Goku Vs. Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoiler Leaks

Goku Vs. Moro 73
Goku Vs. Moro 73

Goku Vs. Moro 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga 64 Spoiler, the 3rd and final Battle between Moro and Goku begins.

Goku Vs. Moro 73

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter spoilers 64 Goku Vs. Moro 73 teased fans with potential Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku.

Goku’s power level and strength in dragon ball super are becoming something beyond mortal reach.

So, only 6 pages of Dragon Ball Super Manga 64 as been leaks and released. Basically, the leaks outline the main plots that will take place in the official release.

Goku Vs. Moro 73
Goku Vs. Moro 73

A lot of people thought that Goku would rage out after seeing Merus die right in front of him.

When Goku had his head held down, fans believed that he was about to rage out once again as he did on planet Namek vs Frieza.

However, with the 6-page release of Dragon Ball Super Manga 64, we found out that rage will not be the case.

It seems as if Goku has somehow become one with Merus and finally understands what Merus tough him.

So, the leaked spoilers started out with the Galatic Patrollers in space. They somehow could sense that a presence in the universe suddenly vanished.

Obviously, they were reffing the Merus because they broke the laws of the angels and got erased.

That’s kinda weird because Merus was an angel and angels cannot be sensed.

Goku’s Transformation After Merus

So, with Dragon Ball Super Manga 54 leaks, fans were comparing Goku to when he first transformed into a Super Saiyan.

However, the creator Toyotarou/Toriyama is working on ultra instinct Goku at the moment.

So, rage, being mad, and anger would be thrown through the window because ultra instinct is not about rage nor anger.

Nonetheless, instead of Goku raging out in the manga chapter leaks, he looks very calm and confident.

Son Goku however, told Jaco that he learns a very important lesson from Merus before he died.

This session was that Goku finally realizes that he was not fighting alone.

Whis also mentioned that it was all about Goku controlling his feelings if he wants to achieve ultra instinct.

Goku somehow realized that rage will not let him achieved ultra instinct so he loosens up a bit and said to Jaco.

In this fight, I was saved by Vegeta, Dende, and even Merus who sacrificed his life. But, the difference is they did not just do it for me, they did it to save the universe

That was Goku’s own words in the leaked Dragon Ball Super Manga pages so far.

Moro Returns

Moro suddenly returns out of the rubble while cool-headed Goku and Jaco were having a conversation.

It appeared that Moro did not have any idea of what happened after Merus gave him a beat down.

So, once again Moro comes face to face with Moro, and Moro asked where Merus went?

Goku tells Moro that Merus is gone and he has inherited Merus’s will. Then, Goku starts to power up into what looks like ultra instinct omen.

So, that was the main aspect out of the 6-page leaks of Dragon ball Super Manga 64.

There is a summary of the entire spoiler down below you can read about everything that will happen in chapter 64.

Goku Vs. Moro Summary

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