Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 English Sub

Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes
Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes

Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8. This is what we wanted to see in Dragon Ball Super guys.

This is what we wanted in the Manga and Anime period. People have been theorizing about this Grand Priest Goku for a while now.

We know for a fact that Goku got most of his training from Whis. He also got a lot of training from different Gods and now it’s time for the next step, the Grand Priest.

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Goku And The Grand Priest

The Grand Priest is training Goku not to make him become the next Grand priest, but more so as his student. Goku already has Ultra Instinct, he’s just used it in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Heroes ep 7.

The question is, what kind of power boost can the Great Priest give Goku? I don’t know, but I am really excited, I’m really curious to know if is this going to happen in Dragon Ball Super when anime returns?

Most fans are wondering if the Great Priest will give Goku a new form or help him become an angel? I’m assuming they going to make Goku a lot stronger.

However, the direction things are going in heroes is great and I’m really surprised they are not doing this in even Dragon Ball Super.

Remember, King Kai taught Goku a bunch of techniques like the Kaio Ken along with the Genki Dama/The Spirit Bomb.

What Could The Grand Priest Teach Goku?

The Grand Priest could teach Goku a lot of new techniques. Techniques that Goku would use to take down Hearts the new supervillain of this arc who even Merged Zamasu is now working with.

From what we know Hearts and Zamasu are not comrades, however, they’re just working together so that they can fulfill their plans together.

Zamasu’s plan is to have zero Mortals, and Hearts plan is pretty much the opposite, he wants to get rid of the Gods. The villain Hearts is planning on destroying the Omni king and all the Kaioshins and Gods of Destruction.

So, with Zamasu and Hearts plus the universe seed combined their objective is to wipe out everything and everyone all together, except for themselves.

The Universe Seed In Dragon Ball Heroes 

So, the episode started with Hearts riding on this thing called the universe seed and this was inside the core of the prison planet. The universe seed is insanely powerful and presumably, Fu was doing this so that he could create his own universe.

However, Hearts came and stole it and he wants to somehow use the power of the universe seed. The power of this energy seed is strong enough to Birth a universe in an instant.

So, in order to destroy the Omni King Hearts needs it the universe seed to help him. Hearts also has the ability to read minds as well. We saw that he was able to read what is on Hits mind in this episode.

Future Zeno Identity

How Strong Is Hit in Dragon Ball Heroes?

As far as his battle power goes, we don’t know exactly how strong Hearts is, however, we do know that he can use the power of the universe seed.  One of Hearts’ main attacks is to pins everybody down with some sort of gravity force. 

This episode, in particular, had some interesting fights with Kale and Caulifla and Hit fighting against twins Kamin and Oren.

Those artificial life-forms are pretty similar to GT’s baby. They even take the bodies of Kale and Cauliflower over in this episode.


Vegeta’s Final Flash 

Vegeta’s Final Flash was so powerful as the one he did in dragon ball Z. It brings back memory to when he uses it on Perfect Cell and the blast actually leaves the planet. This scene kind of mimics that of Dragon Ball Z.


I thought they did a really good job with the animation. The only thing is when Vegeta did is Final Flash in Dragon Ball super, it always seems so weak. However, this one in particular just seemed insanely strong.

They kind of slowed it down as well. This was when he was charging up and you see that wave circle burst with animation for that Final Flash.

I mean that actually was surprisingly good for Dragon Ball Heroes

Grand Priest Goku and Jiren Vs Cumber 


So, we found out that Cumber is still alive and he also totally wrecked Toppo. We never get to see them fight, unfortunately, but it looks like Toppo was absolutely no match for Cumber who is absurdly strong.

Nevertheless, Cumber got his butt whooped by Ultra Instinct Goku. They kind of hint to us that Jiren is almost as strong as Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku.

Cumber lost the fight, however, he was still able to do a lot of damage to Goku as they were fighting. So, I guess that means that with Jiren versus Cumber they’re going to be pretty close.

Nonetheless, I think that because Cumber couldn’t do anything to Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren could. Jiren should win this fight between the two of them if they were to fight.

Regardless, I’m really hyped. It looks like from The Next Episode it’s going to be mostly Jiren vs. Cumber. I think that even if Cumber loses, it seems like Cumber might get some help.


Well, There’s one more character on this evil team of 6 that hasn’t been shown yet. It’s a female-looking Kaioshin. I think that she’s going to probably come in and help Cumber defeat Jiren.

If Jiren is out for the count, I have a feeling that Grand Priest Goku will just come into play super-powered up with new abilities. Maybe something that he learns from the Great Priest that may just handy in order to completely stopped everyone.

They got different universes coming and you got some villains trying to take down the Omni King. We had some really nice action scenes with Vegeta and I got to say this was probably one of the more entertaining episodes. It is definitely more entertaining than the last one.

Hit’s Weak Appearance 

They just got to stop doing my man Hit dirty, come on people, like what happened to his Improvement abilities? It is like that whole improved technique just vanished from him after his fight with Goku.

Hit can improve but they made him so strong before and now he’s just so weak. We don’t know what Merged Zamaasu’s plan is here, like what exactly is going to do or why he even looks like a cyborg.

Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes
Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes

Who is going to fight him, we don’t know? Most of Universe’s 6th Warriors are completely out of energy at this point.

Maybe Vegeta and Trunks will go up against Zamasu. However, if that’s the case what are Hearts going to be doing. We don’t know who could really join in and help them especially with the universe seed in the hands of Hearts.

Maybe Fu doesn’t like the fact that they stole the Universe seed from him. That’s why he may actually join the Z Fighters to help out. However, if anybody gonna help them is probably going to be Fu.

Fu is absurdly strong, he got a lot of weird techniques, Magic and powers, and all sorts of stuff. So, maybe he’ll come in and help fight against Mergeedd Zamasu.

Grand Priest Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 Review.

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