dominated by Goku. Moro turns and asked Goku how is he dodging his attacks.

Goku told Moro that the reason he cannot touch him is because of his ultra instinct technique.

After hearing that, Moro powers up and charges at Goku, Goku then stoped Moro and levitates Moro in the air.

It was about 90 degrees angle from where Goku his and then Goku uppercut a devastating blow in Moro’s gut.

That blow Goku gave to Moro in his cut was so powerful that according to the manga was felt right across the world.

Goku Vs. Moro 73
Goku Vs. Moro 73

After the impact UI Goku did on Moro, Moro came back down all battered and beat up on the ground.

Moro was left under a rock begging Goku not to kill him, Goku asked Jaco about Moro’s sentence and Jaco told Goku that Moro was sentenced to death.

Finally, Goku being Goku ripped off his shirt and stated that he wanted to fight Moro as an earthling.

Typically, there can be no good outcome from that bone head statement Goku made. Even Beerus stated that he had a bad feeling about what Goku is about to do.

Moro still has his magic and he should not be underestimated. You think by now Goku would learn about what happened to Vegeta.

However, that’s where dragon ball super manga chapter 64 ended. What do you think will happen in chapter 64 of dragon ball super Goku Vs. Moro Battle?

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Goku Vs. Moro 73

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