Goku Vs. Naruto Anime Battle – Who Would Win?

Goku Vs. Naruto Anime Battle
Goku Vs. Naruto Anime Battle

A lot of anime fans have been debating a fight between Goku Vs Naruto. Practically everyone is presumably believing this won’t be a legitimate battle and that Goku will totally wreck Naruto.

Furthermore, guess what? It would definitely appear that way, however, we should play out the battle in the event that something goes wrong with facts. Who knows? It may astound you, and Naruto may have a fighting chance against Goku.

Goku Vs. Naruto Battle

Goku Vs Naruto Battle here is how things would go down. Naruto remains on the one side of the battlefield, while Goku faces him from the other side. Both Goku and Naruto are anxiously waiting for the battle will start.

Goku Vs. Naruto
Goku Vs. Naruto

Naruto enacts his Sage Mode and sends various shadow clones running at Goku with each clone holding a Rasengan. Goku remains in base structure as it is not his style to battle at 100% immediately he needs to test his opponent’s strength.

Goku charges towards Naruto’s clones in his base form. While Naruto clones tried to land a blow on Goku, Goku dodges every approaching Rasengan and counter them with a punch or two.

Every one of Goku’s punches is sufficient to overcome one of the clones. With the clones not in Naruto’s sage mode, and with Goku’s stunning rate, Goku handles the clones effortlessly. While Goku battles the clones, Naruto goes into Kurama mode and makes a Planetary Rasen shuriken.

Super Saiyan God Goku Vs. Naruto Rasen shuriken

Naruto would then apply Shukaku’s fixing chakra nature. Obviously Goku faculties Naruto’s unexpected increment in power and size.

However, In the wake of understanding this, Goku chooses to quit fooling around and transforms into his Super Sayain, Super Saiyan God form. That would elevate Goku to completely eliminate all of Naruto’s shadow clones immediately.

SSJ God Goku
SSJ God Goku

Goku moves from clone to clone punching them each once. With Goku’s speed, to the bare eye, it appeared as though every one of the clones just suddenly fell.

In spite of the fact that being in sage mode Naruto had the capacity to detect Goku’s developments. Naruto tosses the planetary RasenShurikan with connected Shukaku chakra at Goku.

While Goku could without much of a stretch dodge this, he decides not to. As observed all through Dragon Ball Z and Super, when villains blast ki waves at Goku takes them on.

So what Goku did in this situation, he took it head-on like a boss. He would either attempt to push it back utilizing a Kamehameha or just physically drive it back.

With regards to approaching chunks of vitality. However, SSJ God Goku for the most part decides on physically pushing it.


Goku has always had the capacity to prevent a bundle of vitality from Beerus with his very own exposed hands. On the of the many reasons that Goku can physically stop the ki attack of a God, he wouldn’t be too apprehensive to even consider stopping Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken.

Naruto Vs. Goku Anime Fight 

As the Rasen Shuriken hits Goku, Goku broadens his arms advances, getting the attack easily. More often than not, Goku’s extraordinary quality would enable him to just toss the Jutsu directly back at Naruto.

Notwithstanding, Shukaku’s fixing nature in the Rasen Shuriken has made it incomprehensible for Goku to move. Without having the capacity to move, he is unfit to toss the Rasen Shuriken back.

Goku has never run over a fixing Jutsu and is consequently befuddled. The Rasen Shuriken grinds against his palms. However, it’s no perspiration of Goku’s back. While attempting to make sense of why he can’t move, the Rasen Shuriken explodes.

Then it discharges an enormous vortex of wind. The time among effect and blast was around 2 seconds, which didn’t give Goku a ton of time to make sense of the fixing Jutsu.

While Gokuu could have utilized moment transmission before the explosion, there would have been no chance to get for him to foresee the explosion, getting him off guard.

For the individuals who don’t see how the Rasen Shuriken functions, inside this vortex, are innumerable minute breeze sharp edges. The breeze edges harm everything inside the vortex on a cell level.

Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken Jutsu

Each and everybody parts of Goku’s cells will be cut, cut, and cut up redundantly. Goku seems to find himself in trouble to get away from the vortex as a result of Shukaku’s fixing type chakra inside the Rasen Shuriken.

While in fact, would be workable for Goku to moment transmission out of this, the harm caused is as of now serious. In addition to that, Goku would be in an excess of distress to concentrate on pinpointing his ki and use instant transmission.

Since the attach harm Goku was on a cellular level. His individual cells were attacked independently, regardless of how strong Goku is. It isn’t sufficient to keep the cells in his body from being harmed.

So, because of the enormous harm attempted by Goku on his cells, he is unfit to proceed. Goku’s cells in his muscles and each other piece of his body have been harmed too severely.

Naruto and Goku Faceoff Battle Conclusion

Goku lost the battle as a result of his knowledge of reasoning, and a lighthearted frame of mind. However, if Goku had paid attention to fights from the earliest starting point, and gave it his best from the beginning.

Goku would have had the capacity to take out Naruto essentially by utilizing the instant transmission directly behind naruto and striking his neck. While Goku is more physically stronger than Naruto, when the two meet each other in battle, Naruto is triumphant.


What if Vegeta Faced Off with Naruto

If Vegeta were to battle Naruto, It would be over immediately. Vegeta would battle seriously and aggressively from the earliest starting point, not allowing Naruto the chance to defeat him.

As we all know when it comes to Vegeta’s character as a whole he does not mess around with villains. That is why many fans love Vegeta because he’s unlike Goku who doesn’t play around with anyone. So this is my conclusion on the Goku Vs. Naruto anime battle. SO, based on my prediction Naruto would win the battle.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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