Goku Vs Saitama One-Punch Man Battle: Who Will Win?

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There has been a lot of debate around the topic of Goku vs Saitama aka the One Punch Man battle and who would win in that battle.

A lot of Goku fans stated that Goku would win, and Saitama fans counters the discussion and said Saitama would be the victor.

So, in this post, we will look at the facts for both Goku and Saitama to determine which character would be victorious in battle.

This is not a one-sided discussion but instead, a way that determines the outcome without being bias.

Goku And The Saiyan Race

The Saiyan race at one point in history was once mortals. However, with training and consistent fighting with strong opponents, they’ve become the strongest human race in the universe.

Goku’s constant rivalry with Vegeta pushed him to become stronger. Also with every new enemy, Goku faces, he always gets stronger



Nevertheless, over time Goku would learn that he needs to train all the time and get stronger. Goku never stopped his training, he even attained God Ki and became a Divine Saiyan God now is Dragon Ball Super. And now in Dragon ball Super Manag Moro we now know that Goku can switch on MUI (Mastered Ultra Instinct) At will.

Goku’s Strenght and abilities

Goku as a Siayn is a fighting genius. However, besides having battle intelligence, Goku is not dumb. He just loves to play dumb with childish jokes sometimes. Goku’s love for food and fighting sometimes makes him look like a clown as Vegeta would say.

Goku’s power level is always growing and improving and breaking its limiters to reach greater heights.

When Goku arrived on earth, he was powerful enough to blow up cars and trucks. However, now his level of power he’s strong enough to shake the universe with his autonomous power.

Goku’s Weaknesses:

One of Goku’s weaknesses is that he loves to drag on fights with his opponent. And other times he wants his opponent to go all out right off the bat. That way, he can see how strong his opponent really is to have a great challenge.

Goku is a pure-heart Saiayn so his first instinct is to kill his opponent unless absolutely necessary. Being so nice and kind always cost him his life or great sacrifice.

Goku however, can’t breathe in space even though he practically a God now. These are only some of Goku’s weaknesses we know of.

Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama may look like your average human at first sight. However, there is nothing average about his power level and feats.

In the being of One Punch Man, Saitama was just a regular mortal with an average life like any human.



Nevertheless, Saitama one day got fed up with his average lifestyle when he saw a monster attacking a kid. He jumped in and saved the kid from the attack. However, the monster didn’t want to back down.

Saitama got upset and stated that he is tired of his lifestyle and will become a hero who can punch villains away with One Punch.

He somehow defeated the monster after a hard battle. After that, he started training and after 3 years, Saitama became extremely powerful. Saitama eventually became bored because he realized having unlimited powers is boring and lame.

Saitama’ Powers and Abilities:

Saitama has unlimited levels of power to a point where non of his enemies posed the slightest threat to him.  The ones who tried all got killed with one punch if they dare to challenge him.

Saitama’s willpower is extremely enormous and will never back down from being a pure hero. Also, he never succumbs to evildoers.

No matter what happens, Saitmam will fight and be a hero. The peak of Saitama’s powers is what he demonstrated so far by jumping from the Moon to Earth in a matter of seconds.

Another impressive feat he displays is to punch away a meteor that would destroy the Planet. However, all this is mention but it’s not even close to his true power apparently.

Saitama’s Weaknesses:

One of Saitmam’s weaknesses is that he will not use full power right off the bat in a battle because a small percent of power is capable of killing most villains with one punch.

Saitama doesn’t take most fights seriously. However, if the enemy somehow manages to survive one punch, he will drag on the fight like Goku to see how strong the villain is.

Another weakness of Saitama is that he will not kill humans. We only see him killing monsters. Just like Son Goku, Saitama can’t breathe in space.

However, he can hold his breath for a long period more than any average human since he was just relaxing on the Moon. Unlike Son Goku, Saitama can’t fly because humans can’t fly although he can maneuver in the air easily to dodge projectiles from enemies.


Goku Vs Saitama Battle

A battle between Goku Vs Saitama can only be determined on 3 factors to sum up the outcome of who will win.

It all depends on which version of Goku we are referring to? Whether it’s Dragon Ball Goku, Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku, or Current Goku in Dragon Ball Super. So, since we know all versions let’s use all of them.

The second thing we need to determine is what limit of Saitama’s power level are we going to use? For now, we are gonna assume Saitama has infinite durability/strength/speed/ in 3-dimensional space-time.

So, now we have to refer to them as morals. If Goku and Saitama were to face off against each other. They would not kill each other because both Goku and Saitama don’t kill humans.

We know Son Goku will not kill Saitama but rather see him as a friend. Saitama is actually kind of pure-hearted as well.

Saitama is pretty much and good guy and Saitama will see likewise what Goku sees. Also, OPM will only think Goku is just a powerful human and not a Saiyan.

Goku on the other hand might think Saitama is another bald-headed Saiyan or maybe a powerful being. Nevertheless, just for the sake of the Goku vs Saitama battle. Both will have their morals off and will kill each other by any means.

All Dragon Ball Goku Vs Base Sart Level Saitama

Dragon Ball Goku after who defeated King Piccolo had a small power level. He was slightly stronger than King Piccolo. Saitama at this point probably One-punch Dragon Ball Goku but after his consecutive normal punches, Goku would be blown to pieces.

So, the battle between Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku vs Star Level Saitama goes like this.

Goku at his maximum with Super Saiyan 3 was slightly equal to Kid Buu. This means Goku is Solar System Buster.

Saitama now met his match with Goku at this level and must fight seriously. During the fight, Saitama is enjoying it while Super Saiyan 1 and 2 Goku is struggling slightly.

Goku powers up and goes Super Saiyan 3 and Saitama is overwhelmed by Goku powers. Goku uses the Instant Kamehameha attack to vaporize Saitama from behind.

Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku vs Infinite Saitama

Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku vs Infinite Saitama battle with One Punch from Saitama Goku would survive but is seriously injured.

Goku eats a Senzu Bean and heals, Powers up to Super Saiyan 2. But it is not enough while Saitama easily blocks all attacks.

Goku realizes and goes Super Saiyan 3 where Saitama is surprised about his sudden power boost. Saitama gets thrown around. Saitama stands up and uses consecutive normal punches.

Goku blocks and gets hit a few times taking damage but can go on. Now Goku powers up a bit more and uses full power Kamehameha.

Saitama gets slightly serious and uses Serious Punch. Goku’s Kamehameha is blown back to him. Goku survives, however, he is badly injured at this point.

Goku stands up and flies upwards in the sky saying ”People of earth lend me your energy”. Saitama watches and thinks ‘What is he doing?’

After Goku tries to gather energy for his spirit bomb, Saitama gets tired of watching and waiting and jumps to Goku and punches him in the gut.

Goku is would be defeated.

The Spirit Bomb attack would be useless against Saitama since he also has a pure-heart.

Super Saiayn Goku Vs Star Level Saitama

Super Saiyan Goku vs Star Level Saitama. At this point, SSJblue Goku gets excited at how powerful Saitama is for just a mere human.

Omen Goku also mentions that Saitama is more powerful than his best friend Krillin. The fight would end as soon as Saitama make his attack. Goku punches and blasts Saitams away instantly.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Infinite Saitama: Master Ultra Instinct Goku would be surprised by semi-serious Saitama level of power.

Here Saitama gets serious and fights with Goku. Both fighters seem equal with after punch, but Saitama uses Serious Punch and SSJBlue Goku gets mortally wounded. Goku uses the Senzu and gets back up.

Goku realizes that he uses his last Senzu bean he powers up to Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Infinite Saitama

After Goku Powers up into Mastered Ultra instinct form, Saitama throws punches at Goku and evades them all and punches Saitama away.

Saitama excited at how powerful Goku is and smiles. Saitama says ‘Now, I will fight seriously’.

Goku and Saitama exchange blows and Goku is surprised how Saitama can fight him on his equal MUI level. Saitama is starting to use more and more of his strength/Power/Speed and Goku seems to be more and more overwhelmed.

Goku decides to uses all his MUI power in one attack which is the Instant Full Power Kamehameha wave attack.

Saitama watches and waits with a smile on his face all excited, but is caught off guard from behind any  MUI Goku.

Goku shoots point blank Full Power Kamehameha wave in Saitama’s face. Saitama is felt standing all naked and unhurt from the attack.

Goku starts to get tired and Saitama is not. Saitama uses his Consecutive Punches, however, this time they are serious.

Goku Barely survives the punches laying down and got knocked out. He is tired and can’t go on. Saitama punches one more time and Goku is dead.

So, in reality, if Goku and Saitama were to ever meet each other no matter who is stronger. We believe they would never kill each other in battle.

However, they would have to conduct a sparring match to feel each other strength. Goku and Saitama might even become best of friends and train together.

Saitama Vs Goku
Saitama Vs Goku


Answer: Goku Vs Saitama Battle

In a battle between Saitama vs Goku Goku, it all comes down to the versions of Goku and what is Saitama’s true limit. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku could easily destroy Star Level Saitama. However, MUI Goku would have trouble with infinite Saitama because Saitama never found his limits while Goku keeps overcoming his.

I hope this post has helped you to understand the outcome of a battle between Goku and Saitama and who will win. A lot of people may have different outcomes so let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section about the Saitama battle with Goku

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