Who is Goku’s Mother Gine In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Who is Goku's Mother Gine
Who is Goku's Mother Gine

One of the biggest questions that many fans have had for quite some time is who is Goku’s mother.?

We got the introduction of Bardock’s wife, Goku’s Mother Gine, and now with the 2018 Dragon Ball super movie Broly.

Which promises to go back and examine the history of the Saiyans. There’s a very high chance that Gine will make her first anime appearance in the Dragon Ball world.

 I thought I’d make a quick post telling you guys everything you need to know about Goku’s Mother Gine and what her story is about.

Goku's Mom
Goku’s Mom

After about two decades of fan speculation about who Goku’s mother was. Toriyama revealed in an interview in the March 2014 issue of Saikyo Jump magazine.

That he would be creating a bonus chapter at the end of the collected Jocko manga called Dragon Ball Minus.

This would reveal to the world for the first time Goku’s mother Gine. And would effectively retcon the Bardock special and replace it as far as the Toriyama version of the events.

A lot of people did not like including me, but at least we got Goku’s mother.

Now following along with Toriyama‘s humor with name puns and how other Saiyans are named after vegetables.

Her name or her name pun is the name which is a pun on Nagy. Which means spring onion.

So although her name does coincide with another Saiyan puns. She’s very much unlike any other Saiyan we’ve ever really seen.

Unlike the Warrior Race that was familiar with she’s actually not really a warrior. In fact, Goku’s mother doesn’t even like fighting.

Who is Goku’s Mother Gine
Who is Goku’s Mother Gine

Which is a trait that is extremely rare among this race regardless of the gender of the characters.?

While they are both considered low-class Saiyans. Bardock is the warrior Gine just doesn’t really like fighting.


Who is Goku’s Mother Gine In Dragon Ball

And as a result of that she doesn’t fight at all. in fact, she worked at the Saiyan Meat Plant on planet Vegeta. So yeah she’s pretty much a butcher for lack of a better term.

Gine deeply cares about Goku and his older brother Raditz and so does Bardock. This version of the story is much more than he did in the original Bardock special.

As a result of Toriyama changing the character around and writing the story.

There are even more parallel to Superman then there were before.

Because now we have parents who are voluntarily sending their child to Earth to protect them from the impending destruction of their Planet.

This was to protect them from the hands of Frieza because Bardock suspected this in his version.

Whereas in the original Bardock special, he got the curse of foresight to see the future and that’s when he knew Frieza was going to do what he was going to do.

Here he just expected it, him and Gine a send baby Goku to earth. Now Kakarot is even more like Kal-El and Superman, unfortunately, there’s not much else knowing about Gine.

Some fans think that she’s actually a survivor of Planet Vegeta and that she’s out there somewhere but that’s purely speculation.

There has been literally zero hints at all to this being the case. As far as we know her and Bardock both at the end.

Died at the hand of Frieza and that’s just the way that things are, but because of her creation, she has appeared in a few different video games.

Who is Goku’s Mother Gine
Who is Goku’s Mother Gine

Such as Dragon Ball Z Fusion, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and she was even mentioned in Xenoverse 2 briefly.

When you look at the actual colored pictures of Gine, you’ll notice that in some pictures for color palette changed.


This is why she looks different for her clothing, well because Toriyama only drew her black and white.

All the different game designers and game developers took that black and white image and added what colors they thought would fit with her.

Even though we’ve never seen a colored version of her from Toriyama, but in the upcoming Dragon Ball super Broly movie.

I am curious if she doesn’t wear what she will look like in the film. Also, and what color she’ll be.

So, my friends, that’s it, that’s what we know about Gine Goku’s Mother. Not much info here but that’s all we know.

Hopefully, the movie will shed some more light on this. thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, My name is Gregory and I love all types of anime and entertainment shows however dragon Ball Naturo, and One Punch man are some of my favorites. If you want to reach out, contact me via email. Cheer!

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