Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga Final Battle

Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball
Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball

How will the battle between Goku vs Moro go down in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super manga chapter?

So, in chapter 57 of the last Dragon Ball Super manga, we saw that Goku has arrived on earth and he’s ready to face off against Moro.

We know that these two warriors had encountered each other before so it is not their first time they are seeing one another.

They are both aware of what the other can do along with each technique and magic.

This could be Goku’s chance to take down the biggest threat ever seen in Dragon Ball history.

However, Goku did not complete this ultra instinct training with Merus, they got interrupted by Whis.

So that means since the last encounter between Vegeta and Goku Vs Moro on Planet Namek, Goku hardly had any improvement.

Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball
Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball

However, on the other hand, Moro was on a tyrant lose absorbing a lot of planets and getting stronger by the minute.

Moro is even a lot stronger than when they first encounter each other back on planet Namek. So what does it mean for this rematch between Goku vs Moro?

Usually, you could count on Goku to get the job done on the second face-off battle. However, within this upcoming battle between Goku vs Moro, things may turn out differently this time around.

So the question is, how can Goku defeat Moro even though Moro is a lot stronger than before?

Well, I can refer to some possible ways in which Goku could have the victory over Moro.

Here’s How Goku and Defeat Moro In Dragon Ball Super 

So first, I have been critical in two of my posts where I mentioned that the only way Goku could possibly defeat Moro is by physical strength.


Okay, so when you look at the first encounter between Vegeta and Goku vs Moro, Moro almost killed them both.

Moro absorbed Vegeta and Goku powers like hot water in a frying pan. Goku used all his technique and power other than ultra instinct but we will get to that soon.

Goku used his Super Saiyan God form and Moro just eats it away with his absorbing technique.

So, that goes to show that using pure raw power will not work on someone like Moro. Goku and Vegeta are more physically stronger in a hand-to-hand combat battle with Moro for sure.

That is why I stated that physical assault on Moro could mean victory for Goku in his upcoming fight against Goku and the tyrant Moro.

Goku vs Moro Upcoming Battle 

So for the upcoming battle between Goku vs Moro, another way for Goku to Defeat Moro is by using ultra instincts.


However, it could be dangerous, and it only a slim chance because if Moro absorbed Goku’s ultra instinct abilities, who knows how powerful Moro will become.

Nonetheless, if Goku somehow manages to tap into his ultra instinct technique he will have to make quick work of Moro very fast. That is, however, before Moro gets the chance to absorb any of his powers.

Another possible way Goku could defeat Moro is by giving Moro what he wants the most, and that’s energy.

Goku could charge up a spirit bomb if Moro gives him the time with all the energy from people on earth, then launch it at Moro.

Moro will try to absorb the spirit bomb but it will be overwhelming for him to control and then eventually explode.

Goku could also summon the Omni King Zeno to get rid of Moro once and for all.

We don’t know what the outcome will be or what Toyotaro is up to but that just my two senses on how Goku could possibly defeat, Moro.

Goku does not seem to have much of a chance against Moro thus far from what we’ve seen in this Manga so far.


This fight may not be a fight that Goku will win, somebody else will have to clean up in the final moments and that may very well be Vegeta.

We don’t know that much about Vegeta’s training or his spirit control abilities. However, he might be the one the saves the earth this time around and not Goku.

So, what do you think will Goku be the one to defeat Moro or will it be Vegeta? Let me know down in the comment section below.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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