Granola and Android 7-3: Dragon Ball Super Manga 67 Spoiler

Granola and Android 7-3
Granola and Android 7-3

Spoiler alert! Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 67 new arc unfolds the identity of Granola and Android 7-3 and what Granola’s motives are in this arc.

So, right after Moro’s defeat in Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 66. We found out that the head of Android 7-3 was still intact and alive.

Not knowing much about the new villain Granola. Many fans thought that the substance on Android 7-3 head was Granola.

However, the identity of Granola was revealed by the unofficial draft early this week. It seems that Granola may be some type of part cyborg as Dr. Gero from Dragon Ball Z.

We later learn that Granola invades a lab, and neutralized a bunch of soldiers which had a bunch of Android 7-3 clones with the original OG 7-3.

However, it seems as if Granola’s main motive was to find and restore the original Android 7-3, not so much the clones. Nonetheless, we do not know what Granol’s overall plans are just yet.

Android 7-3

Android 7-3 is an Android that was artificially created just as Android 17 and 18, they all have infante stamina. However, the difference is that  Android 17 and 18 needed/had a human body that was modified.

So, Android 7-3 is more likely created by some mad scientist with the same mindset as Dr. Gero.


Granola and Android 7-3 

Although Granola’s physical appearance seems a bit muscular, he doesn’t look like the type of villain who can go up against Mastered UI Goku.

However, with an army of Android 7-3’s, Granola might pose some sort of threat to Goku and the company.

The original Android 7-3 may still have all his battle data stored in him leading up to when Moro absorbed him to Moro’s defeat.

However, if that is the case, Goku and company are in for a treat. All in all, Granola seems to be like the villain on the sidelines who propels someone more powerful than Moro.

So far, to match up or to defeat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku now in Dragon Ball Super. The villain or Villains must have some type of ultra instinct technique themselves.


Well, since Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku strength is now unlimited according to Dragon Ball Super. UI Goku is undefeatable at the moment. So, it is interesting to see what new villain will be able to go up against UI Goku in Dragon Ball Super.

Beerus and The Omini King

In the aftermath of the Moro arc, we saw Beerus being punished by the Omni King for his mortal interference in the Moro arc. Also, for the fact that an Angel got erased for breaking the rules.

Whis also got involved but Beerus and the Grand Supreme Kai were the ones getting punched, pulled, and beaten by the Omni King.

Beerus told the Omini King and the Grand Priest that it was Goku’s fault why things had gone thus far.

Finally, it was revealed that Merus was still alive because Goku along with Merus and others were celebrating their victory back on earth.

For now, there’s not much info about Granola and Android 7-3 and what their agenda may be. So stay tuned for more detailed info.

Written by Gregory Warmington

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