Goku Vs Thanos

Goku Vs Thanos Which Character Would Win The fight?

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Goku Vs Thanos.

In an all-out battle between Goku Vs Thanos, Which character would win the fight?

Well, to answer this question we are going to use basic facts and logic of both characters.

There are many Goku fans and Thanos fans, so we are going to be unbias and only use facts gather based on each character.

So, let’s assume that both characters start at full power right off the bat.

At this point, Goku at his full power masters ultra instinct is far beyond the speed of light.

Goku could fly at Thanos and ram through his body before Thanos even has the idea to snap his fingers.

But this is only if Goku doesn’t go for the head, Thanos can just snap him away.

Goku Vs Thanos Who Would Win?

Based on where the two characters’ current level of power stands now.

I would say that before Dragon Ball Super, Thanos could overpower Goku in brute strength.

However, Goku has gotten insanely powerful dragon ball super because he has not stopped training.

For fans who are not aware, Goku is on a godly level now because he can now control or his ultra-instinct state.

Goku Feats

When Goku fought Beerus and attained the Super Saiyan God form, they traded two or three punches and it sent ripples through the universe.

Nevertheless, they were forced to stop fighting because the entire universe was in danger of falling apart.

ui goku
Ultra Instinct Goku

So, In other words,  their battle could basically be inferred that Goku is approaching universal levels of power when he attained his Super Saiyan God form.

Since the battle between Beerus and Goku, Goku has likely gotten thousands of times stronger.

Goku would go further in his training and attain super Saiyan blue, which is super Saiyan stacked onto super Saiyan God.

Anyhow, that makes Goku 50x times stronger than Super Saiyan God.

Furthermore, Goku can also stack an x20 Kaioken onto super Saiyan blue.

So, that would mean his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 is 1,000 times stronger than Super Saiyan God when he was already approaching universe levels fighting Beerus.

We could assume that Goku’s base form hasn’t gotten more powerful since the start of Dragon Ball Super which is definitely not true.

Further on in the dragon ball super series, Goku has managed to attain a new state called master ultra instinct.

In that form/state he was able to surpass Beerus and all the gods of destruction.

However, Keep in mind those are divine gods in the dragon ball super universes.

We could literally go further into detail along with more feats and explanations.

However, it is an accepted fact in the dragon ball community that Goku is a high-level multiversal plant buster.

In other words, this means that Goku has raw power and strike potency capable of destroying multiple universes.

Thanos Feats 

Thanos is a powerful character, however, without the infinity gauntlet or stones, he basically wouldn’t stand a chance next to Goku.

Goku has gotten ridiculously stronger as a character. We believe there is only one person who has the raw speed, power, and energy projection as Goku and that is Saitama the One Punch Man.


Nevertheless, the only character (s) that could match or overpower or defeat Goku are large-scale reality warp beings such as Jiren and Saitama.

Goku as a character is very powerful even in DC or Marvel.

Comparable to high-tier gods like Odin in Marvel, and surpassing other characters such as Superman and Darkseid in DC.

However, if Goku being Goku and Takk about a fear fight with Thanos.

If Thanos is allowed to snap his fingers, then Goku would probably lose the fight as he is erased from reality.

On the other hand, if Thanos does not take Goku seriously as a warrior and uses anything but the stones or less than the full power of all the Infinity Stones. Thanos could get one-shotted.

Once again, Dragon Ball Super Goku is at least a Universal level combatant who can fight and move faster than light. Whereas MCU the titan Thanos is so nerfed from his comic version that he’s barely a high-end street-level fighter.

Most MCU are weak characters to use in versus battles. It is probably suicidal to put any MCU character against a Dragon ball Ball Super character because it would only be a one-sided affair.

Even Krillin as a character could one-shot MCU Thanos.


In conclusion, a fight between Goku vs Thanos means that the titan Thanos could win easily with the snap of a finger. This is only if we ignore Goku’s fighting intelligence.

However, at the end of the day, Goku as a Saiyan is trillions of times more powerful, faster, and more durable in this final form than the titan Thanos.

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