Goku’s Mom Gine In Dragon Ball Super Broly Moive


Goku’s Mom Gine who is she and where did he come from? Well, Most people didn’t even think Goku had a mom in Dragon Ball.

Gine was never shown, mentioned nor talked about in Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Super un the Broly Movie.

In fact, she was definitely never apart f Goku’s Heritage and family. However, Dragon Ball is a big part of a franchise and it goes way back.

Dragon Ball is not just about Bardoc but so Gine Goku’s mother. She gets nowhere near as much love as Bardock because no one really knows that much about her.

We know about Bardock going up against Frieza, he had his own crew he had his own thing going.

However, for Goku’s mom Gine, the only thing we know about her is that she was in his cave.

Gine was shopping up some meat when we first met her aside from giving birth to Goku that’s all I’ve ever seen know of her completely.

Goku’s Mom Gine 

These are like two different characters, Bardock has history and lore behind him Gine has only just been mentioned recently.


10 years ago people thought the girl from Bardock’s crew Fasha was Goku’s Mom.

This was because before Toriyama made Dragon Ball minus and eventually the Broly movie Goku’s mom didn’t exist.

So, people had to make up their own ideas to connected the dots.

And that’s why there were so many connections to Fasha. This random girl from Bardock’s crew throughout the series.

There wasn’t a mention of Goku’s mother at all.

However, there’s a very simple reason along with the rest of the series. That is because she’s dead. Goku never got to know his mom Gine.

Goku’s and His Mom Gine

What is more interesting is that Goku doesn’t care.

He’s more interested in training and fighting and getting stronger just like his dad. Goku doesn’t care about his mom by possible means.

It’s the last thing on his mind and at the same time, it was the last thing on Toriyama’s mind as well.

He is absolutely not sitting there thinking about who Goku’s mother was.

The first thing he said about the Saiyan Race is that they’re all dead.

To put some things into perspective Bardock bottle was only a brief mention of the time Goku spotted Frieza.

That would have been the perfect time to cannon Goku’s family tree and all of the Saiyans.

But it was only Bardock. As the story of Dragon Ball progresses Toriyama makes a little bit up as it goes.

The idea of Goku having a mother or the concept of that, Toriyama never thought of that.

He never thought about it until actually very recently right at the start of Dragon Ball Super Broly.

Now, more than ever it would be so interesting to see a Goku who is this developed essentially a God interact with his biological low class and parents.

Especially Gine his mom, that’s why she’s only been mentioned in the 21st century beyond the Frieza Saga.

Nonetheless, the same lure and all that stuff that we’re getting now, wasn’t relevant to the story at the time of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Z Main Characteristics 


Dragon Ball Z was all about Super Saiyan, Gohan, and fusion. The story rarely ever backtracks, I guess you can say Gine is role is insignificantly significant.

She gave birth to Goku, but then we never see or hear about her again.

This I would say plays in the story of Frieza Saiyan and Frieza wiping out all the Saiyans before they could reach their full potential.

However, she didn’t exist in anyone’s Mind until only a few years ago.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Gine was the reason that Goku and Raditz were both low-class Saiyans.

Gine had a low and tiny battle power. So, no matter how strong Bardock was they were going to have low-cost kids.

Gine retired from the Saiyan class young and that’s when we see her in Delhi shopping up the meat. That’s the reason why she never mentioned being Goku’s mother.

She was never meant to be the main character for someone as big as Goku’s mother that is her story.

However, so many people want to see a family reunion between Bardock, Goku, and even Raditz as Goku starts to accept his Saiyan Heritage.

It all seems likely but Goku has never said a word about his mother.

There have been zero times, that’s the reason why someone as big as Son Goku’s mother only goes for that short amount of time.

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you take away something from this post and it helped you to know more about Goku’s mom Gine.

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